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Woman Escapes Torture Chamber Through Barbed Wire With Hands Cuffed

DAILYMAIL - A woman escaped from a DIY torture chamber rigged with eight bombs designed to detonate when her German captor had finished with her.

Despite being handcuffed the unnamed woman, 26, made her escape by diving head-first through a window that had been covered over with barbed wire.

She spotted her opportunity to run for freedom when Thomas Fischer, 30, forgot to lock the door to her ‘cell’ – a modified telephone box which had been soundproofed to absorb her screams.

Horror: An kidnapped woman escaped from this 'torture chamber' flat in Hamburg, Germany, by diving through a barbed wire covered windowHorror: An kidnapped woman escaped from this ‘torture chamber’ flat in Hamburg, Germany, by diving through a barbed wire covered window

Bombs: A German police officer removes a hand grenade from the 'torture chamber' flat in Hamburg, which had been equipped with explosives Bombs: A German police officer removes a hand grenade from the flat, which had been rigged with explosives

When police arrived at Fischer’s apartment in Wachtelstrasse, Hamburg, they discovered a scene that could have come straight from the script of a horror film.

A police spokesman said: ‘The whole two-roomed apartment was rigged up as one massive torture chamber, with this big old-fashioned telephone kiosk soundproofed as the cell for his victim.’

Fischer had a ‘vast array’ of medical implements – scalpels, needles, gynaecological instruments and syringes – that he practised with on a mannequin. 

He had turned fire extinguishers into bombs so volatile that police had to evacuate 300 people to safety when his flat was searched. A Walther pistol and a hand grenade were also discovered.

Armed and dangerous: Fischer's flat was filled with alarming items including a Walther pistol similar to this one (file photograph)Armed: Fischer’s flat was filled with dangerous items including a Walther pistol similar to this one (file photograph)


Found at the flat: Among the weapons was a hand grenade (file photograph)
Explosive: Fischer had modified fire extinguishers and turned them into home-made bombs (file photograph)

Volatile: Among the weapons was a hand grenade and several fire extinguishers which Fischer had turned into home-made bombs (file photographs)

Sealed up: Police remove the barbed wire from a window at Fischer's flatSealed up: Police remove the barbed wire from a window at Fischer’s flat

Having been snatched off the street on Friday, the Israeli woman was only in Fischer’s clutches for two hours but it appears he had intended to keep her locked up for much longer.

Senior public prosecutor Wilhelm Möllers said: ‘It is evident that the apartment was meant as a place of confinement for some time.’

Fischer had rigged up a camera outside the door to his apartment so he could see who was trying to enter and had stored huge planks in the basement designed to seal the windows.

Media reports in Germany said Fischer planned a ‘months’ long martyrdom’ for the woman before detonating the fertiliser bombs which he made using information found on the internet.

Police said the Fischer knew his victim after being introduced to her by a friend but that there was ‘definitely no relationship’.

However, Fischer began to stalk the woman and police spoke of an obsession with owning his victim. German media speculated that Fischer wanted to get the woman pregnant.

The incident has already drawn comparisons with the Natascha Kampusch case in Austria, where loner Wolfgang Priklopil kidnapped Kampusch as a young girl and held her for nearly nine years in a secret cellar of his home.

Neighbours said that Fischer was regarded as a loner but was nonetheless helpful in collecting post and carrying groceries for elderly tenants in his apartment block. 

He has not said a word since he was arrested. 

UPDATE! Girl, 18, is safe after ten-hour battle to ‘remove collar bomb hanging around her neck’






UPDATE (5:49PM – August 3rd): The bomb, after being inspected, is actually a “legitmate” looking-fake bomb. This was an elaborate hoax, and investigators are still working on discovering who was involved. 

Dailymail - An Australian schoolgirl who spent more than 10 hours with a bomb strapped to her by a hooded intruder who broke into her house was reunited with her parents tonight after a dramatic rescue.

Police bomb disposal experts, who had sought advice from British military authorities as they delicately worked to free Madeleine Pulver from the explosive package that had been attached to her, finally freed her from her terrifying ordeal – into the arms of her relieved mother and father.

The 18-year-old girl had been startled by the balaclava-clad intruder who left the device attached to her – as well as leaving, it is believed, a ransom note for her wealthy parents.

Her father, William, is the CEO of an internet share dealing company, called Nielsen Net Ratings and is said to be one of the richest men in Australia.

The drama was played out in the exclusive Sydney suburb of Mosman – home of multi-millionaires, sports figures, stockbrokers and bankers.

Police assistant commissioner Mark Murdoch admitted last night in the minutes after the girl was released from the device that bomb squad officers still did not know how dangerous it was.

But he indicated that it was not a fake device. ‘It was examined right away for explosives and the delicate action we have taken in regard to it shows how serious the situation was,’ he said.

Mr Murdoch said neither he nor the trained bomb squad officers had seen a device like it before.

‘It is a very elaborate device and remains so. Our bomb technicians are one of the best in the world and it has taken them more than 10 hours to remove it.’

The tension that had been on Mr Murdoch’s face throughout the afternoon and evening in Australia fell away last night when he announced at midnight that ‘minutes ago we have secured the release of the young lady and she is safe and sound. She has been reunited with her parents.’

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“Kid Faces Prison Term for Leaving Sex Doll in High School Locker Room”

—18-year-old Tyell Morton was arrested for leaving a blow-up sex doll in the bathroom at Rush Consolidated High School in Indiana. Now he could go to prison for eight years. Sure, it was a stupid joke, but that seems a mite harsh.

Apparently Morton was caught on camera taking a package (which contained the doll) into the building and leaving without it and school officials freaked out and thought it was a bomb and locked down the building and called in the cops and bomb-sniffing dogs. Somehow this translates into Morton going to prison for close to a decade. If we all had to go to prison for the stupid unfunny stuff we did in high school, most of us would still be serving our sentences.


- I have brought much more harmful and/or dangerous products to my high school than a blow up doll and was never threatened with jail time. This seems absolutely absurd. Lots of kids are getting high and drinking at school. I could see if he was performing acts with the blow up doll on school property (which he wasn’t), but simply leaving it in his locker?! Come on, there are much bigger things to be worried about these days. In fact, if anything, I think this promotes abstinence, which is what most school officials are wanting taught in health classes. School officials should be thanking the young man for thinking outside of the box.

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