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Thursday 4Play: NOT The Biggest Loser

It’s Thursday (barely) and I wanted to be sure to share some humorous photos. It’s late and frankly, these photos made me laugh.

Those poor training wheels

The Weight of Phin, FFG: Essays, Stories & Journals


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[VIDEO] Guy Jumps Into 1 on 1 Girl Fight and Knocks Girl Out

This guy is a damn fool. I’m sorry but if you’re a guy who’s going to jump in on a girls’ 1 on 1 fight, it better be to break them apart and not get involved. Knocking out a girl (which is not manly or impressive at all) because she’s beating the girl you obviously support is pathetic. Grow some balls and act like a man.

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[VIDEO] Lola, The Husky, Plays with a Manatee

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[VIDEO] Girl Hits Herself With Car… After Jumping on Vehicle

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When you’re drunk and dancing in the street at Palmer Festival, I guess this is the kind of thing that seems like a logical idea. The best thing has to be that her drunk, cocky attitude has diminished and been replaced with embarrassment. Lucky for her, the car was going at a ridiculously slow speed. Ironically, it didn’t really look like it based on how she hit that car and dropped to the ground.

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[VIDEO] Voyeurism While Working


This video would NOT be as good without the original poster commentating, and doing a great job at that. I love how the coons decided that they should continue on with their business despite being ‘caught in the act’.

New Drinking Game: Possum


Students in Dunedin, New Zealand, are responsible for this new drinking game, which is rather simple.

Called possum, the game has quite simple rules: you sit in a tree and drink until you fall out of it.

I am not kidding. This is seriously what people are doing; Getting drunk off their asses and, at some point, falling from a tree to the ground below. The last person to be sitting in the tree, wins. I wonder, though, whether they have to bring their drinks up with them or if people will supply them with booze, as they go? It is boring? Waiting to get shitfaced can be, even in the comfort of one’s own home. At least at my place I have a comfortable bathroom.

I’m going to create an American version: Couch potato. In my game, you sit on the couch and consume ridiculous amounts of alcohol until you either fall from the couch or have to get up and use the restroom.

According to a report in the Otago Daily Times, staff at the city’s botanic gardens raised the alarm after noticing “an increase in possum” activity.

If you’d still rather play Possum than couch potato, then I wish you the very best in maintaining your balance and not slamming your skull into the ground. But first, you’ll need to know the specifics.

The online Urban Dictionary defines possum as a “drinking game in which players have to sit in a tree, like possums, and consume a pack of 24 beers [typically 350ml units in New Zealand] until they fall out of the tree from drunkenness”.

Obviously, one of the main concerns for people in the neighborhood is the litter left, vomit not washed away, as well as the damage to the trees, which are said to be over 100-years-old.

The few tree-drinkers apprehended to date had been “required to clean up their litter and to meet with the proctor for disciplinary action”.

I love that they’re now called “tree drinkers”. Ha.



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