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[VIDEO] The Place, NYC: The WORST Restaurant Advertisement Ever Made


While I hate to bash anyone who is trying to promote their business and way of providing income for themselves, I can’t even lie about  this advertisement being bad. I have no idea whether the food is good, and to be quite honest, I don’t care. This video ad seems like five minutes of a very bad movie that was intended to be “like” a documentary. Not to mention, the lead (or the male customer who comes in with his wife) is CLEARLY gay. Sure, it seems like a great place; But it was too hard to even think about whether I wanted to go here when all I cared about is asking these people what they were thinking when they agreed to take part.


That shit cracks me up, every time. I’m assuming that the intent of this video was to be so awful and funny that it went viral. And if that is the case, this was a genius marketing technique. Either way, great sketch ha.

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[VIDEO] Idiot Loses Toe After Pulling Butter Prank on… Himself.

Screen shot 2012-04-23 at 2.25.30 PM

Looking for clips all day for clip shows is what I do for a living, and looking for pranks is something I am familiar with. More often than not I see things go wrong rather than right. Fortunately for this guy, the prank failed, but he’s secured himself a viral worthy video. Was it worth it? Doubtful. The price of hospital visits cost more than what you would have gotten paid if that were to have been a success…


And seeing as the title says a man loses his toe, I think that should be warning enough that the video is graphic.

YouTube: L.a. Beast tries to carry a boat load of birthday presents in a full speed sprint through a butter filled kitchen floor and ends up in the hospital. WARNING: 2 min in you will see exactly why.


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[VIDEO] Girl Gets Her Ass Kicked on Her Own Front Porch


Holy shit! This is by far one of the craziest fights I have seen. The girl, victim, literally has no chance against her attacker. I’m still in shock…

Thursday 4Play: Text From Dog

textfromdog Tumblr is absolutely hilarious and is beginning to go viral. Here are just four of the best photos that they have:


Hilary Clinton Has a Great Sense of Humor

Hilary Clinton has recently seen the meme‘s of her image on the cell phone that have gone viral on the internet, and decided she wanted to get in on the joke. (To see them, click HERE). The Secretary of State invited the creators of the Texts From Hilary Tumblr, Adam Smith and Stacy Lambe, to her office and wanted to give them a meme that she had created.

Nice to see someone in politics with such a great sense of humor.

The site's creators, Stacy Lambe (left) and Adam Smith (right), met with Mrs Clinton (center) on Tuesday to talk about the Tumblr

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[UPDATE] Drunk Woman Attacks Local Restaurant Man With Stiletto and Cracks His Skull (San Francisco)


UPDATE: April 11th, 2012 @ 1:05 PM – The suspect has been identified thanks to the internet and social networking. The police are moving forward with an investigation and updates will follow if I hear any more information in regards to the situation and/or the suspect’s name. 

Matt Meidinger, the general manager at Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen and the former manager at Clock Bar is trying to find a belligerently drunk woman who slammed her stiletto onto his head before fleeing the scene in a cab. You would think everything would be fine, but Meidinger spent the night in the Emergency Room (or at least he tweeted that he did) on Saturday evening. He also stated that the reason for his ER visit was because the drunk blonde “cracked [his] skull”. 

Grub Street contacted the victim, Matt Meidinger, who wrote into them and explained his side of the story, which happened outside the Balboa Café, and in front of several witnesses.

We wrapped up our one beer at Balboa and walked out to try and grab a cab. While standing there a woman (who I understand to have also just left Balboa) bent down to take off her black Louboutin‘s and put on flip flops for the trip home. As she was doing this (in the middle of a very busy sidewalk) a man passing by accidentally kicked one of her shoes. Not down the street or anything, just bumped it with his own shoe. She started yelling at him and as he turned around to apologize with his hands already up in the air a good sized man with her punched him! I was standing a few feet away and watched the whole thing happen. I spoke up and said, “Whoa! Take it easy! Kicking a shoe doesn’t equal a punch in the face, Louboutin’s or not!” As the guy turned around to tell me to mind my own business the woman ran up and said, “Yes, it does!” and came down on top of my head with her heels. Blood immediately started pouring down the left side of my face so I pulled out my phone and called the police. At that point another of her guys (she was with two men, both early 30′s between 6’2″ and 6’5″, 230-260lbs) ran over and told me to get off the phone. I said no and started to back away. He then punched me, grabbed my phone from me and threw it across the street. A random man on the street ran up and gave me his phone at that time insisting that I call the police back (This guy stayed the whole time, gave a thorough statement and did all he could to help. I don’t know his name, but I owe him a big thank you). At this point the two guys had both started fights with my two friends while I was running around on a strangers phone with the police while trying to keep an eye on the woman who was frantically running away. In the confusion, all three of them got away before the police had a chance to arrive.

Obviously, he is trying to find any information he cane, because someone has to cover the hospital bill as well as take responsibility for cracking a guy’s skull with her damn stiletto. It’s pretty impressive that she was able to hit him so hard, considering how drunk (according to many) she was. If you have any information at all, let Meidinger know, you can  Contact him here. He’s offering a $500 reward.


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[VIDEO] Crazy: Man Almost Runs Into Bear While Texting and Walking


Texting is dangerous! There are car accidents, people walking into fountains, and now a man coming face to face with a bear?! Holy shit. This is exactly why I will be buying Google’s ‘Project Glass’ glasses and avoid car crashes, falling into fountains and bear interactions.

YouTube: ‘La Crescenta resident Vaz Terdandenyan is texting and walking when he comes face to face with a bear.’


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[VIDEO] Google’s ‘Project Glass’ Demo


This is the first look at Google’s ‘Project Glass’ which would implement a contemporary eyewear that also functions as a full social media connection. Here, you see what Google hopes the glasses will be implemented into the daily lives of those who use them. If the functionality is as fluid as this video makes it seem, I will most certainly be purchasing a pair of these…without a doubt. Luckily, it is assumed that they will be premiering later this year, well, in beta form, that is.

People who’ve actually seen the glasses told  The New York Times that they will create a new layer for the Internet where companies can stream digital advertising possibly even layered over competitors’ real world ads. The Times also speculated how facial recognition may play a role in the glasses’ core functions, matching peoples’ faces with social network profiles for instant connections between new acquaintances.

Making these glasses a reality will most certainly give Apple someone to compete with and bring most of society into a new age, simliar to that of the cartoon, ‘The Jetsons‘. In fact, this is far beyond what I could have imagined being the reality while I was alive, but it is 100%, something I am excited to incorporate into my life. While technology can inhibit us, it can also give us advantages and simplicity that we couldn’t have dreamt of obtaining. Rather than encouraging laziness by allowing us to sit at home on the computer and removing the idea of detaching from social situations to communicate via a mobile device , it provides a more seamless connection to the internet that gets people out and about and doing things they may have forgotten they enjoyed, during the sitting social media age.


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[PHOTOS] Parents I Admire…

Seeing as Thursday 4Play isn’t for another couple of days, and I can’t narrow the photos down to just four… I’ve chosen to go ahead and dedicate this post to the world’s worst parents.


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Thursday 4Play: FaceBook Grammar

I am aware that everyone makes mistakes, including myself, but it seems that once people decide to post something on FaceBook, they forget everything they had been taught in school about spelling and grammar. The reason for today’s Thursday 4Play came about thanks to a friend of mine on FaceBook, who posted this: “Can I just when the lotto already???” Sadly, I’m afraid that someone who spells one of the most simple words in the english dictionary incorrectly, WILL be the person to inherit around half a billion dollars. Spelling incorrectly doesn’t make you look cool. Bad grammar is noticed and mocked. Is it really that hard to write correctly???

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