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[AUDIO: 911 Call] Woman Leaves 5-Year-Old Birthday Girl At Chuck E. Cheese Overnight


Last Thursday at Chuck E. Cheese┬áin Pearland, a five-year-old birthday girl was having a great time with most of her 9 siblings. Unfortunately, her mother left her at the children’s pizza place… overnight. She was unaware that the girl was left until she started getting the kids ready for school the next day.

Meanwhile, CPS took the girl into custody after realizing that the mother couldn’t be located. Although it is being said that the mother is remorseful, she certainly doesn’t sound like it in the 911 call below.



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Baby Goes On Bender And Ingests Cocaine, Parents Arrested Shortly After

Hide your coke from your kids, because chances are, they will do exactly what this baby did…eat it.

In Atascadero, California, the parents of an 18-month-old child have been arrested after the baby ingested an amount of cocaine that required a hospital visit. After the paramedics were called (one point for the couple that is stills severely lacking points), they decided to alert authorities which led to the arrest.

This all went down Wednesday about 10:38 a.m. in the 9300 block Bocina Lane, said Gregg Meyer of Atascadero police. The baby had to be taken to Twin Cities Hospital for treatment, cops said.

Arrested were proud papa Daniel Sanchez, 26, mother dearest Priscilla Tabarez, 20, and her sweet baby brother Isaac Tabarez, only 18. The alleged violation:

Felony child endangerment. All were put behind bars at San Luis Obispo County jail, Meyer said.

The baby has been placed with CPS because apparently allowing the kid into your coke stash is illegal. Well, I guess possession of cocaine, child endangerment, and neglect were actually the causes for the CPS placement. At least the couple will no longer have to worry about their kid jacking their coke once they get out of jail.



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Mother Attempts To Sell Five-Year-Old Son For $2000 To Pay For Presecription Drug Habit

Florida, I think you need to take some time and reevaluate what motherhood means to your citizens. This is not the first, second or even third mother that I have written about from Florida, who has either neglected, murdered, or abused their child. Now, Jessica Marie Beers, 29, has tried to SELL her son to pay for a prescription pill drug habit that she had developed.

Beers (very fitting last night) had met a couple at church and had told them that she would be willing to sell them her five-year-old son’s parental rights in exchange for $2,000. The couple, who were most likely not desperate for a child, called the authorities after being concerned for the safety of the child. Anyone willing to sell their own flesh and blood for as little as $2,000 isn’t deemed to trust-worthy in just about anyone’s mind.

When Beers met with Detectives at a location in Seminole, she was under the impression that she would be exchanging the boy for money. Instead, she was being taken and would have to give THEM money to get out of the jail that this predicament had gotten her into.

Fortunately, her son has been taken out of her care and will no longer be offered u for sale by his pathetic excuse for a mother. He’s also very lucky that she had the sense enough to try to get money out of the kid as opposed to kill him and save money that she would normally be spending on caring for the child. I guess mother’s in Florida have the same idea as far as getting read of children, but when it comes to executing these ideas, each mother is unique and pathetic in their own way.


Five-Year-Old Left In Rain While Mom Pounded Beers In Bar

Sarah Cheek, 34, has been arrested for leaving her five-year-old daughter outside in the rain, while she attempted to get a job. Unfortunately for her, witness’ claim they saw her drink at least two beers while the kid sat outside in a stroller. Why the child needed to be in a stroller at that age is another question no one has been able to get answered.

Cheek had also done the responsible thing and attempted to get a babysitter to watch her little girl, but the timing was a bit our of the ordinary. In fact, she waited until she was already at the bar, and asked other patrons. Luckily, they found this scenario as bizarre as I did and decided to call the police. Seeing as it was around 10pm, her story of looking for a job and leaving the child outside of the bar while doing so, seemed rather peculiar.

My most favorite part of this story (not that I love children being neglected) has to do with the state that this mother happens to reside in: Florida. There truly must be something going on in that state that makes mothers completely irresponsible, self-centered, and unaware that everyone can see through their ridiculous excuses. Cheek was heard telling her daughter she was going inside to get her a candy bar. The little girl is five, not stupid. And if candy is code for alcohol, you should have at least been honest and said you were treating yourself, you selfish bitch.

Good luck to any children living in Florida; You will definitely be needing it.


Mother Arrested For Having Her Daughter, 6, Record Her Having Group Sex

An unnamed woman has been arrested for allegedly having her daughter record her having group sex, after a tip was provided to the police. The woman, 24, is from Dallas, Texas, and had her daughter record her with a camera phone having sex with 6 different men on three different occasions.

Apparently this mother has been “charged with indecency with a child by exposure, a third-degree felony punishable by up to ten years in prison and a $10,000 fine.”

The young girl has been taken into custody by Child Protective Service and placed in Foster Care, while the mother is being held on a $50,000 bond. While they are not yet sure if the girl was involved in being sexually abused, they are still making counseling available for what she has endured.

Shortly after the girl was born, CPS was called to investigate neglect but found insufficient proof that the child was, in fact, being neglected. Maybe she would have never had to see her mother fuck a bunch of men and film it, if the authorities could have found some viable proof to begin with.


Inebriated dad slept in passenger seat while 8-year-old son drove on interstate

ArbroathThe Louisiana State Police said troopers arrested a Hattiesburg man after he let his 8-year-old son drive on Interstate 12 near Holden. State police said they received a call shortly after 6:30 a.m. on Saturday about a green Chevrolet pickup truck driving erratically on the interstate in Livingston Parish. The caller told police that a child appeared to be the driver of the pickup.

Troopers located and stopped the vehicle, and they said a boy was driving the truck while his father, Billy Joe Madden, 28, slept in the passenger seat. Police said that Madden’s 4-year-old daughter was riding in the backseat.

The eight-year-old was driving from Hattiesburg to Dallas because his father was too drunk to stay awake behind the wheel. While most of us would love if people under the legal drinking age of 21 would drive us while we slept, I think eight is a little too young. Also, I don’t know how Mr. Madden assumed that his son was going to know the directions to Dallas, yet alone, how to operate the damn vehicle. I have a feeling that the alcohol wasn’t the only thing contributing to this decision, but stupidity had a big role.

Oh, and you’d be happy to know that his bond was set at an astonishing… $1,474. The Livingston Parish Jail will be his home until he can find a way to get such a large amount of dough. While he’s waiting there, his children have been picked up by Child Protective Services and are waiting to be picked up by a family member. Let’s hope this family member doesn’t make them drive home.


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