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Baby Dies Of Malnourishment After Being Fed Soy Milk And Apple Juice From Vegan Parents

After reading more about this case, it has less to do with them being Vegan and a whole hell of a lot to do with them being bad parents. If the baby was being fed sufficiently, then he wouldn’t have died weighing only 3 pounds. Although apple juice and soy milk is not a normal baby food, you would still think that if their son was wasting away, they would take him to the doctor and figure out the issue.

The Full story from Dailymail -

A Vegan couple who only fed their newborn son soy milk and apple juice have lost out in their bid to have their murder convictions overturned.

Jade Sanders, 27, and Lamont Thomas, 31, had appealed against their conviction four years ago over the death of their six-week-old son who starved to death.

The Georgia Supreme Court upheld the murder conviction of the couple who claimed they were sticking to their beliefs over food.

Charged: Lamont Thomas (L) and Jade Sanders (R) had appealed against their conviction four years ago over the death of their six-week-old son

Charged: Lamont Thomas (L) and Jade Sanders (R) had appealed against their conviction four years ago over the death of their six-week-old son

Charged: Lamont Thomas (L) and Jade Sanders (R) had appealed against their conviction four years ago over the death of their six-week-old son

The two first-time parents had rushed their malnourished son Crown Shakur to hospital after he began to have trouble breathing in 2005.

Doctors declared him dead on arrival after failing to resuscitate him. 

An autopsy found his death was due to extreme malnourishment or starvation.

When police searched the couple’s flat in Fulton County, Georgia, they found a soy milk bottle, an apple juice bottle and a rancid-smelling baby bottle caked with debris.

Prosecutors said an investigation revealed the two, who lived a vegan lifestyle and ate no animal products, only fed their baby soy milk and apple juice, and had failed to seek medical treatment when their young son was wasting away.

Prosecutor Chuck Boring said during the trial no matter how many times they want to say, ‘”We’re vegans, we’re vegetarians,” that’s not the issue in this case. The child died because he was not fed. Period.’

Defence lawyers argued at the murder trial that they did not realise their baby was in danger.

At trial, Saunders claimed she also fed her son breast milk and soy milk formula, reports the Atlantic Journal-Constitution.

Tragic: The couple's son, Crown, weighed only three-and-a-half pounds when he died, aged six monthsTragic: The couple’s son, Crown, weighed only three-and-a-half pounds when he died, aged six months

‘I loved my son – and I did not starve him,’ Jade Sanders said at her May 2007 sentencing hearing.

According to authorities, the child died of bronchopneumonia due to extreme malnourishment or starvation.

The couple were found guilty of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

In her appeal, Sanders’ lawyer argued the evidence wasn’t strong enough to support the verdict.

And Thomas’ lawyer claimed his trial attorney was ineffective because he failed to call an expert to support his theory that his son’s death was linked to cystic fibrosis and not starvation.

The Supreme Court rejected the appeal unanimously and said the conviction was safe.

The 20-Year-Old Babysitter That Slept With The 14-Year Old Boy Reveals She Was In Love

Loni Bouchard was arrested on July 12th, after the 14-year-old’s parents discovered the relationship. Police were able to seize her journals and this is where some revealing information is brought to light.

Although Bouchard knew her actions were wrong, she believes that she is in love with the boy and age shouldn’t matter.She also expresses how great the sex was between the two of them, which pretty much seals her fate. She, feels much differently and is excited to find ‘the guy who treats me right.’

Here are some excerpts from the sad 20-year-old who fell in love with a child:

‘I don’t care about the law. I just want to be with him and not have to hide it.’

‘How can the law tell us who to fall for, who to like and who to love and especially who to date? I thought America was a free country.’

The boy’s mother had discovered that they were intimate due to messages that they were sending each other through FaceBook. Once Bouchard was aware that his mother was unhappy and going to take action, she decided to text her and see if they might be able to ‘work this out.’
She also allegedly told them they ‘don’t need to call the police’ and ‘let’s act like adults.’
After the parents filed a restraining order against Bouchard, she had much to say about it in her journal:
‘His mom absolutely HATES me because of the situation and I understand why, but she’s being immature about it.’
Sadly, she is obviously very immature and probably has the same mindset as the 14-year-old boy and I could see how she was confused about loving this boy. Her mother, Kimmy Bouchard,  was also arrested for providing marijuana and alcohol to the boy. Obviously, Loni doesn’t have the best example as a mother.  And if you’re going to act 14, stop having sex! When you’re 14 years old those relationships will MOST LIKELY be insignificant in the future. Unfortunately for Loni Bouchard, it will be extremely significant and the reason she’s serving time.
For more information, CLICK HERE

Scariest Mug Shot I Have Ever Seen!



AUGUSTA, MaineOne of three men charged in a triple-killing in western Massachusetts claimed to be a vampire and Satanist after an assault in which he licked a teenager’s blood in Maine. Caius Veiovis (KYE-us VAY-oh-veese), then known as Roy Gutfinski, served almost 7 1/2 years in prison in Maine for charges including elevated aggravated assault after he and his 16-year-old girlfriend cut a teenager’s back with a razor and kissed as they licked the blood. The 1999 injury required 32 stitches to close. The Kennebec Journal reported ( Gutfinski claimed to be a vampire and a Satan worshipper. His name was changed while in prison. He’s now one of three men charged in Massachusetts in a triple killing. His lawyer declined comment to The Associated Press during a court hearing Monday.

The Smoking Gun -

Meet Caius Veiovis.

The Massachusetts man, 31, and two cohorts are facing murder and kidnapping charges in connection with the deaths of three men, one of whom was expected to testify against one of the accused killers in an upcoming criminal trial.

Veiovis and his codefendants are connected to a Hells Angels chapter, according to investigators. The three men were scheduled to be arraigned this morning in District Court.

This is highly unattractive and from my understanding, serves absolutely no purpose. If anything, it seems to me that these bulges on his face would cause more damage if hit. Can anyone explain the purpose??

Amanda Knox is hopeful she will be coming home

Amanda Know, who is now 24, is very hopeful that she will be returning to the United States and released from the Italian prison where she is currently serving a 26-year sentence for the murder of her former roommate, Meredith Kercher. She has been heard making remarks about them finally believing her, which is a huge relief, I’m sure.

Knox and her boyfriend at the time, Raffaele Sollecito, now 27 were both convicted of the murder of Meredith Kercher. The victim, Kercher, was found half naked with her throat cut in a brutal death. Although both Knox and Sollecito had denied any involvement, investigators had believed they were acting oddly happy during the discovery and focused in on them as suspects.

The original evidence, two items that were found in the Kercher’s room, is what prosecutors had to go on as far as convicting both individuals. They have now found that not only is there a tremendous amount of evidence pointing in a different direction, the evidence they do have against Knox and Sollecito is now being seen as unreliable. In fact, other than those two items that are shaky evidence, there is nothing else to link the couple to to death of the Meredith Kercher.

There is another man, drifter rather, who has been linked to this case from the beginning. Unbelievably, there was a numerous amount of evidence built up against him, but it goes unrecognized by the courts. Not only was his semen found inside her vagina, but there was also a hand print of his on the wall in Meredith Kercher’s room that was made in the victim’s own blood.

While that may seem sufficient enough, there was also feces on toilet paper from the drifter, which was left next to an unflushed toilet. It’s as if he purposely left evidence at the scene of the crime. And the icing on the cake is what happened to him after Kercher was viciously murdered; He fled to Germany. It is ridiculous that two innocent individuals have been serving four years for a crime that was very obviously committed by someone else. And they knew who this someone else was! How absolutely awful.

Hoping for the best and vindication for Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito, and the families of all involved.


Whipped, forced to drink bleach and attacked with sex toy: Gang of seven tortured man for four days over rent payment

9967446W008 TORTURE_1_CONNORS.jpg

Dailymail -

A married couple who were part of a gang which tortured a man for four days and forced him to drink bleach are facing jail.

The 21-year-old victim became so desperate to end his ordeal that he begged his seven captors to kill him following a row over rent payments.

Lured: Sarah Wright lured the victim to the house prior to the attack

He was also handcuffed, whipped with a wet cane and had salt rubbed in the wounds, ordered to strip to his underwear, and told to roll over with his legs in the air like a dog.

He finally resorted to stabbing himself five times, puncturing a lung, leading his captors to eventually call for an ambulance to the house in Crawley, West Sussex.

The fact that seven people participated in this disturbing incident is rather pathetic. The fact that many of them were in their late 30′s and early 40′s, just goes to show that they were worthless pieces of shit that shouldn’t have been allowed to live that long. Another thing that was mentioned was the fact that a 20-year-old guy, Scott Smith, not only filmed and humiliated the victim, but he also invited a 13-year-old to join in on the brutal attack.

Even more so, I highly doubt this had anything to do with rent, but was a rather great excuse in their minds to torture and humiliate someone other than themselves since they’re all probably use to being humiliated. I wish there was a way to torment the shit out of these people while in prison because the normal abuse will most likely be tame for these sick fucks. I mean, their victim had to stab himself, almost to death, just to stay alive. And honestly, I’m sure his plan was to kill himself so that the torture would end. Thankfully, he’s okay and the abusers are all either, in prison, or will be on their way shortly.

[UPDATED] 25-Year-Old Mother Leaves Children Unsupervised To Have Sex With 13-Year-Old Neighbor

UPDATE: MAY 15th, 2012 @ 12:40 PM –  Amanda Ann Nabers admitted to the court that she left her children unattended to go next door and have sex with a 13-year-old boy. She was ordered Monday to serve deferred adjudication probation for aggravated sexual assault of a child. Although Prosecutors recommended prison time, she was let off easy. The good news is that she will be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life. Apparently the victim and victim’s family believed that she should only get probation, which played a role in the outcome of this ordeal.

Amanda Ann Nabers has gotten into some legal trouble after having been caught having an affair with her 13-year-old neighbor. Apparently, she left her own children to sleep with the child who lived next door.

The first time that Nabers and the young boy got together, she brought him Marijuana, Xanax, and Four Loco (an alcoholic energy drink that has made news itself actually). They continued their sexual relationship at least 4 or 5 times, according to the suspect, which I’m sure is a truthful answer.

She has been arrested for endangering her own children as well as aggravated sexual assault on a child. Nabers is being held on $50,000 bail at Bexar County Jail in San Antonio.

The best part of this story though is the fact that Dailymail was able to go to her facebook page and find a status update of hers that the believe was in regards to her relationship with the 13-year-old neighbor boy

And on New Year‘s Eve she wote: ‘hey i hope everyone has a gr8t New Year like me lol Be safe anD dont forget to use a condom lmao!!!!!’

Sadly I think the reason she was sleeping with the boy is because she, herself, acts 13. Based on the FaceBook posting above, she’s an immature teen girl who thinks the idea of sex is funny, even with having two children already. I’m sure when she gets sentenced and has to go to jail she’s going to wake up a whole hell of a lot. Even if you act like an idiotic 13-year-old doesn’t mean that you can sleep with one when you’re 25…that’s called rape. Sorry Ms. Nabers and good luck in jail.


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DA: Yogurt store owner put naked employee in box

ALHAMBRA, Calif. — The owner of a Southern California yogurt shop has been charged with attacking an employee, removing her clothes, binding her with tape and locking her in a box.

Los Angeles County prosecutors say Robert Yachen Lee allegedly attacked the woman Wednesday morning after luring her into an upstairs storage room at the Monterey Park shop. The woman blacked out. When she woke up she was naked, except for an adult diaper, bound with tape with a collar around her neck and lying face down in a box that had been placed in a soundproofed storage room.

The woman managed to free herself and call police.

Lee was charged Friday with kidnapping to commit rape and attempted murder. He’s being held on $10 million bail.

Copyright 2011 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

I really wish there was more to this story because I am left insanely confused. First of all, why the hell did he put a diaper on her? Was he planning on leaving her in there for awhile and didn’t want her to pee in the box? Because that just seems odd. I mean, kidnapping an employee, stripping them and keeping them as a pet in a box is pretty fucking odd too, but what purpose does the diaper serve?

Also, how was she bound? Because she was obviously able to get out pretty easily. Where were you while she was making this escape Mr. Lee? You kidnap someone and then just leave? I need to know more. I am unsatisfied, disturbed, and very confused.

Regardless, you’re a sick piece of shit and I hope to God that while you’re in jail on that $10 million (holy *%$*@&^$ shit!) bond, that you decide to come clean and answer some of the questions I have asked. And, I hope that you’re ass gets raped so hard that you’re forced to wear an adult diaper. Why? You tell me.


Man Notices Men Burglaring His Home From A Plane

Steven Lynn from Arkansas had decided to go up and take some aerial views of his house. Why? Who the hell knows. Anyway, while up taking photos, he realized that there were two men loading his stuff into a trailer that was connected to a truck. Seems very ironic that while taking aerial photos, two men happened to burglar his home.

Lynn was shocked that they were so blatanly obvious, even with an aircraft hovering over head. He told The Jonesboro Sun, ’It didn’t seem to faze them that we were buzzing over in an airplane; we got down pretty low.’ During this time, he figured he should notify authorities and so he called 911 as well as an Uncle of his that lived nearby.

After the Uncle arrived, the two suspects drove away, but were followed. The Uncle was able to give the Wheaton police step by step directions, and eventually led to the suspects being arrested.

The two men in the truck, Roosevelt Smith III and Joseph Peel, both of Jonesboro, now face burglary and theft charges.

Most of the items were recovered, although there are a few that have yet to be found.
Lynn said after talking to deputies, he realized a next-door residence he also owns had also been burglarized with several new ceiling fans, tools and copper wire missing.

Pregnant mother-of-two arrested on maternity ward for sending pictures of friend’s naked toddler to paedophile

I have lost faith for society after reading this story. Susan Smith, 42, thought it would be a wonderful idea to send the photo of her friend’s naked 3-year-old daughter, to a man who had known sex offenses. The fact that a mother of two, with one on the way, would be trying to make a man happy, whose happiness comes from naked CHILDREN. She even told police that she sent the photo ‘to arouse him because he liked that kind of stuff’. 

This pervert will never like you, he likes children and your condoning this sick behavior. Then you want to bring him into a home with three small children?! He is interested in your kids and willingness to allow this. The judge, Judge Beverley Crown Court, felt the same way and told her that ‘(She) put the interests of a paedophile before the welfare of a three-year-old child.’ Fortunately, she was sentenced to 2 years due to the nature of the crime and her situation, as far as being a mother and having a child on the way.

While in police custody, she gave birth to the baby. Thankfully, she’s behind bars and all children are safely away from her. Smith must also register on the sex offenders list and will not be able to have unsupervised contact with anyone under the age of 16. Thank goodness that justice is served…every once in awhile.


Mother ‘bludgeoned daughters 7 and 4 to death with a hatchet after failed pregnancy’


A mother of two is being treated in hospital after bludgeoning her young daughters to death with a hatchet before attempting to kill herself, police said.

Naiyana Patel, 33, is said to have killed her daughters, aged seven and four, then tried to take her own life after a failed pregnancy.

The bloodbath at the family’s home in Asheville, North Carolina, was discovered by her husband Lalji Patel, who found his daughters dead and wife injured on Saturday.

Bloodbath: Lalji Patel is said to have found his wife injured and two daughters dead after she bludgeoned them with a hatchetBloodbath: Lalji Patel is said to have found his wife injured and two daughters dead after she bludgeoned them with a hatchet


Evidence: A pair of sandals can be seen outside the house in Asheville, North Carolina, where Naiyana Patel is said to have butchered her two young daughtersEvidence: A pair of sandals can be seen outside the house in Asheville, North Carolina, where Naiyana Patel is said to have butchered her two young daughters


Family business: The Patels were said to have owned the nearby Ash Pantry Food Store in Biltmore VillageFamily business: The Patels were said to have owned the nearby Ash Pantry Food Store in Biltmore Village

Investigators say Patel had tried to kill herself by using the hatchet to repeatedly strike herself in the head.

Mr Patel then came home to the horrific scene hours later after leaving work at Ash Pantry Food Store, the family-run convenience store in nearby Biltmore Village.

It is unclear whether Patel had suffered from a miscarriage or had an abortion when she reportedly killed daughters Jiya and Piya.

The mother-of-two was being treated for depression after her pregnancy did not reach the full term, according to reports.

She has since received surgical treatment at Mission Hospital, North Carolina, and is expected to make a full recovery.

Neighbour James Ratcliff told Fox News Carolina: ‘I’ve always stopped there [at the store], pretty much every day, and I talk to them, and to hear the kids in there, laughing and playing… to go by there this morning not to hear it, it’s… it’s sad.

Sameer Lakhani, a friend of the Patel family, told WYFF TV that he 'could not sleep at night' thinking about what had happened.Sameer Lakhani, a friend of the Patel family, told WYFF TV that he ‘could not sleep at night’ thinking about what had happened.


Describing the moment Mr Patel came home to discover his daughters dead, another neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, said she heard a ‘bloodcurdling scream’.

She said: We saw the father get out and get on his [moped] and leave, and as he went by he waved, very friendly, and then he left, and about, ten minutes after that, we heard these blood curdling screams. It was awful.

‘It was terrible. And, I just knew there was something wrong. As a mother, I knew there was something wrong, those screams were not just, you know, crying.’

Sameer Lakhani, a friend of the Patel family, told WYFF TV that he ‘could not sleep at night’ thinking about what had happened.

Ltnt Wallace Welch, interim chief of police, said officers were unsure whether Naiyana Patel had either had a miscarriage or an abortion.

He told WYFF TV: ‘Certainly, we’ve had speculation that there is either an elective abortion or a miscarriage – we’re not quite sure which.

‘There are larger definitions of what you consider right and wrong in her mental state and her capacity at the time of the incident.’

Ltnt Welch said they are giving the girls’ distraught father some space for now. Police investigators said the crime has been difficult even for the officers involved.

Ltnt Welch added: ‘Over years, we get pretty good at just compartmentalizing these kinds of things — shoving them away for another day. This one wasn’t going in that box.’

Relatives of Mr Patel are planning a funeral for the two girls, which will take place on Thursday.

No condition was available for Naiyana Patel. She remains hospitalized at Mission Hospital after undergoing surgery.

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