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Meet Mr. Balls, Brazil’s Very Disturbing Testicular Cancer Mascot


The fact that Brazil even has a Testicular Cancer Mascot is already pretty strange, but for it to be a disgustingly realistic (minus the face) pair of balls, is fucking creepy.

A Brazilian Testicular Cancer Awareness group is responsible for forcing people to come face to balls with “Senhor Testiculo”.


[VIDEO] Drunk Guy Shoots His Balls on Webcam: Real or Fake?

Screen shot 2012-10-31 at 3.17.13 PM

This is a video that was originally posted on Battlecam.com. If this video is real, it’s pretty damn insane. If it is not, the guy does a pretty damn good job of acting like it is. Let me know what you think…

Ghanaian Woman Bites Mans Scrotum Because She’s A Vampire, Of Course

When you watch shows like ‘True Blood‘ and movies like ‘Twilight’ you need to take a step outside of reality, and realize that these stories are based off of fiction. For people who watch these shows and then assume they’re themselves vampires, you need to stop being so fucking crazy. If you were a vampire, don’t you think you would have been aware before this fad had started up?

Akosua Serwaa Bonsu, a 31-year-old woman from Anwiankwanta in the Amansie East Municipality of the Ashanti region, was arrested last Saturday evening after she bit into the scrotum of a man. Kwadwo Owusu, 55, a native of Ofoase-Kokoben, had his testicles severed by the woman ‘vampire’, who now faces provisional charges of causing bodily harm and aggravated assault

The suspect, who appeared in the Bekwai Circuit Court, was remanded into prison custody by the presiding judge, Daniel Kwaku Obeng, to re-appear on November 29, 2011 to face trial. Prosecution, Detective Sergeant Stephen Ofori, said the attack happened just around 6:00 pm after Mr. Owusu was returning to Ofoase-Kokoben from Anwiankwanta, where he attended a funeral during the day. 

Not only did she bite this mans testicles off, but she did so after he attended a funeral. What a malicious bitch. Kwadwo Owusu, a palm wine tapper, was apparently attacked out of nowhere when Bonsu decided to start a quarrel with him. According to her, the man had intervened in a fight she was having with another woman and said she was going to teach him a lesson before biting off various portions of his testes.

The court heard that the victim’s testicles fell from the scrotum after the attack, rendering the victim weak in a pool of blood before bystanders went to his rescue. The victim had surgery to re-attach his testicles after he was rushed to the Bekwai Government Hospital, where he would spend several weeks to recover from the attack. Serwaa Bonsu was arrested by residents and handed over to the Anwiankwanta police, where she has been on remand following her appearance in court.

Holy shit. His testicles fell from his mangled ball sack?! That is one crazy ass woman who had intended on making this man’s life a living hell. Obviously this poor man had a shitty day: funeral, balls falling out, and then left feeling less like a man as he couldn’t even help himself out of that horrendous situation. I just wonder how she even managed to get the man’s pants off to the point that his scrotum was so easily accessible.


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Betty White: “…grow a Vagina, those things take a pounding!”

I absolutely adore this woman! Not only does she say whatever the fuck she wants, but she does so at an age that most would expect her to br prudish and uptight. And personally, I agree with this statement. I have never seen a man cry so hard as when he gets slapped in his nuts. Not closed hand, punched in the nuts, but bitch slapped. Those sorry asses go down so fast and roll around on the ground as if we ripped their dicks off.

When I get slapped in the vagina, I get pissed. I don’t fall to the floor and cry about it. I have no intention of growing balls so that I can be easily diminished to a sobbing fool by an enemy, fuck that. I suggest you lose yours and grow a damn vagina so you at least appear to act like a man as opposed to a little bitch.

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