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[VIDEO] Lasers: Not Used Just to Screw With Cats and Dogs


For some reason, sitting on your ass and watching cats and dogs struggle to catch the uncatchable (I know this isn’t a word) laser, is hilarious. I thought that was as good as it got, but fortunately, it gets better (and no, this is not a video explaining that being gay sucks now, but will eventually get better). Penguins are entertaining without doing a damn thing, but when they chase a laser around their sanctuary, it’s definitely more amazing than cats and dogs.

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Thursday 4Play: Tape

I am well aware that the title of this Thursday 4Play sounds rather lame. Unfortunately, I’m very busy and didn’t have time to think of a great theme, but I definitely laughed at these photos (maybe not too hard, but laughed nonetheless).

I’m rather annoyed that the photo above is grammatically incorrect, but you know what, I can’t do a damn thing about it.

Gotta love practical jokes on drunk, passed out friends….


Thanks for doing that, so we didn’t have to. Much appreciated.

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