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[VIDEO] SIKU: Abandoned Polar Bear Cub Being Adorable


Siku is currently being hand-reared in Denmark, after the mother failed to produce enough milk for the poor cub.

Siku, whose name means ‘ice’ in the Inuit language Iñupiaq, will be looked after by his three carers at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Denmark until he is a year old.

Happy Holidays and think of others who are less fortunate.


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Dog Leaps From 3rd Story Window After Being Abandoned There For 2 Months


A miraculous story about a one-year-old female Pit Bull has surfaced from Buzzard’s Bay, Boston and has led to a search for the two tenants who previously lived in the apartment that hosted the female dog and her 4-month-old puppy. Both dogs were left in the apartment as early as 2 months prior, without food or water.

After starving for too many months, the one-year-old decided to leap 3 stories below in search of food. Although she did break her hip and back, she received immediate surgery and is expected to fully recover thanks to the vets at a nearby Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists.

Four-Month-Old Pup

Both dogs are under care and being treated for malnutrition, but are luckily in the hands of people who care and are encouraged to help due to their amazing story. The police in New Bedford are also investigating this as well as the Animal Rescue League officials.

Animal Control Officer Emanuel Maciel described the apartment, saying: ‘It was flea infested. The third floor was flea infested – feces all over the floor. 

‘Urine spots all over the floor, same thing on the first floor it was devastating to see the conditions these animals were living.’

Jennifer Wooliscroft, director of communications for the Animal Rescue League of Boston, told the Boston Globe: ‘We see this too much. 

‘These dogs are often so resilient and nice when they really have no reason to be nice at all.’


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