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[VIDEO] Funny Spoof: Siri Argument

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Everyone has really enjoyed poking fun at the Apple iPhone 4S’ new program ‘SIRI‘. Everything from her voice to the answers she provides have been a great deal of entertainment for many, but now someone took it a step further and made a great spoof on the popular addition. If only it allowed you to say things via text as opposed to putting it into writing, the sarcasm and connotation could be identified much better. Oh wait, we do have that capability…making a phone call.

Sadly,  I’m one of those people who would rather my tone not be reflected and get myself into trouble, than picking up a phone and making an actual call. It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s that I’m awkward at finding a good moment to say goodbye, and would rather not be put in that position. Obviously, I have to talk on the phone and would like to stop being such a pussy, but technology is making too easy.

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 14:  A man uses 'Sir...

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