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[VIDEO] Samuel L. Jackson “WAKE THE FUCK UP” OBAMA AD 2012

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[VIDEO] Drive Thru Static Shock Prank: The New Coning, Also Much Better

Screen shot 2012-09-25 at 3.41.44 PM

I loved the coning videos when they first came out, but this is by far the most genius prank that has been done in quite some time! What a clever prank with hilarious reaction!


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[VIDEO] Prank: Boxes Of Apple’s iPhone 5 Are Dropped In Front On People Waiting In Line…

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watch what happens when you drop boxes of brand new iPhone 5s in front of hundres of customers camped out for days to be the first to get a new iPhone 5

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Alex Goyette – Director / Prankster
Michael Rowland – Camera Operator 1
Brian Mitchell – Camera Operator 2
Ian Start – Camera Operator 3

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[VIDEO] Sarah Silverman | Let My People Vote 2012 – Get Nana A Gun


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The Most Devoted Pet: German Shepherd Stays By His Dead Owner’s Grave For 6 Years


DailyMail -

A faithful dog has refused to leave the side of his dead master’s grave for six years, it was reported today. German shepherd, Capitan, ran away from home after the death of Argentinian, Miguel Guzman, in 2006. A week later, Mr Guzman’s family went to pay their respects and found the heartbroken pet sitting by his owner’s grave, wailing.

 Since then the grieving dog has rarely left the spot at the cemetery in the town of Villa Carlos Paz, central Argentina. Mr. Guzman bought Capitan as a present for his 13-year-old son, Damian, in 2005. Damian’s father died suddenly in March the next year, but by the time his family had returned home from the funeral, Capitan was gone.

‘We searched for him but he had vanished. We thought he must have got run over and died.

‘The following Sunday we went to the cemetery and Damian recognised his pet. Capitan came up to us, barking and wailing, as if he were crying.’

‘We had never taken him to the cemetery so it is a mystery how he managed to find the place.

‘We went back the next Sunday, and he was there again. This time, he followed us home and spent a bit of time with us, but then went back to the cemetery before it started getting dark.

‘I don’t think he wanted to leave Miguel on his own at night.’

The cemetery’s director Hector Baccega remembers the day he first saw the dog.

‘He turned up here one day, all on his own, and started wandering all around the cemetery until he eventually found the tomb of his master.

‘During the day he sometimes has a walk around the cemetery, but always rushes back to the grave. And every day, at six o’clock sharp, he lies down on top of the grave stays there all night.’


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Samsung’s Hialrious Sense of Humor: Pays Apple $1 Billion in 5 Cents Coins


UPDATE: Okay, while I wish this story was true, it unfortunately, is not. This rumor started spreading yesterday and has since been debunked as a troll. The post, as far as I can tell, was originally posted HERE, a Mexican site that is similar to The Onion. In fact, I don’t believe we have enough nickels in circulation to even make this possible. At the very least, this was a very funny story that I wish were true. It’d be nice to have someone give Apple a little ass kickin’

Original story below:

Apple was surprised when they had over 30 trucks pull up to their headquarters in Cupertino, CA this morning. The security team had initially thought that the trucks were there by mistake, but shortly after their arrival, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) received a call from Samsung CEO that explained they would pay $1 billion dollars for the fine recently ruled against the South Korean company, in this way.

The document which was signed never expressed which method of payment Samsung CEO must use to deliver the funds, so he decided to give Apple a taste of their own medicine. Apple will now have to waste time, money and resources counting the money and ensuring it is has all been accounted for. Along with that, they must find a bank that is willing to take such an interesting deposit.

Lee Kun-hee, Chairman of Samsung Electronics, told the media that his company is not going to be intimidated by a group of “geeks with style” and that if they want to play dirty, they also know how to do it.

You can use your coins to buy refreshments at the little machine for life or melt the coins to make computers, that’s not my problem, I already paid them and fulfilled the law.



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[VIDEO] Chick-Fil-A Lover Speaks Eloquently About The Controversial Situation And How She No Longer Supports Them

Screen shot 2012-07-26 at 1.03.46 PM

JacksonAPearce (YouTube handle) wrote:

The long and short of it– on 8/1 (the day Mike Huckabee wants Chick-Fil-A supporters to patronize the restaurant) go to Chick-Fil-A. Ask for a large water and nothing else. See if they adhere to Proverbs 25:21 and give it to you. If they do, yay! You took a few cents from their hate fund! If they don’t, well…I guess they’re proving their principals aren’t so “biblical.”
If you’re in, pass the word on, please. #Proverbs2521

Also, while I consider myself well-versed in the Bible, Bradley Hartman saved me EPIC AMOUNTS OF TIME by writing a very awesome open letter to Chick-Fil-A that helped me locate these passages. Many thanks.

With everything being said from both sides, I feel this was very well said. Do the right thing and don’t let Chick-Fil-A encourage hate and homophobia.

This YouTube user also had this to say:

My books:

A REALLY DELICIOUS make at home Chick-Fil-A recipe (called the Chick-Fil-Gay!):


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[VIDEO] NY Cripple Beggar Scams The Rich

It was upsetting to me earlier in the day when I heard that one of the victims from the mass shooting in Aurora, CO was planning on suing Warner Brothers because the movie ‘Dark Knight Rises‘ is too violent and led to this incident. I find it hard to believe that the person who went to see that movie now thinks it’s too violent and to blame for James Holmes’ actions. The fact that someone who was lucky enough to survive such a casualty, when others lost their lives, now wants to profit just because they can, is pathetic.

Well, like that victim, this woman is scamming the people of New York daily.

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“Thursday” 4Play: It’s Friday and Yesterday Felt Like Monday, So… Yeah


[VIDEO] Time capsule conversation: Jeremiah McDonald Talks To His 12-Year-Old Self Using a Video He Made TWENTY Years Ago


this video has began going viral, and because of that, I thought I would share it with all of you. Jeremiah McDonald is a 32-year-old man who appears to be having a conversation with himself, at the age of 12.

Jeremiah McDonald‘s endearing film shows him going 20 years back in time to speak to himself as a playful,  chubby-cheeked boy.

McDonald is from Portland, Maine and is receiving not only praise for this video, but also some skepticism. Many people believe he hired someone to play his 12-year-old self, while others realize he is a filmmaker and has the ability to edit a video from 20 years ago, that he made himself, with the newer video he recently filmed. Also, he made this video and most likely watched it a few times and decided what questions he could ask and what statements he could make that would make it appear that he was having the conversation with the boy from the older video. It’s not rocket science. In fact, how do you think reality television works? They arrange the footage they’ve captured in such a way that they can tell whatever story they choose to concoct.


The outrageously talented McDonald is an associated artist with the Comédie de Caen theatre in Normandy, France.



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