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Somalis Facing Worst Famine in the World in 20 Years!

Somalian refugees are checked in at a refugee settlement camp close to the Kenyan border with Somalia. (Oli Scarff, Getty Images / July 20, 2011)

Los Angeles Times: “NAIROBI, Kenya— Tens of thousands of Somalis are feared dead in the world’s worst famine in a generation, the U.N. said Wednesday, a crisis so severe that the United States is loosening rules meant to prevent emergency funds from falling into the hands of al-Qaida-linked militants.
Exhausted, rail-thin women are stumbling into refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia with dead babies and bleeding feet, having left weaker family members behind along the way.”

The United States has feared that the money they give to help aid the Somalis will fall into the hands of terrorists and have put a stay on the funds. “U.S. humanitarian contributions in Somalia fell from $237 million in 2008 to $29 million last year.” Due to the current situation, they have lifted that stay and plan on sending more aid to the famine filled country.

It has been a difficult position to help Somalia due to the amount of warfare and terrorism that pollutes the country. “Somalia is the most dangerous country in the world to work in, according to the U.N.’s World Food Program, which has lost 14 relief workers in the past few years. Kidnappings, killings and attacks on aid convoys occur frequently. Two years ago WFP pulled out of Islamist-controlled southern Somalia after the rebels demanded cash payments and other concessions.

Sadly people are dying daily, children are malnourished, living conditions are truly unbelievable and the constant threat of danger is constantly on the minds of Somalis.

The Los Angeles Times article goes into great detail about the conditions over in Somalia and what everyone is planning to do to help the situation. It is truly devastating and hard to think that so many people are suffering and very few people are willing to help due to the fear of being injured, themselves.


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