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Banned from Wal-Mart (For Life) Because of Coupons…

An Idaho woman says she’s been banned for life from not one, but all Walmart stores in the U.S., after an argument over coupons.

April Cuervas told her local TV station that she was banned earlier this month after asking a store manager to explain the changes in the company’s ad match guarantee, which allows customers to get lower prices at Walmart by providing proof of a better deal at a competitor store.

Cuervas said she decided to record the exchange on her iPhone.

The interaction quickly became heated, she told KTRV Fox 12, and the manager slapped her hand away and told her to pay full price for her groceries or leave.

The situation deteriorated, and Cuervas’s 16-year-old daughter noticed a plainclothes store employee was following them.

Cuervas left the store and called police, she told the station. That’s when she discovered the ban.

“I didn’t know I was banned from Walmart for life within the United States until the cop told me that,” Cuervas said.

Cuervas isn’t sure why she was banned, though she suspects it has something to do with the iPhone video. Whatever the reason, she and her family say the ban will cost them hundreds of dollars in savings at the store.

The family keeps a special coupon book that is divided into sections and filled with hundreds of coupons.

I feel like Wal-Mart actually one in this one. I mean, the woman is saying that Wal-Mart will lose out on hundreds of dollars, and to even begin with, that’s nothing to this large corporation. While they may be losing some business because of her, it’s hardly any amount that will make them look twice. Plus, she was obviously an avid coupon user. Normally this is a great thing, but the fight was in regards to coupons. I have a feeling this lady isn’t one to spend a large amount of money, even at Wal-Mart. Best to just not do business with her (because it won’t hurt them), but does make her life a little more difficult, I would be willing to bet.

Source: http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/WeirdNews/2011/06/30/18357136.html#.Thsfi9luyv4.facebook

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