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FDA Approves Cure For The Hangover Epidemic: Who Said Hangovers Should Stop You

Many of us are very familiar with a hangover. In fact, I know that just about all of my fiends are hung over as I’m writing this article. I can remember my first ever hang over (back in high school regardless of it being illegal) and it was just about the worst experience of my life.

My head felt like there were creatures crawling around inside, my stomach was a battleground, and even the thought of getting off the couch literally made me cower with fear. If someone were to tell me I could cure all of these symptoms and get out there to enjoy Saturday night, I probably would have contemplated a thank you fuck.

Luckily, for those of you who love to get absolutely wasted without the consequences, there is a cure!

The FDA has officially approved an over-the-counter drug called Blowfish, which contains 1,000 milligrams of aspirin, 120 milligrams of caffeine and a stomach-soothing agent in the form of two dissolving tablets. The new drug is taken like Alka-Seltzer and is said to help ease hangover symptoms within as little as 15 to 30 minutes.

“So many people see hangovers as a shameful or embarrassing thing. I think of them as just a fact of life,” said Brenna Haysom, the creator of Blowfish through the West Village-based Rally Labs LLC.


“The magic of the effervescent tablet is that it hits your system much faster than getting a cup of coffee, taking an antacid and taking some aspirin separately,” she said.

The remedy doesn’t give free reign to binge, however. “I definitely don’t encourage people to get obliterated,” warned Haysom, who has been hung up on hangovers since college.


“This is a really effective product for people who have a couple too many: A happy hour that goes a little long, or holiday parties are a perfect example … and they wake up feeling terrible. This gets you functioning again quickly.”


Sadly, I don’t really know whether aspirin and caffeine is a good enough combination to fix the horrible effects of getting obliterated the night before, but it is a glimmer of hope. And if this in any way helps anyone be more productive, than hell, why not?!
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[VIDEO] Woman Tasered In Crotch After Rangers Discover She’s Transgendered

YouTube -

Accompanying article on LGBT Weekly ( by Autumn Sandeen (

Article excerpt:

…Standing, hands up in the air with no visible resistance to arrest, Ranger Petter tazed Brooke Fantelli in the abdomen. At slightly more than 50 seconds into the video, the ranger tazed her a second time — this time in the crotch.

Back when Brooke Fantelli was known as Rodd Fantelli, she was a well known off-road race driver who won numerous races. She owns Fantelli Racing Products in Ramona, a custom off-road fabrication shop with 20 years of fabrication and racing history — she’s still a well known figure in the off-road racing community.

Oct. 22 she was out in the Imperial County desert on federal land. With her were a long-time friend, a photographer, two models and a preteen who was a child of one of the models. They were out in the desert to take photos of the two models for their portfolios, and they were using one of Brooke’s trucks and the desert as the backdrop for the photos.

According to Brooke, a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) ranger by the name of Petter came by to see what the group was doing. Ranger Petter, in the process of finding out what they were doing, looked at the identification of all of the members of the group, and this is where the problems began…

While this article and video did shock me initially, I still feel we don’t have all the facts and I can’t really make an opinion. Although it’s not mentioned above, Fantelli did refuse to get on the ground (in the dirt), but had said that she would not resist arrest. Unfortunately, she was not given that chance and was instead tazed by Ranger Petter.

The fact that Brooke Fantelli was arrested for public intoxication worries me, mainly because when I was arrested for my DUI, I was convinced that it was still somehow the polices fault since I wasn’t really that drunk. According to her friends, she was not obviously intoxicated, but again, they are her friends.

Either way, someone did happen to pull out a camera because they had felt something unjust was about to happen; It’s not the first time police have been brutal to people based on their own beliefs and idea of morality. If for some reason this video is exactly as it seems and the rangers had no reason to taser the woman (who has her hands up to show cooperation, but at the same time refused to get on the ground), then I hope they get what they deserve. What they would deserve is to be tasered in the crotch and lose their jobs, but somehow, I don’t see that happening,


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Thumbs Up Mug Shot

I have to admit that I am pretty damn envious of this little bitch. First of all, she put up one hell of a fight during her arrest and then to top it off, she looked happy as hell in her mug shot. When I was arrested for my DUI (blessing is disguise), I pulled the typical ‘cry and beg’ act and acted like quite the pussy. I was also far less drunk than the woman in the above mug shot and felt that if I refused to be happy in my photo, I had somehow showed them. Wrong. Very wrong.

Michelle Watson, 24, had a rather intriguing Thursday night and I’m here to share with you her story. After getting ridiculously hammered, Watson decided it would be a good idea to hop into her Honda Civic and drive herself home.

According to cops in Prescott, Arizona, this young, drunk, woman had a large list of problems that led to her arrest; She allegedly:

* Hit “numerous curbs” and drove on the sidewalk

* Said, “I don’t have to walk fucking anywhere” when approached by a cop

* Shoved an officer after declining to take field sobriety tests

* Had to be taken to the ground while scuffling with a cop

* Kneed a second officer in the crotch while being handcuffed

* Repeatedly cursed at police

* Kicked the inside of a squad car

While taking her booking photo at the Yavapai County Jail, she was ballsy enough to give them one last ‘Fuck You’ and smiled like her life depended on it. She also threw up the double thumbs which made it seem as though she was thrilled with her accomplishments for that evening. And shockingly her blood alcohol level was THREE times the legal limit. Something tells me she’s familiar with getting plastered and driving a vehicle.

As detailed in a Prescott Police Department report, Watson was charged with aggravated assault on a cop, resisting arrest, and “DUI-super extreme.”



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[VIDEO] Man Trains Dog To Fetch Vodka: Most Practical Trick, Yet

I’m sure you’ve all seen those videos of dogs who can go get the newspaper, throw things away, etc., but there is nothing like a dog who can go and fetch you liquor. Think about it; When you’re too drunk to get off your lazy ass and go make yourself another drink, this would most definitely come in handy. We should all take something away from this and start training our animals to do practical tricks as opposed to that other shit that helps no one and just proves you have too much time on your hands.

U.S. Naval Security Force K-9 Unit training

Image via Wikipedia

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[VIDEO] Courtney Love Freaks Out On Stage Over Kurt Cobain Photo

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain obviously had their issues, but I’m still confused as to why she’s bitching about it to this day. Get off the drugs and deal with your fucking issues because most people are already sick of hearing you whine. The people who attended this “concert” were most likely bored and felt like getting out of the house. And what’s better than seeing Courtney Love, former wife of Kurt Cobain? See that. It’s still Kurt they respect and/or care about, not you.

Kurt Cobain

Cover of Kurt Cobain

She also digresses and talks about how she has to “deal” with his kid. That’s rather harsh, mom. And did you see that she appears to be disappearing? Where the fuck did her meat go? She’s all skin and bones. And I really hope she was wasted, otherwise she’s just a mess of an individual.


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Usually People Get Pissed That McDonald’s ISN’T Serving Breakfast…

Have you ever gotten up a little late on a morning after a night of heavy drinking? The only thing your mouth is watering for is Mickey D’s breakfast; Unfortunately, your drunk ass woke up too late and had to order off their lunch menu because you’re too sick to really go anywhere else.

Well, this woman went ape shit crazy after discovering that because it was 3:00am they were now only serving breakfast. She, unlike most drunken people, wanted those greasy fries and a hearty burger, but she was told that could not be done.

Shanaya Edgell, 22, began to act viciously when the food of her choice was not available.

(She) turned on her boyfriend, biting him on the lip and tearing off his shirt. At some point during her meltdown, Edgell climbed atop the roof of her 40-year-old beau’s car and launched into a loud diatribe about McDonald’s.

She was arrested for disorderly conduct and will now have a story about being so pissed about the McDonald’s breakfast controversy, that she was arrested. I must say I understand though, because it truly is disheartening when you have your mind-set on a particular fast food order, only to find out your need can’t be fulfilled.


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Teacher Packs 2 Beers And Plum In Lunchbox Before Crashing Her Car In School Lot

A teacher from Lee County was apparently under the influence when she had a minor crash in the parking lot of the Dunbar Middle School where she was currently employed. Christine Murgueytio was driving her white Kia when she hit another car that was parked in the school lot.

The SRO told deputies that Murgueytio might have been impaired because an eyewitness had said that she was stumbling and that her speech was “thick tongued.”

Ms. Murgueytio had told police that she was seemingly intoxicated due to the Ambien that she had taken the night before. After being asked to do a field sobriety test, the teacher agreed but asked that she be taken to the back lot where co-workers and students wouldn’t see this happening. Unfortunately, she failed all four tests and was taken into custody based upon those results.

And as the deputy was gathering her things from her car, according to the arrest report, he found two beer cans in her lunch box next to some uneaten plums.

This drunken teacher has also provided a urine sample that was placed into evidence and has bailed out on bond. Fortunately, this teacher was caught doing something most Americans can understand, being drunk. Unlike most of her peers who are sleeping with students these days, she seems rather tame.

She was just trying to keep her buzz on at school, hence the beers in her lunchbox. She only brought two, which I believe should be taken into consideration. I mean, hell, if that was me, I would have brought an entire 12-pack and possibly parked on top of another vehicle as opposed to having a minor accident.

Although, we could also choose to believe that Ms.Murgueytio was attempting to give her students a life lesson in drinking and driving and the repercussions of your actions. And for that, I was to applaud her actions.


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[VIDEO] Man Attacks Stranger With Machete Inside A Restaurant And Caught On Camera

WARNING: Graphic Content

New Jersey cops were trying to find three suspects who attacked innocent bystanders the other night, and had to ultimately use FaceBook to assist them in finding their suspects. The three men were caught on camera attacking two different men at a chicken shack back in September.

Tyree Seegers, 22, turned himself in on Wednesday, just five days after the Paterson police department’s Cease Fire Unit posted surveillance video of the ruthless attacks on its Facebook page, CBS New York reported.

Police say he couldn’t hide after the footage went viral.

“We turned to Facebook for help,” Paterson Police Capt. Heriberto Rodriguez told CBS. “Seegers turned himself in because he felt all this pressure from everywhere.”

The other two suspects are Omar Villota, 22, and Johel Gomez, 20, who were seen int he video pistol-whipping the victim who is trying to flee the scene and avoid being targeted. Luckily Seegers only managed to hit the victim one time, and also maimed his own friend during this attack, almost severing his hand.

The fact that this incident occurred around 4am leads me to believe the three men were intoxicated, and it’s quite disturbing that this is what they choose to do on a night out. First of all, why the hell are you carrying around a goddamn machete? That’s not a weapon you use to protect yourself with, and certainly shouldn’t be operated by a drunk angry idiot like Seeger. Pathetic. Luckily, the victims weren’t too badly injured and survived this vicious attack.


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Man Tried To Light Fiance On Fire After She Refused Him Money For Alcohol

The 31-year-old man from Orlando, Florida, John Luther, was apparently pissed that his fiance refused him money for more alcohol, and decided he would seek revenge.

Mr. Luther poured gas onto his fiance’s head before setting the pillow she was sleeping upon, on fire. If he thought that she would for some reason change her mind by being set on fire, he was wrong.

His fiancée was able to escape being burned and 31-year-old Luther beat out the flames with his hands before storming out of the house to go drinking.

His fiancée then fell asleep on the couch, and was later woken by Luther when he returned, who told her their home was on fire and full of smoke.

After police had arrived on the scene, they became suspicious of the circumstances due to the fact that the female smelled of gasoline. The woman was instructed to say nothing by her fiance who just attempted to kill her, but fortunately, the police still arrested Luther on suspicion of arson.

The story seems like it would end here, but shortly after he was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor burns to his hands, he tried to escape…twice.

The first time he was found by a nurse who followed a trail of blood left by his IV line and the second time police found him waiting for a taxi outside the hospital emergency room.

Police charged Luther with attempted first-degree murder, arson of a dwelling, and violation of probation on a previous conviction in Lake County for trafficking in stolen property. 

Court records show pasts arrests for domestic violence. Luther remains held without bail in the Orange County Jail.


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[VIDEO] 6,800 Bottles Of Wine Crash To The Floor After Shelves Collapse

A travesty has occurred at Superior Discount Liquors in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Wine fanatics, such as myself, might find this video troublesome to watch due to the large amount of wine that is now covering the floor in this large liquor store.

The shelf, 78ft long, suddenly became detached from the wall that it was anchored to, and the weight alone made it topple, bringing all of the bottles down as well. Although the managers at the store are claiming to be shocked and dumbfounded as to why this occurred, I would be willing to bet the fact that the shelves are 31 years old, was a contributing factor.

‘It just kept rolling away from the wall from front to back, and I was in disbelief. I didn’t know what to do or say. The whole thing only took 10 seconds,’ employee Peter Guske told a local ABC station.

Surprisingly, the employees got to cleaning up this sea of wine and didn’t even have to close down the store to do so. I wouldn’t want to risk staining my clothes and go into this store, I’d just stop by the local BevMo and get my wine. At least now they have a reason to order some new shelves.


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