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[VIDEO] Two-Year-Old Makena Covers Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’

While I’m definitely sick of hearing Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’, I didn’t mind this rendition. Don’t get me wrong, I love Adele and think her album is great, but hearing it on the radio nearly everyday is beginning to be obnoxious. Makena is great for only being two-years-old and is definitely deserving of all the recognition she’s been getting.

The cover for Adele's single Make You Feel My Love


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[VIDEO] One-Year-Old Drummer: Amazing

Screen shot 2012-03-06 at 11.57.48 AM

Video: Toddler Jams On The Drums

[VIDEO] 5-Year-Old Black Comedian, Zay Zay

Screen shot 2012-02-27 at 4.15.52 PM

Zay Zay is by far one of the cutest kids I have seen and although his jokes may be written by someone else, his execution is funny and adorable. This is Zay Zay’s schtick which explains how it is to grow up black. Funny. Adorable. Worth watching.


Holy Shit! These Polar Bear Twin Cubs Are Even MORE Adorable!


I never knew I wanted a polar bear cub until a few weeks ago when I wrote about Siku, the abandoned cub that was one of the cutest fucking things I have ever seen. Until now. These TWIN polar bears are so damn cute.

These cute little bears, that will someday be capable of tearing my body into multiple pieces, are still unnamed. Both were born on October 14th at the LHT Pole Aquarium in China. The Finnish government donated a pair of polar bears to China, which has led to three litters of bear cubs, the twins being their third.

The two month old male twins now weigh 9.7kg and 9.1kg respectively and are just learning to crawl. Eventually they will weigh between 350 to 680kg


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[VIDEO] Pig And Dog: Playing Together

YouTube -

For more information about Hillside Animal Sanctuary please see http://www.hillside.org.uk/
Piggy (Tabitha) and Puggy (Susie) the boxer playing together at Hillside. We thought this would be nice for everybody to see, especially our supporters who sponsor Susie at Hillside. Susie was an ex breeding dog, rescued from a Welsh puppy farm. The owner was successfully prosecuted for keeping dogs in attrocious conditions. See link below for details
To sponsor a dog at Hillside please click http://www.hillside.org.uk/acatalog/copy_of_Adoptions.html

While I try to stay away from these cutsie videos, for some reason today, I just keep coming across them. I’ve also wanted a mini pig and to see how adorable this one while playing with a dog has just heightened my admiration for pigs.

Anyway, if you don’t like watching animals that are such opposites getting together and just fucking around, then I apologize for wasting your time. I personally feel we could learn a lot from this and apply it to how we interact with people…from other countries/neighborhoods/classes.

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[VIDEO] Cat Calms Baby To Sleep

YouTube -

Our cat Stewie helps put our new baby Connar to sleep… cutest bit is right at the end!

Aaron Grant, 35, is from Canada and is the father of baby Connar. He is also the one who is responsible for posting this video on YouTube and in turn attracting nearly 70,000 views since September.

[VIDEO] ‘My Grandpa Al Reacts To Dubstep’

YouTube -

My 90 year old grandpa and grandma listen to Skrillex for the first time, and this is their reaction.
Then I showed them some Foster the People, and the dancing was so priceless that i had to include it.

I like dubstep, but it’s not my favorite. A lot of commenters have been saying that this is “brostep” and not dubstep. Ok then, sorry.

The beatles stuff is my dad’s, he’s a baby boomer. I love the Beatles, but they’re a bit too recent for grandpa.

Contacting purposes: TheRedGibson22@gmail.com

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[UPDATED] [VIDEO] NEW Khaliyl Video! Khaliyl Iloyi Rapping At 2-Years-Old With Alim Kamara

Khaliyl’s father, Femi,  just sent me the new video of the youngster, that i must admit, is just as good! This little man is so damn adorable and obviously gets his musical talents from both his mother and father. For more videos, please visit their YOUTUBE channel.

YouTube -

Khaliyl Iloyi rapping like his mother Roucheon Iloyi. Like mother like son. His father Femi Iloyi aka smooflow is in a group with Roucheon and together they are called Royal Priesthood. www.feromedia.co.uk

This kid is absolutely adorable. Yes, he isn’t necessarily saying anything, but he is going with the flow and looks as if he understands the way to rap. Unfortunately, he’s only 2-years-old and speaking is something that’s new to him. At his rate though, by 4-years-old, he’ll be the next Lil’ Bow Wow.

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[VIDEO] Italian Kid Loves Led Zeppelin! So Adorable!

I can’t get enough of kids who have great taste in music! This little guy knows what music he likes and doesn’t favor his own Italian music, but rather, the great Led Zeppelin.

italian kid loves led zeppelinla versione completa

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VIDEO: Webcam 101 For Seniors…

This is the epitome of the older generation trying to make sense of the technological advances we have made in the most recent years. It is also the most reality I have seen awhile, despite having an overwhelming amount of reality television shows plaguing the media right now. This man and woman are both so typical yet amazing. Enjoy!

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