Mom Admits Burning Son’s Genitals With Flat-iron


Jodi Rock is a 19-year-old mother who severely abused her 13-month-old son the other day, by burning his genitals with a flat-iron and being the cause of broken bones.

On April 26, police arrived at the Tahlequah City Hospital in Oklahoma, where a baby boy was being treated for several broken bones and severe burns to his genital area. Police say that when they arrived at the hospital, the baby appeared to be “glassy eyed” and “withdrawn.”

Initially, Rock had fabricated many stories to explain the abuse and even explained that her aunt, uncle and boyfriend were to blame. Shortly after, the mother then confessed to “burning [the baby] with a flat-iron hair straighter… she then said she took and closed the iron [on the baby’s] private parts”, as stated in the arrest affidavit. She then continued and explained that where his genitals were burnt “raised in a white blister which fell off.”

As far as how the child’s arms had broken, Rock said that she or her boyfriend could be responsible because “both play rough with him…pulling him up by the arms and throwing him up in the air and on the bed.”

The baby has been taken out of his mother’s custody and was immediately placed with DHS, while in the hospital being treated for the injuries his mother inflicted.

She is currently being held on a $200,000 bond at the Cherokee County Detention Center on charges of felony injury to a child.



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