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[VIDEO] Sisterly Advice: Toughen Up A Bit (English Accents)

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This video could very well be the next viral video of children to come out of England. Everyone and their mother has seen “Charlie bit me“, but now it’s time for Gabriel being told to “toughen up a bit”. This video was uploaded by Lee O’Donoghue  and is freaking adorable! Hopefully Lee will be able to answer some questions about what little Gabriel was doing…

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[VIDEO] Fat Squirrel Bites Little Boy

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This video was exactly what I had expected. And, I still enjoyed laughing despite knowing what was going to happen. Thank goodness for silly children who are too brave for their own good.

[VIDEO] Caine’s Arcade: An Inspirational Story About a Boy and His Arcade


Caine Monroy is a 9-year-old boy who wanted an arcade, and instead of waiting for it to come to him, he built it… from cardboard. His dad has a used auto parts store in East LA and has provided the space that Caine needs to run his arcade. For awhile he had few customers, but since Nirvan came into his life, everything has changed. This young man is smart, creative, eager, motivated, and very hard-working. It is so nice to see someone recognize this boy for what he’s accomplished and shared it with the world who can also appreciate all of his effort.

If you want to support Caine and donate to his scholarship fund, please do so HERE. The smart young man has already raised $28,229 and Nirvan is hoping he will reach $100,000.

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13-Year-Old Ginger Boy Shoots Mother, 37, To Death After Attempting To Sexually Assault The Woman


Before anyone says anything about me prejudging gingers, I’d like to remind you that I, myself, am a ginger. Sadly, its little shits like this who choose to go out and be disgusting and particularly evil, that give all of us a bad name. I mean, it is true, we are a little more hard-headed, stubborn, cruel, mischievous and unrelenting, but trying to sexually assault your mother?! What the f*ck is that shit?! With no further a due, the story:

There are numerous things wrong with this story, starting with the fact that Noah Crooks was only 13-years-old. What kind of eighth grader has that gall to not only attempt to molest his OWN mother, but then murder her as well? Gretchen Crooks was killed in the town of Osage, Iowa and could have never predicted this would be how her life came to an end.

The hunting rifle was used to take out something other than game in this household, despite the facts that there were no criminal records of the Crooks family. And who would have seen this coming? I kid at Osage Middle School attempting sexual abuse and following through with murder… against his mother. It’s unfathomable to me, and I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of people who have been crushed by this.

Shelia Aukes, a licensed social worker in Des Moines who works with young people on a variety of mental health issues told the DesMoines Register: ‘The victims in most sex offenses committed by juveniles are siblings, other juveniles or, more rare, other adults.

‘A child or adolescent sexually abusing a parent is completely out of the norm, totally unheard of.’

The incident happened on Saturday and Noah called 911 shortly afterwards. Oddly enough, he seemed emotionless and extremely calm for what had happened.

‘The emotions of the young man, from what I’ve been told, is his demeanour was very calm and kind of stoic. Almost like he was in shock also,’ Deputy Greg Beaver told KTTC

In Iowa, you must be 14-years-old to be charged as an adult, so this sick kid is being held at North Iowa Juvenile Detention Center in Waterloo and is expected to be tried as a juvenile. They are expecting for the charges to be filed today.

‘We have lost our daughter. We have lost our grandson,’ Mrs Crooks’ mother Beverly Brahm of Mason City told the Albert Lea Tribune.

Mrs. Crooks was a nurse at Mercy Medical Center-North Iowa and had aspirations of getting her masters degree. She was a hard-working mother-of-two and always bragged about her children.

On her Facebook page back in 2010, she praised her son, one of two,  for his musical talents on the saxophone as well as his accomplishment in being accepted into a University of Iowa camp to learn Chinese.

‘So proud of him!’ she wrote.

She had also recently published an application on her page reading: ‘Click “like” if you love your son!’

This is the first murder in Osage since 1898! This is definitely one way to bring back murder in a murder-less city.


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Best Barstool Article Today! 10-Year-Old Mother: Mexico’s Marketing Scheme

DMA Mexican girl has become a mother at the age of just 10, according to reports. The youngster arrived at a hospital in the city of Puebla, suffering from life-threatening complications in her 31-week pregnancy, including seizures. She gave birth by Caesarean section to a boy weighing 3.3lb at the Women’s Hospital in the city, 60 miles south-east of Mexico City. Her premature son is now said to be in intensive care following a bout of pneumonia, but officials said his young mother visits the baby every day to breastfeed, according to the New York Daily News. The paper said the hospital revealed the baby boy is in a good condition considering his premature birth and the mother is recovering well after first coming to the centre on October 22. However, hospital director Rogelio Gonzalez told UpFrontNewswire that the birth had been reported to the state’s Attorney General’s Office, which is investigating whether the girl could have been raped and who the father is. Mexican state laws prevent young mothers having abortions unless they can prove they were the victim of sexual assault. The legal age of consent is 12 and women who have abortions in Puebla face a fine or prison sentence if they are unable to prove they were sexually abused. However, the laws are currently under review.

Barstool’s commentary by maurice:

How you gotta breastfeed me mom you ain’t got no tits! The legal age to consent is 12? TWELVE? Mexico you sneaky bastards.

I thought you already had it all figured out with the rampant drugs and easy access to guns and policia who can be paid off for 20 pesos and churro, but now you’re going public with your pregnant 10 year olds? I know what you’re up to and I ain’t havin it. Creating international stories of sexually-active 10 year-olds trying to attract the best of the best pedophile football minds down to your stupid country. I know you’re hungry to get in the American Football business but shit like this just ain’t gonna fly.

Our child-raping coaches won’t necessarily just be into your children just because they’re young. Americans — no matter how rape-y — hold high standards. Our coaches aren’t just gonna bang any dirty brown preteen with a crustache. You better make sure those kids are supple, clean, and have basic English skills. Otherwise this 4th grader pregnancy marketing scheme will absolutely blow up in your face.

This has got to be one of the most hilarious articles I have read in a while. Yes, it is most definitely wrong. But it’s also fucking amazing. While I sometimes wish I could write in a much more sarcastic tone, I also feel I would alienate some audiences. And to be totally honest, I haven’t gained a worthy enough following to pull shit like that.

Until then, these guys are where you go to get your crude, sarcastic, fucked up responses to what’s happening in the World from the bullshit to the bull that created the shit.


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Chinese Boy Kept As Slave By Uncle: Chained Up With Dog

Dismal: Cai Changqing is chained in a shabby shelter every day - and it's claimed that it's for his own good

Cai Changqingis is a twelve-year-old boy who is being chained up in the yard by his Uncle, Cai Quan. According to Quan, he started chaining the boy up two years ago, after he ran away into traffic and was run over by a car.

Changqingis has been diagnosed as mentally handicapped and his uncle said he doesn’t know how to keep him around without running off, so this was his solution. The poor boy, is chained outside with the dog, naked. The chain is 16 feet and only allows him to roam around the dirty yard.

The Uncle is taking care of the boy (hardly), because his mother has died and his father was left paralyzed after an accident and can no longer care for his handicapped child.

Sadly, this isn’t the first case of children being chained. Last year, in December, “pictures emerged of 12-year-old twins Li Luqin and Li Shuangqin tied up by their father Li Wancheng in Yunnan Province. He began binding them ten years ago for fear they would hurt themselves.”

Twins Li Luqin and Li Shuangqin sit slumped after being tied up by their father Li Wancheng in Yunnan Province

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Female Babysitter, 20, Sleeps With Boy She’s Babysitting, 14

By: Kelli Knight

Loni Bouchard, 20, was hired to look after a 14-year-old boy, but instead acted as a prostitute, and got paid to get the boy drunk and sleep with him. She is now facing charges of second-degree sexual assault because someone in the boy’s family tipped the investigators off that something had occurred. This launched a 3 month investigation. See, this is where I get confused. She turned herself in! I have no idea how and why this investigation lasted so long and why the tax payers money is funding 3 months of an investigation that should have been taken care of in a day.

Back to the story. Drunk or not, I have a feeling that this 14-year-old boy was thrilled that he had the opportunity to have sex with a good looking older female. Most kids his age dread being babysat, but when sex is involved, I’d be willing to bet he would be much more willing to go with the flow.

Bouchard is also being charged with supplying alcohol to a minor. I find this incredibly ironic, considering that she is only 20, and still a “minor” herself. And at the age of 14, being drunk is just a way to admit your horny and act on it without being so reserved. I think he was a willing participant in the alcohol consumption as well as the sexual activities.

And call me old fashioned, but if it were a girl in this position with a 20-year-old male babysitter, I may be a bit more understanding. Although, Ms. Bouchard may be a little more manipulative than I  gave her credit for:

She is being charged in two separate areas in Connecticut on similar charges.

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Missing 8-year old Boy Who Was Missing is Found Mutilated

NBC New York's helicopter provides an aerial view of the crime scene as investigators probe the murder of an 8-year-old boy who disappeared on his way home from camp.

This poor innocent child who was lost turned to the wrong man for help, Levi Aron. This man was just going about his business when the boy approached and he figured it would be best to take him home, than help him get where he was suppose to be. Then after realizing he had kidnapped the boy (as if that wasn’t obvious), he decided to get rid of the evidence. It’s ridiculous how untrustworthy the world has become that an innocent child can’t turn to an adult and ask for help. He’s too young and naiive to know that you could harm him. Here is some of the original article:

“An 8-year-old boy who went missing after leaving day camp in Brooklyn Monday afternoon has been found dead, and police say he was snatched off the street by a stranger who later suffocated and dismembered him.

Police believe Leibby Kletzky, who would have turned 9 this month and was not used to walking home alone, had gotten lost and asked the suspect, Levi Aron, for help.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Aron told detectives that after he picked the boy up in his car and took him to his apartment, he later “panicked” after hearing about the missing person reports, which is why he killed him.

Some of the boy’s remains were found in Aron’s refrigerator, Kelly said.”

For more on this story: http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/125413653.html

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