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Mother Donates Kidney to Boss in Need and is Subsequently Fired

Debbie Stevens, a 47-year-old mother of two, from Long Island, New York, had offered her kidney to her boss Jackie Brucia, 61, after she had mentioned she was having a difficult time finding a donor.

Stevens has filed a legal complaint at the Human Rights Commission in New York, which claims that her boss, Brucia, used her and then after getting what she wanted, fired her, according to the New York Post.

‘I feel very betrayed. This has been a very hurtful and horrible experience for me.

‘She just took this gift and put it on the ground and kicked it.’

BOSS: Jackie Brucia, 61

Brucia was Stevens’ boss at a billion dollar Atlantic Automotive Group that ran car dealerships in New York. Although Stevens had left the company in June of 2010 after moving to Florida, she decided to move back to Long Island and asked for her job back. Fortunately, Brucia agreed without hesitation to give Stevens her job back, and it is now assumed she may have had ulterior motives.

Just two months after being re-employed, Brucia approached Debbie Stevens and asked if she would still be interested in donating the kidney that she had offered to do so while still in Florida.

‘She was my boss, I respected her,’ Stevens told the Post. ‘It’s just who I am. I didn’t want her to die.’

Although she wasn’t a match for Brucia, she donated to another group, which would then make sure that her boss would be able to get a kidney from someone in that group. After the surgery, she said she was in excruciating pain. She felt pressured to go into work, and unfortunately, wasn’t able to stay for the day (after 3 days) and returned home. This, was not okay with Brucia.

‘You can’t come and go as you please,’ her boss allegedly said. ‘People are going to think you’re getting special treatment.’

Stevens was then yelled at before being demoted to a car dealership that was now 50 miles from her place of residence. After Stevens’ lawyers wrote a letter to the company, she was fired. Brucia’s husband alleges these are all falsely exaggerated claims, yet Stevens says they are nothing but the truth. In either scenario one of these women has been very cruel. Getting fired after giving someone a kidney for ludicrous claims is wrong. But then again, giving someone a kidney and acting as if you’re owed something, getting fired and then suing to get what you want, is also very wrong. And unfortunately, we don’t know what really happened here.


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