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[VIDEO] Autistic Boy Beaten By Bus Driver And Another Aide

This is absolutely disgusting and these women better get in some damn trouble for restraining this boy and then subjecting him to abuse for what appears to be, no reason.

This all took place in bedford County, Virginia in 2009. Timothy Kilpatrick was a young 11-year-old autistic boy and subjected to abuse while in the care of the bus driver whose job was to take him to and from school, safely. Luckily, both women, Alice Davis Holland (the bus driver) and Mary Alice Evans (a special education bus aide) have been convicted of assault and battery.

The authorities are still looking into evidence though for both Holland and Evans because it has been alleged that this was one of many ongoing attacks.

WSLS.com – Holland, of Bedford County, was sentenced to one month of active jail time and another 11 months of suspended time. Evans, of Bedford, received two months of active jail time and 10 months of a suspected sentence.

During this case, the two accepted a misdemeanor assault plea, and the prosecutor ironically enough dropped a separate felony child abuse charge. The family has decided to go after them on their own now.

These bitches are sick and should be thankful as all hell that this is the only crime caught on tape, otherwise they’d be sitting in jail much longer than a month or two. Ridiculous, beat a child, get caught on camera, and that’s all you get?


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Baby Goes On Bender And Ingests Cocaine, Parents Arrested Shortly After

Hide your coke from your kids, because chances are, they will do exactly what this baby did…eat it.

In Atascadero, California, the parents of an 18-month-old child have been arrested after the baby ingested an amount of cocaine that required a hospital visit. After the paramedics were called (one point for the couple that is stills severely lacking points), they decided to alert authorities which led to the arrest.

This all went down Wednesday about 10:38 a.m. in the 9300 block Bocina Lane, said Gregg Meyer of Atascadero police. The baby had to be taken to Twin Cities Hospital for treatment, cops said.

Arrested were proud papa Daniel Sanchez, 26, mother dearest Priscilla Tabarez, 20, and her sweet baby brother Isaac Tabarez, only 18. The alleged violation:

Felony child endangerment. All were put behind bars at San Luis Obispo County jail, Meyer said.

The baby has been placed with CPS because apparently allowing the kid into your coke stash is illegal. Well, I guess possession of cocaine, child endangerment, and neglect were actually the causes for the CPS placement. At least the couple will no longer have to worry about their kid jacking their coke once they get out of jail.



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Parents Force Toddler To Eat Spiders Amongst Other Cruelties

A man and woman from Grimsby have been arrested and placed in jail after subjecting two young children to abuse and cruelty. Not only that they partake in the heinous acts, they also recorded them on a video camera.

James Kirman, 31, was apparently the camera man, while his girlfriend Rachel Drinkell, 24, was seen on the tape abusing these children in various ways. The footage was played in the court room, and many family members of the couple were witness to the despicable acts. They cried as they saw Drinkell sound off an air horn in a baby’s ear, twice, and while the couple was seen pinning down a female toddler and forcing a spider into her mouth.

he distressing clip showed the child screaming and cowering in the corner of a bedroom as the pair grabbed her and pinned her to the floor.

The court heard the couple also filmed themselves having sex while the children were in the same room.

No one was aware of these incidences until quite some time later when an incident occurred at the couple’s home where a toddler had held a baby against a hot radiator that left severe burns on the infant. Neither Drinkell nor Kirman called authorities until a full 20 minutes had passed.

A paramedic discovered the injured child in a shower with severe burns and he was later taken to the specialist burns unit at Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield.

Prosecuting, Jeremy Evans said the adults were both filmed smiling as they inflicted the cruelty.

Unfortunately, the two plead guilty to cruelty charges in regards to failing to supervise the children. They also admitted that they delayed contacting authorities after the burn incident. Sadly, they both only received 32 months. They weren’t even charged with child abuse, because, well technically, they didn’t physically abuse the children.

Sentencing the two, Judge David Tremberg said: “With the privilege of child care comes a heavy responsibility. Each of you were in a position of trust and one of a duty of care.

“Your breach of their trust and the trust placed in you was consistent, serious and substantial. Your behaviour was a course of ill-treatment and cruelty. You acted as a team.”

The judge added: “It was over an extended period of time. You engaged in sexual intercourse in the presence of both children.”

The judge echoed remarks in psychological reports conducted on the children, which stated that the incidents would have caused vulnerability and risked emotional harm.

Judge Tremberg singled out examples of when Drinkell acted inappropriately in front of a girl.

The judge said: “You mercilessly inflicted suffering. You sounded an airhorn. When you did it you recorded it for posterity, or more likely so you could look back at it for your own enjoyment.

“It is unbelievable. These children were terrorised systematically.”


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Adopted Parents Of Ethiopian Girl, 13, Arrested For Homicide After Girl Found To Be Abused And Starved For Years

The young Ethiopian girl, Hana Williams, 13, was abused most of her life and finally died after her body could no longer endure the abuse. Her adopted parents, Larry and Carri Williams, had called 911 on May 12th to report that their daughter was not breathing.

According to Carri Williams, the girl was being rebellious and was wandering around the backyard staggering and falling down. She also refused to come inside and stripped herself naked before falling to the ground face down with mud in her mouth. This is a pitiful lie, that thank goodness, no one believed. Both Williams’ were arrested and jailed on a $500,00 bond.

Shortly after 1:30am, Hana Williams was pronounced dead due to hypothermia. She had lost around 30 lbs. in the two years leading up to her death and was unable to survive outside in the 42 degree weather. An autopsy also revealed there was malnutrition and a stomach infection which contributed to the poor girls death.

Larry and Carri Williams were also charged with first-degree child assault due to the regular physical abuse of Hana’s 10-year-old brother, who was adopted with her in 2008.

Both children were treated differently from the couple’s six biological children, who ranged in age from seven to 17, according to an affidavit from the Skagit County sheriff’s office.

The document alleges the Williams repeatedly denied Hana food, locked her in a dark closet and beat her with a long plastic tube.

They also made her sleep in a barn, shower outside with a garden hose and even sit outside while the family celebrated Christmas inside.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2043955/Adoptive-parents-Ethiopian-girl-13-charged-homicide-naked-dead-following-years-abuse-starvation.html#ixzz1ZV2hPkp5

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What do you have for ‘Show and Tell’? This kid brought his mom’s crack pipe and crack rocks….

Where you're allowed to bring meth to class...

A young boy in kindergarten is the youngster who unknowingly got his mother, Michelle Marie Cheatham, 32, arrested for drug use. Cheatham was charged with possession of a controlled substance and one count of first-degree child endangerment after her young son decided it would be a great idea to show his class his mother’s drug paraphernalia.

Sweet Springs Elementary School in Missouri probably never expected to have to deal with something like this. In fact, he didn’t just bring in his mother’s personal supply of methamphetamine, he brought in baggies totaling a value of $3,700. This bitch was selling drugs and got ratted on by her own son who probably can’t even read yet.

When I called the prosecutor about it, they said, “You’re kidding me, aren’t you?”‘ said Police Chief Richard Downing.

According to reports, Cheatham’s life went off the rails after her husband died earlier this year in a car crash.

This kid probably just wanted a way out and knew what he was doing. He took his mother’s drugs, gained sympathy from his school, and now doesn’t have to deal with his mother who obviously had some issues. Yes, her husband had died and that must have been awful. Sadly, that’s no excuse because plenty of people have deceased relatives and don’t leave $3,700 worth of crack easily accessible by their elementary school children.

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Casey Anthony Had Seizure While Caylee Was Dying? And She Wants To Be A Mexico Citizen?

George and Cindy Anthony have done an interview with Dr.Phil and the show is set to air on Monday. Many people have been highly anticipating this interview because it has been mentioned that they may give some reasoning as to what really happened the day that Caylee Anthony died.

In fact, Cindy Anthony explains Casey’s medical condition and previous trouble with gran mal seizures and this could have been happening during the drowning of Caylee. While you may be thinking that AFTER the seizure, she surely could have handled the situation like a responsible adult, Cindy Anthony has an explanation for why she did not.

According to a Fox News source, Cindy Anthony will claim that the seizures may be symptomatic of a condition that makes it difficult at times ‘to sort fact from fiction’.

This seems just as ridiculous as the outcome of the trial, in my opinion. To me, this seems like a good way to get more ratings for the television program of Dr. Phil as opposed to a legitimate answer as to what had really occurred that fateful day. Nonetheless, I will watch this interview and will most likely be disappointed by the lack of new information or acknowledgment of irresponsibility.

But what about the infamous Casey Anthony? As we all know she is currently serving her year probation in Florida, but already has made plans once she has finished up with this. The National Enquirer, which I really don’t think knows much more than people in African tribes who have no access to television or media, has stated she has made plans to move to a secluded beach villa in Mexico. Apparently a man from California has been carrying on a romantic relationship with the infamous child non killer and has provided her with $200,000 already to help her out during this difficult time.

Bullshit. And sadly, we’ll have to wait a year to prove this story wrong.


Grandpa And LONG Hikes

Christopher Carlson is grandfather to three young boys aged 8, 9 and 12. He decided to take the boys on a hike through the Grand Canyon, which although seemed very sweet, was absolute torture. The hike was 19 miles long and forced upon the boys in 108 degree weather. The Arizona Daily Sun gives a great description of the events:

He is accused of beating them, making them walk on ulcerated blisters, denying them food and water, and forcing them to run up the trail under the intense sun.

According to a complaint filed Tuesday by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Flagstaff, rangers and passersby took note of several instances regarding alleged abuse by Christopher A. Carlson, of Indianapolis, against the boys, ages 12, 9 and 8, on two trips to the Grand Canyon during a summer cross-country trip.

Apparently, this was just one of the many hikes that this loving grandfather took his adoring grandchildren out for. Luckily, the eldest was able to secretly ask for help on the most recent trip, where Carlson was arrested for child endangerment.

The boys told investigators that they had been hit, pushed, choked, pinched, squeezed and whipped during the day’s hike, and that they had vomited several times, sometimes when the man forced their fingers down their throats.

They also said they were not allowed to drink water until they reached Phantom Ranch and sneaked water from the Colorado River, and that they had been limited to little food. Rangers fed and hydrated the boys inside an ambulance.

The boys were also so badly burnt that their lips had been sunburnt off. I had no idea that this was even possible. I’m annoyed when I have them the slightest bit chapped. Thank goodness this grandfather (which I’m still having trouble comprehending) is in jail

Doctor Stabbed Adopted Daughter 100 Times For Not Washing ‘Doggy Clothes’ Properly

Dr Sylvia Lee, an allergist, has been charged with allegedly chasing her 13-year-old adopted daughter around the house with a flat head screwdriver before stabbing her 100 times.

Although none of the wounds were deep enough to require her to be taken to the hospital, she did have numerous wounds and was obviously upset. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time Ms. Lee had abused her daughter; She once hit her for bringing her masking tape when she asked for cellotape. She has explained to police that she has an anger problem, which is what led to the abuse.

The only thing that doesn’t make much sense with her anger excuse is the fact that she stabbed herself with the screwdriver to anticipate what type on injury would be inflicted. This seems more like an orchestrated attack, not one of a mother who got o angry she couldn’t control her actions.

Forunately, the doctor from Emerson, New Jersey, may be losing her job and license after such a vicious attack. In the meantime, she has been released on $200,000 bail while her daughter has been placed with another family.

For more information on this story, click here

Ex-Pediatrician Gets 14 Consecutive Life Sentences For Over 80 Videotaped Molestations/Rapes

Earl Bradley (Credit: CBS/KYW)

I am happy that this sick ex-pediatrician, Earl Bradley, has received 14 consecutive life sentences for the molestation and rape charges he received in 2009. Not only did he videotape his attacks, but they were well planned, vicious, but there were also 86 victims, that the police were able to prove. The abuse he inflicted on many young girls (all but one were female) was a recurring act starting in 1998, as far as authorities are aware; The average age of these victims was 3-years-old.

The full article from CBS News is below if you want more information on this story. Many people had to leave the courtroom while hearing about the brutality involved in this case, and although the article from CBS is mild, it still explains some of the perversions that are within this man’s head.


(AP) GEORGETOWN, Del. – An ex-pediatrician accused of raping and sexually assaulting scores of his young patients over a decade is awaiting a judge’s decision after a one-day trial in which the graphic testimony moved women to tears and drove others from the courtroom.

Prosecutors on Tuesday presented their case against Earl Bradley to a judge in southern Delaware, just miles from his former office in Lewes. Witnesses painted the 58-year-old, gray-bearded former doctor as a predator who covertly videotaped naked patients during exams and who raped young victims or forced them to perform oral sex.

“The rapes were violent, they were brutal,” state police Detective Scott Garland testified. “… The violence we were seeing was significant, and beyond anything I had ever witnessed. Nothing had prepared me for it.”

Prosecutors gave Sussex County Superior Judge William Carpenter Jr. hours of graphic video evidence to review, recorded by Bradley himself, documenting the abuse. On the tapes are a total of 86 victims dating to 1998, prosecutors said. All but one were young girls with an average age of 3.

If convicted, Bradley could face life in prison for each of the 14 rape charges against him. He also is charged with assault and sexual exploitation of a child.

The judge will decide the case since Bradley waived his right to a jury trial after his lawyers were unsuccessful in suppressing video evidence against him. He did not indicate when he would rule, but the outcome hardly seems in doubt.

Bradley’s defense lawyers did not cross-examine either of the prosecution’s witnesses, both Delaware state police detectives. Instead, Bradley’s state-appointed lawyer Dean Johnson began by reminding the judge of the defense’s objection to the videos’ admission. Defense lawyers had previously argued unsuccessfully that the videos were improperly seized from Bradley’s office and are expected to pursue an appeal on that issue.

Any appeal would have to wait until after sentencing, however, which likely would be months after the judge rules. Any appeal would be heard by Delaware’s Supreme Court. It would be unlikely that a three-judge panel of the court, or the full court itself, would hear any appeal before next year.

Dressed in a gray prison jumpsuit, Bradley said little during Tuesday’s four-hour trial, speaking only when the judge asked a few questions, including whether he wanted to testify. He squinted through heavy glasses and often stared at the wall or the defense table. He never took the stand.

Instead, the judge and those in the courtroom listened to detectives who described how Bradley had developed a variety of ruses to conceal his abuse.

Garland, a computer forensics expert, reviewed the more than 13 hours of video taken from Bradley’s office complex. He said Bradley had pocket-sized pen cameras he would use to surreptitiously record a child’s genitals during exams, often with parents in the room.

To get his victims away from their parents, Bradley would offer toys kept in the office’s basement, said the other witness, Det. Thomas Elliott. Another recurring theme was to explain that a child had received an especially painful shot and that the sugar from a Popsicle could help ease the pain, Garland said. Children were then taken alone for a treat and abused.

“You can see the child has a Popsicle in her hand during the course of some of the rapes,” Garland said.

Videos of the abuse were filed and categorized in folders with names like “Summer Best,” Garland said, with some protected by software that looked and acted like a safe and required an eight-digit password.

The detective’s testimony about the videos included describing Bradley with his hands wrapped tightly around the heads of young children, violently forcing them to perform oral sex on him. When Bradley was finished the assaults, he would sometimes lift up the young victims by the head and throw them several feet onto a couch in the rear of the building at his office complex where investigators found the videos, Garland said. Sometimes he would perform “rescue breathing” and chest rubs to revive the semiconscious victims, the detective said.

Some witnesses in the courtroom sobbed during that description, and one couple stormed out, slamming the door.

About 50 observers were in the courtroom at the trial’s start, though some had trickled out by the end of the day. Passions were clearly running high. The Associated Press has not identified the relatives of victims in the case in order to protect the identities of children who are alleged victims of the sexual abuse.

One woman who did not want to be identified but said she was the grandmother of one of the alleged victims said she wished she could shoot Bradley.

Mother who ‘let boyfriend yank out her two-year-old son’s teeth and toenails’ jailed for 13 years

Jessica Carder, 22, has been sentenced to nearly 14 years because she allowed her boyfriend to yank out her 18-month-old son’s teeth and toenails, with pliers. She was high at the time, and has used this as an excuse for “not knowing” what her boyfriend was doing to her son.

28-year-old Andrew Richards is the sick piece of crap that took pleasure out of torturing her young child. He is not the boy’s father, thank goodness, and will be in prison for the torment he inflicted on this innocent little person. Luckily, the judge didn’t let Carder off too easy because he was appalled that nothing was done during the incident or after in terms of seeking medical attention.

‘I think if a parent saw their child in that situation, they would run, not walk, to seek medical attention,’ said Judge Alison Frazier.

During Monday’s four hour hearing, photos from the boy’s medical examination were shown to the court.

‘The second she started looking at those photos and noticed the ramifications of what happened to her child, she began crying,’ 

Jennifer Joas, Carder’s defense attorney, told the Madison Courier.

Carder was first questioned after police got a tip from the 18-month-old’s grand parents. They had noticed that he had two teeth missing as well as cuts and bruises on his body. Karl Roy Andersen, the innocent victim, “would have suffered ‘extreme pain’ through the tooth torture. It would have taken tremendous force to remove a tooth and he added that there was no way the boy would have been able to take them out on his own.”

The typical excuse was used, and Carder claimed that she feared Richards, which is why she did not step in or get help for the boy after this painful experience. She was also able to explain away the bruises by sharing that Richards had had a seizure while holding the boy and his grip grew tighter. Unfortunately, it’s hard to believe that the same man who went to great lengths to take a child’s toenails and teeth out, accidentally, squeezed him too hard. That is just absurd.

Although it’s not great what happened, at least he is no longer under his mother or father’s care. They have both got themselves caught up in legal matters in regards to prescription pills; And Carden has already admitted she was too high to intervene during the abuse.

Carder testified she had been using prescription pills and marijuana since she was 14 and was an addict by the time she was 16.

The child’s father, also named Karl Roy Andersen, is in jail for using stolen prescription slips to buy and sell pills.

The boy is now in the custody of his grandparents.

The child’s paternal grandfather, Karl Andersen, had prepared a statement for the court to hear in regards to the abuse of his grandson:

‘When my wife told me what happened to him, I couldn’t stop crying. 

Jessica Carder does not care one bit about her son. She only cares about herself,’ he said.


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