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Man Arrested For Having Sex With Pet Dog Mimi, who was ‘whimpering in pain’


UPDATE: Friday April 20th, 2012 @ 11:45 AM – Mimi, the 10 lb. poodle mix, is back with her owners and starting to seem a little more like her old self. No longer seeming to be in pain and being friendly to strangers again, despite the horrendous act of being penetrated by a 28-year-old man. 

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A man was arrested for having sex with his pet dog Mimi after a witness told police he saw him penetrate the canine, which was said to be whimpering in pain.

Jenson Bolla-Sosa, 28, of Fort Lauderdale, was charged with knowingly having sexual contact with a dog, cruelty to an animal and resisting arrest without violence.

While this is definitely a sick and perverted crime, I’d like to first ask why he was charged with ‘knowingly having sexual contact with a dog’? Is it possibly to be having sex with a dog and NOT know? It’s not like he got wasted and went to stick it in his lady and accidentally started screwing a dog without noticing the hair and dog whimpers. Knowing it’s a dog should be a given when you have sex with it.

Anyway, he is now out on bail for $12,500 and is also being investigated by the Immigration and Naturalization Service. When you come to America, allegedly illegal, and rape our dogs, we get pissed. One of the few things you get into trouble for, here in America, when you’ve illegally immigrated here.

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[VIDEO] Golden Retriever Saves Her Puppy From Drowning

Screen shot 2012-04-10 at 10.29.37 AM

Obviously there has been a lot of controversy surrounding this video. Many people are upset that the person filming is not trying to help save the puppy, while others are saying it’s a perfectly humane way to train your dog to rescue. I think the owner figured that the pup still had its head above water and was hanging on to the edge, and clearly the mother figured out how to get the pup from there.

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Woman Hangs And Burns Nephew’s ‘Devil Dog’ After It Chews Up Her Bible


Miriam Smith, 65, has been charged with animal cruelty after admitting that she hung the pit bull and burned her, because she was a ‘devil dog’.

Smith’s nephew left Diamond, the one-year-old female pit bull with his aunt whom he shared a home with while he went away. When he came back to the home, he found no trace of the dog and had assumed that she managed to free herself from the chain she was normally tied to on the porch. Fortunately, an environmental enforcement officer had come across the dog’s body thanks to the smell of kerosene that was coming from beneath a mound of dried grass.

Diamond was found with an orange extension cord loosely tied around her neck and had some recognizable burns on her body. No animal deserves this kind of treatment for chewing one’s bible. And no one that reads the bible should feel that murdering a helpless animal is a good thing to do. What a sick and twisted woman.

Authorities said bail was not immediately set for Smith, who remains jailed in Spartanburg County, South Carolina after her weekend arrest.

Smith is charged with ill treatment of animals in general, torture, according to an arrest warrant.

She faces 180 days to five years in prison if convicted.

I hope this bitch gets the five years she deserves. Not only did she kill the poor dog, but she did it in the most inhumane way I could imagine. Sadly, diamond had to suffer and struggle for air before having her body burned and tossed away.


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Mom Forces Son To Kill His Hamster With Hammer Over Bad Grades

A teacher at an elementary school noticed that one of her 12-year-old students had scratches on his neck and notified authorities. Soon after they discovered something more gruesome about this family and the twisted way the boy’s mother had punished him due to bad grades.

Lynn Middlebrooks Geter, 38, wasn’t too pleased with her son’s report card and instead of hiring a tutor or grounding him from video games, she did something much more heinous. This mother from Warm Springs, Georgia, made her son kill her own pet hamster… with a hammer.

Seeing as the kid was pretty damn traumatized by this incident, he told his teacher the very next day after she had noticed the scratches on her neck.

The teacher called social workers, who in turn called the Meriwether County sheriff’s department. For her visionary parenting strategies, Geter is now in jail for animal cruelty, child cruelty and battery.

Apparently this psycho bitch has many supporters who defend her actions. They bring insight to the fact that she was the PTA president, great mom (HA), and even a dedicated cleaning lady for her local church. Despite all those facts (and one opinion), there is still the fact that she made her son brutally kill an animal that he loved. That was surely emotionally damaging and doesn’t fall under the characteristic of a great mom, in my opinion.


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Oklahoma Woman Kills Cat To “Wear It” To Lady Gaga Concert!

This is just ridiculous.

Angelina Barnes, 20, is being charged with animal cruelty after killing and mutilating a cat in attempts to wear it as part of an outfit to a Lady Gaga concert. This is coming from CBS News, so I’d say it’s pretty damn valid.

Okay, this bitch didn’t just kill a cat and work it into her attire, she went straight wacked out cuckoo.

The court affidavit says Barnes was found in an outfit she planned to wear to the Gaga concert – a long coat and streaks of what turned out to be cat blood on her face.

I really don’t get why the cat blood was necessary, but then again, I just really don’t understand this chick. Apparently, one of her relatives found her and she was in a completely darkened house. Again, not sure why these measure were taken if it was just to go to a damn Lady Gaga concert.

Oklahoma City Sgt. Gary Knight said that, “(t)here were things done to the house like covering light switches with duct tape so she wouldn’t be able to turn on the light.”


She was taken into custody and placed in psychiatric care after police found the drowned and mutilated cat in the toilet. According to people close to Barnes, this is out of character. Well, I should fucking hope so. Could you imagine this crazy bitch pulling this shit all the damn time? Hell no. We would not be “close” to her if that were the case.


Asshole Bodybuilder Throws Dog To Its Death From 3rd Floor

Milan Rysa, 30, is the piece of shit that has “allegedly” thrown his dog, Brooklyn, from a 3rd story onto the street below. The Chinese Shar-Pei was seen by witnesses being hurled out of the apartment in New York at around 9:00pm. They had also mentioned that he was listening to loud music during the incident.

Although Rysa is claiming he was asleep the whole time, police won’t be too quick to overlook the statements made by witnesses.

A shocked onlooker said: ‘I saw it coming out the window,

‘I heard the yelp when it hit the ground. I heard the thud. It just missed a woman.’

Rysa allegedly looked out of the window and on seeing a crowd gathering near Brooklyn’s broken body, turned off the music and the apartment’s lights.

I am absolutely disgusted by this man. Although this will be the last incident you heard about, there were plenty more that his neighbors have opened up about. The sad thing is nobody said anything to anyone before this all took place. Brooklyn could have possibly been rescued and given to a family or person who cared. Instead, she was tortured her entire life and had it cut shortly by being thrown to her death. What a sick bastard.

The cruel pet owner was charged with aggravated animal cruelty and reckless endangerment, and was taken to Elmhurst Hospital Centre for a psychiatric evaluation.

Some other scenarios that took place while Brooklyn was in the care of Rysa:
He allegedly kept the animal in the public hallway outside his apartment, fenced in by a toddler gate.
They said he let Brooklyn relieve himself on the roof, flinging the dog’s faeces onto nearby rooftops and leaving the dog unattended for hours with the hot rooftop burning his paws.

The neighbour said. ‘The poor thing wanted to play all the time.’

Gang Drowned Pony And Horrified Onlookers

A group of 12 men and boys were seen pushing a pony, attached to a trap, into the eight-feet deep lake. Although there was one 21-year-old walker who came across the incident and attempted to help; He was kicked in the head by the terrified animal and knocked unconscious. Authorities are now searching for the thugs that did this.

Apparently, the group of twelve was also seen beating the animal with sticks:

Officers are also investigating reports the yobs used sticks to beat the two-year-old piebald cob pony as it tried desperately to haul itself out of Hawley Lake, near Farnborough, Hampshire, on Saturday afternoon.

Two other ponies were also in danger as the group of thugs attempted to push them in as well. They were also attached to the trap, but fortunately, were spared.
The pony that was pushed into the water and beaten was unable to crawl out the way that it was pushed in and attempted to swim to the other side. Due to the weight of the trap and the depth of the water, he was pulled under and drowned.

Hampshire Police also launched a joint investigation with the RSPCA to find those responsible.

Sophie Wilkinson, of the RSPCA, said: ‘It’s an extremely cruel and shocking thing that these people have done and we have no idea why they did it.

‘It seems a gang of 12 men and boys lined up three ponies and traps and tried to force them into the water – they succeeded with this one.’

Police spokesman Alan Smith added: ‘When the attempt to push a second and third pony into the lake failed, the group of people drove them and their traps away in the direction of Yateley.

‘There were a number of people around at the time including dog walkers and fishermen and we would like to hear from witnesses.’



Ukrainian Bears Will No Longer Be Force-Fed Vodka

If you’re like me, this issue is far more important than we realized. Apparently around 80 beers that were previously used in restaurants as entertainment, are now being released back into the wild, after admitting they had a problem. Well, they didn’t admit it per se, but it did become quite obvious to those supplying the bears with booze (and the restaurants accountants I presume).

After reading more into this, I learned that Ukraine and America are much more similar than I had realized. Both have drunken citizens that find it hialrious to get animals intoxicated as well. The only difference is we couldn’t possibly find, tame, and then sit down in a restaurant with drunk bears, that shit’s just crazy! They’re scary enough while sober, I can’t imagine the terror they’d invoke while shitfaced. And, now, neither will Ukraine.

Ukrainians are being deprived of their entertainment because, as Environment Minister Mykola Zlochevsky put it, “How long can we tolerate animal torture in restaurants where drunken guests make bears drink vodka for laughs?”

We see where their devotion lies, the safety of animals and not with entertaining their countrymen. Way to screw that one up, Ukraine!

In case you haven’t been to Ukraine to see a drunk beer, or aren’t planning a trip before this form of entertainment (much like sacrifices) is gone forever, here:

*Note: this bear was from Colorado, not Ukraine and got drunk on fermented


Drunk man ‘killed girlfriend’s puppy after she refused to have sex with him’

Daniel Baxter, 30, came home after drinking all night at around 5am and had made advances towards his girlfriend, Charlotte Greene. Apparently she wasn’t too excited to be woken up and cater to his needs for sex, so he turned his rage on the 2 month old pit-bull puppy.

The poor puppy was thrown against a wall, and suffered many broken bones as well as brain damage. In fact, the injuries were so severe, that the vet had to put Feisty down because he would be completely unable to walk.

Thankfully this sick as shit asshole was “arrested and charged with animal cruelty.” Greene has expressed that she wants him to get anger management classes and to get help to stop drinking. Unfortunately, people that could severely beat and injure a dog like this has far more issues than drinking too much and anger. Seeing as he was already on parole, maybe his punishment will be a little more harsh and fit the crime.


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