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[VIDEO] Australian Tourist’s Bungee Cord Snaps Above Crocodile-Infested Waters

Bungee jumper Erin Langworthy speaks during an interview in Johannesburg

Australian backpacker Erin Langworthy, 22, is very lucky to live and tell her miraculous story of survival. While bungee jumping in Zambia, Langworthy’s cord snapped and she plunged into the crocodile-infested water below. After falling, her feet were still bound, which made for the swim out of this dangerous area that much more difficult.

What’s amazing is that she could fall head first, with her feet bound, below the world’s largest waterfall leading to a body of water with quite a lot of crocodiles and still make it out alive. This truly sounds like something that would take place in a fairytale because it’s too unbelievable to be realistic.

Mis Langworthy had said:

‘It went black straight away and I felt like I’d been slapped all over.

‘I landed with my legs tied and then had to swim to the Zimbabwe side [of the river] through the rapids,’ she told Australia’s Channel Nine network.

‘It was quite scary because a couple of times the rope actually got caught on some rocks or debris.

‘I actually had to swim down and yank the bungee cord out of whatever it was caught on to make it to the surface.’ 

‘When I was first pulled out of the water they put me on my back and so all the water that I’d inhaled meant that I couldn’t breathe, so I made them roll me onto my side.

‘And that’s when I started coughing out water and blood. I think it’s definitely a miracle that I survived.’

Although this incident happened on New Year’s Eve, Langworthy has stayed in the hospital for the past week to recover from her injuries. There is an investigation into what caused this horrific accident. There have been many bungee jumps from this site and this is a rare incident. Luckily, it wasn’t fatal, given the circumstances.


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