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VIDEO: Foo Fighters Singing Protest Of Westboro Baptist Church (God Hates Fags)

Yesterday in Kansas City, the Westboro Baptist Church was all set and ready to protest the Foo Fighters. This cruel group was caught off guard by the Foo Fighters turning this into an anti-protest and dressed in trucker attire, sang to the protesters and excited the crowd.

The “church” of judgmental prejudiced assholes announced that it would be coming to protest the Foo Fighter’s concert because they used their position in the media to promote “fornication, adultery, idolatry, f*gs,” as opposed to “using it to encourage obedience to God.”

Luckily, the Foo Fighters band members not only have a sense of humor, but stand up for what they believe in and shocked everyone by pulling up in front of the Sprint Center on a flatbed truck in their “homoerotic” video ‘Hot Buns’ attire. Dave Grohl took it one step further and made it clear that he supported diversity.

“I don’t care if you’re black or white or purple or green. Whether you’re Pennsylvanian or Transylvanian, Lady Gaga or Lady Antebellum,” he tells the crowd. “Men loving women and women loving men, and men loving men and women loving women, you all know we like to watch that. God Bless America, y’all!”

Way to go and make a stand against these sick and twisted group of individuals. For far too long, people have been rendered speechless due to their protests, and it is about fucking time someone who has the ability to stage an anti-protest has done so. They are a hateful group and if a God does exist (which I do not believe, but doesn’t mean it’s not true) than I would be willing to bet he would not forgive these people for the atrocities that they commit on the daily.


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