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Lazy Ass Marathoner Gets On Bus At Mile 20, Gets Off Bus, And Finishes The Race 3rd

Rob Sloan, 31, admitted that he did in fact cheat by hopping on the bus to get ahead and take a break, before getting off and finishing the race in 3rd place. What a lazy ass. Granted, I would never in my life even run 20 miles, he is a marathoner and should know what the hell he’s getting himself into. And what about morality? Shouldn’t that not be satisfying considering you cheated? What an idiot.

This all took place at the Kielder Marathon and was brought to the attention of organizers after multiple witnesses came forward. He tried to deny that he was a lazy ass cheater, but finally admitted that he was now a lying,lazy ass cheater.

This is why I just don’t bite more than I can chew. I’m content just sitting in my living room, watching some boob tube, eating some fatty ass food and drinking some wine. To me, this sounds enjoyable, and I’ll be proud that I didn’t have to cheat to get where I was. Success.


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Famed Hand Surgeon Arrested For Domestic Abuse After Throwing His Humanitarian Award At Wife

Michael Brown is (or should I say, was) a famed hand surgeon that was arrested for domestic abuse back in August, 2010. He is well known amongst the community and has many carpel tunnel clinics, the Brown Hand Center, in varying locations: Houston,Phoenix, Dallas, Austin and Las Vegas.

During a dispute with his fourth wife, Rachel Brown, the hand surgeon began to chase his wife and thow multiple items at her, which included vases and the Joanne Herring 2010 Humanitarian of the Year award. The irony of this man receiving a humanitarian award and then throwing it at his wife is amazing. Sadly, there is much more that makes this award seem so odd.

Brown had acknowledged in 2002 that he beat his third wife; Due to this admission, he may be facing a felony. He also had his medical license revoked after testing positive for cocaine in 2006. So far, he sounds like an all around good guy, right?

And more so, this apparent fight started because Mr. Brown was having a late night phone call with another woman. Rachel heard a late night phone call because her adoring husband accidentally dialed his wife and left a voice mail where he can be heard flirting with another woman. Way to go Mr. Brown.



Schwarzenegger Doesn’t Want To Pay Shriver Support

AP Photo - FILE - In this Oct. 2, 2009 file photo, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver pose for photos before they meet at the second Governors' Global Climate Summit in Los Angeles. The former California governor indicated in a divorce filing that he does not want to pay Shriver spousal support. Shriver filed divorce papers July 1, 2011, to end their marriage of 25 years. Read more: http://www.heraldonline.com/2011/07/21/3237151/schwarzenegger-doesnt-want-to.html#ixzz1SmfQSNgO

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a jackass. It’s not like we all didn’t know this already, but I mean to cheat on your wife with the a woman who has been working in YOUR home and FATHER a child and then deny her financial support, that’s just fucking low.

I never quite understood why she would even get with him after one of his goals was to marry a Kennedy, but for whatever reason, she did, and she mothered two children of his and did it faithfully (as far as we know).

HearldOnline“The former couple does not have a prenuptial agreement, according to their filings. That means Shriver would be entitled to half of Schwarzenegger’s assets under California law, although the exact terms were expected to be set through private mediation.”

No prenup?! She better get her money and make his sorry ass pay for the shit he’s put her through. He got his Kennedy for long enough. Run with the money and never look back at his pathetically fake political ass.


If You Plan On Cheating, Move To One Of These States…

The next time a married man or woman glances your way, you might think twice before acting on impulse and frolicking between satin sheets. The scorned spouse could sue you.

Yes, you read that right. You, the paramour, can get hit with a lawsuit that could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

They’re known as “alienation of affection” suits, when an “outsider” interferes in a marriage. The suits are allowed in seven states: Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota and Utah.

The law allowing such legal action dates back to antiquated times when a wife was considered the property of a husband. A broken-hearted hubby could go after his wife’s lover — not with a gun, but with the law.

In modern times, the suits are filed for two reasons: money and revenge. Juries in North Carolina have handed out awards in excess of $1 million on multiple occasions.

“If your spouse is going to cheat, you really would like them to cheat with somebody who has a lot of money,” says Lee Rosen, a North Carolina divorce attorney who deals with alienation of affection cases on a daily basis.

And that’s why many legal experts are paying close attention to the Tiger Woods saga. Will his wife go after an alleged mistress?

Were any of his “transgressions” with someone who is married? If so, the jilted hubby might be able to go after the world’s richest golfer.

It doesn’t matter that Woods lives in Florida, a state where the suits aren’t allowed, legal experts say. If any of Woods’ professed “sins” took place in an alienation of affection state, look out.

“If he had been dating a married woman, there could be the potential for a lucrative recovery,” Rosen says. “You’ve got to have a really affluent paramour that makes for a good target.”

The suits rarely make it to trial. Usually, just the threat of such a lawsuit is enough for an out-of-court settlement.

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“When folks are getting divorced, the threat of having the person’s new boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife dragged into court and the dirty laundry aired … causes enormous pressure,” says Matt Steffey, a law professor at Mississippi College School of Law.

Mississippi has been rocked by a high-profile suit, filed this summer, involving everything from allegations of ski resort trysts to a secret journal ordered kept under seal by a judge.

Better yet, it involves a congressman who once co-sponsored legislation for President George W. Bush to declare 2008 the “National Year of the Bible.”

The son of a prominent federal judge in Mississippi, Chip Pickering was the rising GOP star of the state — hand-picked to succeed Trent Lott in the U.S. Senate. Then, everything unraveled.

Pickering decided not to run for re-election in 2008 after 12 years in the House. At the time, he said he wanted to spend more time with his family. He’s married with five children.

Like a tale from William Faulkner, who penned many a book on Mississippi elite with personal flaws, Pickering’s tumble has been staggering.

“Chip Pickering has fallen far faster than the surrender of Vicksburg,” Steffey says, referring to a key turning point in the Civil War, when Confederates gave up the Mississippi River town.

The real doozy came July 14, when Leisha Pickering filed the alienation of affection suit against her husband’s alleged lover, a socialite named Elizabeth Creekmore-Byrd.

“As a direct and proximate result of the negligent, wrongful and reckless misconduct and behavior of Creekmore-Byrd with Pickering,” the suit says, “plaintiff has suffered damage to the affection and consortium with her husband.”

So hush-hush is the case, lawyers on both sides have reached a confidential agreement to not discuss the case publicly.

The suit, in effect, has branded the once-proud congressman with a Scarlet “A.” “He had certainly fallen from the pinnacle of his professional life and his public life, but it had not yet become a public disgrace,” Steffey says. “And what this lawsuit did is it turned a fall into a disgrace.”

“There’s a particular cast of tragedy when people are undone, not by accidental misfortune, but by their own character defects.”

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Most states have abolished alienation of affection lawsuits. Proponents in the holdout states say the threat of such legal action helps protect the sanctity of marriage.

But, Steffey and Rosen say, alienation of affection suits do just the opposite: They result in already contentious divorces getting even more heated, and they leave behind a public trail of personal shortcomings and wild tales of infidelity.

“To allow these suits to go forward,” Steffey says, “is destructive to family life.”

“It’s much like dropping a nuclear bomb on a family,” Rosen says. “It really does damage the relationship between spouses. If there are children involved, it’s devastating for them.”

It would require legislative action for states to change the law. And anyone who tries that in a conservative state could get painted as a pro-divorce lawmaker who holds cheaters less accountable.

“It’s a very delicate matter legislatively,” Steffey says.

And as long as the law remains on the books, Rosen says, he’ll keep busy: “We have an obligation to pursue our clients’ rights.”

There is one way to avoid such suits: Respect marital vows.

Although most people, obviously, don’t act on this law, I do believe that it could come in handy in some cases. You would want to ensure that the “lover” was well aware that who they were sleeping with was married, which in most celebrity cases is rather obvious. Then again, I always hate when all of the blame gets transplanted onto the lover as opposed to the spouse, and could see people taking advantage of this law and doing exactly that.  I guess what it comes down to is if you’re going to cheat, make sure your spouse is in on it and the person you choose has a lot of money; Oh, and you must live in one of those 7 states too.

Good luck out there!

Source: http://articles.cnn.com/2009-12-08/living/cheating.spouses.lawsuits_1_suits-lover-law?_s=PM:LIVING

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