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[VIDEO] Car Chase Suspect Shoots Himself In Head On Live TV


This is footage from the car chase that began in Phoenix today, and ended with the suspect shooting himself in the head on live television. Although there aren’t many details at this point, it has been said that he was being chased because he had stolen a vehicle. Please be warned, this is a guy shooting himself in the head, and that’s what you will see…


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[VIDEO] Startling Footage Filmed by the Pregnant Man Show Alcoholic Wife Abusing Him, Manhandling the Children, and Acting Strangely

Nancy, Susan Austin, Thomas and Jensen Beatie

Thomas Beatie, known as The Pregnant Man, has recently released footage of his estranged wife attacking him, manhandling their children, and destroying the computer. Beatie is a transgender man who gave birth to the couple’s three children before following through with the gender reassignment surgery and is most likely planning to use this video in their upcoming court battle.

The video was taken before the couple had become estranged and show the condition that Nancy was found in when Beatie entered the playroom, in their house in Arizona.

According to Beatie, Nancy had been a violent alcoholic and use to beat him in the middle of the night often, and had even punched him in the crotch while the children were present. He also stated in divorce papers that in February Nancy was ‘visibly intoxicated’ while he tried to stop her from taking the children to daycare, which then led to her swearing at him as well as pushing him around.

There is obviously more to each side of this story, but the video is pretty damaging to Nancy’s claims that Beatie was in fact the one who was physically and emotionally abusive. More will be determined this Wednesday as the couple goes to court to decide custody and child support arrangements.

Mr Beatie was born as a woman, Tracy Lagondino, in Hawaii in 1974, but says he always felt like he wanted to be a man.

When he was in his 20s he began having testosterone injections, giving him facial hair, a lower voice and altering his sexual organs.

It seems as though this man has had enough to endure in his life, and this problem can be resolved sooner than later.




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Thumbs Up Mug Shot

I have to admit that I am pretty damn envious of this little bitch. First of all, she put up one hell of a fight during her arrest and then to top it off, she looked happy as hell in her mug shot. When I was arrested for my DUI (blessing is disguise), I pulled the typical ‘cry and beg’ act and acted like quite the pussy. I was also far less drunk than the woman in the above mug shot and felt that if I refused to be happy in my photo, I had somehow showed them. Wrong. Very wrong.

Michelle Watson, 24, had a rather intriguing Thursday night and I’m here to share with you her story. After getting ridiculously hammered, Watson decided it would be a good idea to hop into her Honda Civic and drive herself home.

According to cops in Prescott, Arizona, this young, drunk, woman had a large list of problems that led to her arrest; She allegedly:

* Hit “numerous curbs” and drove on the sidewalk

* Said, “I don’t have to walk fucking anywhere” when approached by a cop

* Shoved an officer after declining to take field sobriety tests

* Had to be taken to the ground while scuffling with a cop

* Kneed a second officer in the crotch while being handcuffed

* Repeatedly cursed at police

* Kicked the inside of a squad car

While taking her booking photo at the Yavapai County Jail, she was ballsy enough to give them one last ‘Fuck You’ and smiled like her life depended on it. She also threw up the double thumbs which made it seem as though she was thrilled with her accomplishments for that evening. And shockingly her blood alcohol level was THREE times the legal limit. Something tells me she’s familiar with getting plastered and driving a vehicle.

As detailed in a Prescott Police Department report, Watson was charged with aggravated assault on a cop, resisting arrest, and “DUI-super extreme.”



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Stepfather Beats 3-Year-Old Toddler To Death For Not Eating Her Hot Dog

Three-year-old Dani Mayo has lost her life after her stepfather, Corey Daniels, 22, punched her nearly 20 times with his fist as well as using a belt to inflict injuries. Why? He did this all because the toddler didn’t want to eat her hot dog.

The Phoenix man apparently called 911 and claimed that his stepdaughter had stopped breathing after choking on a hot dog. When police arrived on scene, they suspected foul play was involved considering the poor little girl had bruises covering her body. Doctors later found multiple skull fractures as well, which solidified the fact that Mr.Daniels had some explaining to do.

Daniels then admitted beating little Dani Mayo using his fists and a belt. 

He was charged with child abuse as the toddler was taken to hospital and put on life support.

The charges were upgraded to murder when she died on Saturday.

Daniels later admitted that he did in fact punish the little girl by punching her in the arms, chest and legs using his fist at least 20 different time. he also explained that he used a belt to punish the small child as well. The piece of shit stepfather also admitted to biting the toddler weeks earlier after she urinated on herself.

Neighbours told Fox news it was too horrific for them to understand.

Peter Milhon said Daniels ‘didn’t seem like the type’.

‘Mom was just screaming and yelling and crying, wanting to know what was going on, what was happening to her baby,’ he said.

‘I did hear the guy holding her back say she was choking — she was choking.’

Brittany Beaver, who lives upstairs, told Fox that the toddler’s mother’s screams were disturbing. 

She said: ‘It was horrible to hear her wails. I couldn’t imagine losing a child in that manner — especially to someone you trusted.’

Daniels is being held on a bond of $850,000 due to the severity of the case and harm he caused to such a small child. Hopefully the shit head is put in jail and endures the same fate as poor Dani Mayo.


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AMAZING Pumpkin Carvings!

Ray Villafane, 42, is a master at Pumpkin carving and takes only two hours to create these wonderful works of art. Villafane creates these in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, and has become somewhat of a local celebrity.

Using his background in high art and his work in designing models for D.C and Marvel comics, Ray has sculpted intricate faces out of the common pumpkin that make your hair stand on end.

The carving genius using many tools when creating these sculptures, ranging from spoons and scalpels to clay carving tools. Take a look at some of the great pumpkins:


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Grandpa And LONG Hikes

Christopher Carlson is grandfather to three young boys aged 8, 9 and 12. He decided to take the boys on a hike through the Grand Canyon, which although seemed very sweet, was absolute torture. The hike was 19 miles long and forced upon the boys in 108 degree weather. The Arizona Daily Sun gives a great description of the events:

He is accused of beating them, making them walk on ulcerated blisters, denying them food and water, and forcing them to run up the trail under the intense sun.

According to a complaint filed Tuesday by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Flagstaff, rangers and passersby took note of several instances regarding alleged abuse by Christopher A. Carlson, of Indianapolis, against the boys, ages 12, 9 and 8, on two trips to the Grand Canyon during a summer cross-country trip.

Apparently, this was just one of the many hikes that this loving grandfather took his adoring grandchildren out for. Luckily, the eldest was able to secretly ask for help on the most recent trip, where Carlson was arrested for child endangerment.

The boys told investigators that they had been hit, pushed, choked, pinched, squeezed and whipped during the day’s hike, and that they had vomited several times, sometimes when the man forced their fingers down their throats.

They also said they were not allowed to drink water until they reached Phantom Ranch and sneaked water from the Colorado River, and that they had been limited to little food. Rangers fed and hydrated the boys inside an ambulance.

The boys were also so badly burnt that their lips had been sunburnt off. I had no idea that this was even possible. I’m annoyed when I have them the slightest bit chapped. Thank goodness this grandfather (which I’m still having trouble comprehending) is in jail

Warren Jeffs Guilty Of Sexual Abusing Children!

Mugshot: Jeffs after being arrested following the 2009 raid on his church

After a long drawn out trial, Polygamist leader, Warren Jeffs, has been found guilty of sexually abusing the two children that he took as ‘spiritual wives’.

During the trial, the jury was allowed to hear a sex tape that Jeffs had made, which featured himself as well as three wives, including the 12-year-old wife he was seen kissing in photos. In these tapes there was heavy breathing and panting, as well as Jeffs instructing the girl to “Take your clothes off. Do it right now.” They also used DNA evidence to prove that he had fathered the child with a 15-year-old girl who was another one of his spiritual wives.

While he defended himself in trial, he often objected and stated that his religious freedom was being denied. Many of his motions were overturned and ignored. During the time that the sex tape was being played (audio), he objected multiple times and stood in objection throughout the entire tape. The judge and jurors had headphones on so that they wouldn’t be disturbed by his outbursts.

Jeffs also referred to the Judge’s polio, and said that God had given this to her because she was prosecuting a man of God. He said that she would die because of this soon and it was what God wanted. Apparently, God also wanted to see him rot behind bars for the rest of his life.

Warren Jeffs is now facing life in prison and will no longer be able to marry himself or other religious members to young girls within their community. He stood by his actions in the name of religion and luckily no one used this to justify him hurting young women for his own personal benefit.

Happy to see Jeffs gone from the compound, but now, who will take this sick pervert’s place?


Mother and Daughter Molesting Duo

A mother and daughter in Arizona are accused of sexually abusing a teenage boy for three years and police say the pair did it without knowing about each other’s relationship with him. 

The mother, 48-year-old Susan Brock, allegedly met the boy when he was 13 and continued for three years until this past October, police said. Her daughter, Rachel, now 21 has been alleged to have sent him nude photos and videos of herself between 2007 and 2008. 

The alleged victim, now 17, told cops Susan Brock would pick him up after school in her car and take him to secluded areas where she molested the boy, police said.

The teen’s parents contacted police after they learned of steamy text messages reportedly exchanged between their son and Susan Brock. The teen told police he had been meeting Brock for sexual trysts since he was 14.

Susan Brock is accused of picking the unidentified boy up from his home or school, and committing as many as 30 sexual acts in her car, her home, her mother’s home and secluded areas of the city. The acts included masturbatory conduct and oral sex; in other instances, Brock allegedly used three vibrating massagers to stimulate the boy’s penis to the point of ejaculation. No actual intercourse took place. The alleged affair was uncovered when family friends intercepted messages on the boy’s iPod Touch that included references to sex acts and the discovery of a relationship between the victim and Brock. The friends told the teen’s parents; in turn, the victim and his parents contacted police on Friday October 22nd.

Oh, and get a load of this. The New Times tells us that the boy’s teenage girl friend got dragged into it, too. Because the girl friend’s parents forbade their daughter from seeing the victim, Susan Brock set up meetings between the two kids, where she provided them with condoms and let them have sex at her house, presumably when her husband wasn’t home.

During that time, the victim says, he and Brock had up to 30 sexual encounters that included “masturbatory contact and oral sex.” In other instances, the victim told police Brock used “at least three vibrating massagers to stimulate his penis to the point of ejaculation on numerous occasions.”

Obviously, a sexual relationship between a 48-year-old woman and a teenage boy needs to be kept under wraps, so Brock allegedly would pick up the boy from his school or house, drive to a remote location, put the seats in the car down, and do the deed.

Before picking him up, Brock allegedly told the victim to tell his parents that he was “going jogging” so they wouldn’t suspect anything.

In other instances, the victim says, Brock would take him to her house where the two would have sex.

In addition Brock would sometimes take the boy to her mother’s house for sex and even set up meetings between the two kids, where she provided them with condoms and let them have sex at her house.

This just proves: she get it from her mama. It’s obvious that these Brock ladies love younger men. It’s unfortunate that they had to sneak around with a child to get any sort of sexual satisfaction. I mean, you figure if they were both okay with doing this, then they might as well have gone and just paid some of-age sluts to screw ‘em. And what about the kid who was “molested” friends? Why would they rat on him? I mean, any kid at that age that is having a good time with a mother/daughter AND his girlfriend and forgets to mention that to his parents, is most likely a willing participant. I’m NOT saying its right, just saying that I believe the kid wasn’t as innocent as he made it seem when he was confronted with the texts.

Source: http://www.cougarist.com/2011/01/teen-boy-molested-by-mother-and.html

Man who is high on bath salts burns his “possessed” 5 year old!

  —Johnny Salazar was arrested in Arizona yesterday after he burned his 5-year-old son’s hand and wrist with a lighter thinking he was possessed. Of course he did this because he was on America’s favorite gonzo drug, bath salts. When will people cut the bath salts out, already?

Apparently Salazar saw his son touch his mother’s Bible, which meant the kid was possessed which meant he had to burn him with a Bic to save him. It all makes perfect sense! At least in Salazar’s twisted mind. Now both of his children are living with their mother, who shares custody of the two boys.

When are people going to realize that bath salts make you do really fucked up shit? If you’re not setting your kid on fire, then you’re killing a goat in your panties or running from the cops thinking you’re made of electricity. Seriously, everyone, cut this out. It’s sad when you make using meth seem like an intelligent alternative.

This is the reason I don’t get high when children are around. We all know children are possessed when they’ve touched a Bible, right?! And the only time anyone has the gall to do anything is when they’re high. Therefore, kids (ones who touch Bibles) and bath salts (or any drugs for that matter), do NOT mix.

Source: http://gawker.com/5818266/man-high-on-bath-salts-burns-his-possessed-5+year+old

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