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[VIDEO] Teacher Tells Student’s She’s Engaged to Jesus and That He Gave Her a ‘Special’ Eye


I’ve had teachers lose their minds in class, throw desks at students, Scream every curse word there is, but I have NEVER had a teacher tell me she plans to marry Jesus in heaven and that he gave her a special eye that allows Jesus to see what she sees. And quite frankly, I’m fucking pissed. This is one of the most amazing things to ever happen in High School. When I was trying to learn how to say ‘you are pretty’ in French (tu es jolie…that’s one thing that stuck), these assholes were getting a history lesson about Jesus from his FUTURE wife!

Imelda Paredes, 42-year-old Spanish teacher, confirmed that she was, in fact, the teacher at San Benito Veterans Memorial Academy  who was featured in the video.

The video, filmed by one of her students on Monday, shows Paredes begin a discussion about Jesus Christ and how he was in love with Mary Magdalene, a conspiracy theory popularized by Dan Brown’s fictional novel, The Da Vinci Code.

But the discussion soon turned bizarre when Paredes, who was speaking in Spanish during the majority of the 12-minute video, said that Mary Magdalene is not dead but instead reincarnated in different people.

“Soy yo (It is I),” Paredes said in Spanish, claiming she was the reincarnated Mary Magdalene and that Jesus Christ, who she claimed was in love with her, was planning on taking her to another planet where they would marry and conceive a child.

“I haven’t seen him (Jesus), but he talks to me every day,” Paredes said in the video. “He calls me, and he just recently promised me that he’s coming soon for me and for the good people to take us to the heavens, where I’ll have his baby. I have my husband here, but I don’t know what’s going to happen to him. My husband is Jesus Christ, and he is the one I want to marry.”

A student then asked his teacher, “How can you prove that you are who you say you are?” Paredes replied, “If you look at my eyes, one of my eyes is not mine.” She was referring to an earlier discussion in which she claimed Jesus Christ loved Mary Magdalene so much that he gave her one of the pupils from his eyes.

“Is there anybody that wants to see Jesus?” Paredes continued. “He’s watching you.”

As if that’s not creepy enough, she proceeds to take off her shoes and play music from her desk, where she stood motionless for some time. A couple of students were so creeped out that they went and told some other authorities at the school.

Once clear she was not fit to conduct an interview, the News asked her husband, Adrian Paredes, to speak on her behalf. He said, “I feel that my wife does care a lot about her students, and she loves working in San Benito. There’s really nothing else to say except to please respect my family’s privacy.”

Although she was once named Teacher of the Year in 2007, she has had some incidences that students reported. She is now on leave and will be reviewed before being allowed to return to the classroom.


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[VIDEO] ‘Storage Wars’ is Fake

Screen shot 2012-05-17 at 10.01.01 AM

I work in and watch a shit ton of television, so I know well enough that most of the shows I watch are fake. Hell, most of the shows out there are fake, at least to some degree. With that being said, I love how pissed off this guy is and also how proud he is after catching this slip up.


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