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[AUDIO] North Carolina Pastor Sean Harris: Parents Should ‘Punch’ Their Gay-Acting Children


Clip provided by:  Jeremy Hooper of the blog Good as You

I am disgusted by this man, the people who can be heard saying “Amen!” and frankly, anyone who views feminine boys and masculine girls as flawed and in need of abuse to stop them from behaving how they have naturally developed.

Sean Harris, senior pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Fayettesville, NC, made this anti-gay speech to his congregation and it has since made its way to the ears of many. As someone who’s representing ‘God‘ and suppose to instill good morals within those he preaches too, you’d think he’d be less ignorant, hateful, cruel, belittling and the list could go on and on.

The reason this issue was even something he chose to speak about is because he supports North Carolina’s proposed Amendment 1, which would outlaw same-sex marriage. I hope that this ridiculous audio recording will hope voters see why they shouldn’t support Amendment 1 and instead allow homosexuals, like myself, the right to be able and choose if we’d like to get married. If we were to preach such hateful things about this man and his congregation and try to stop them from getting married, all hell would raise. Ironically, he’s the one who says things I could never say to someone: beat your children if they act in a way that strays from the original idea of how boys and girls should act.

Notes Harris:

“So your little son starts to act a little girlish when he is four years old and instead of squashing that like a cockroach and saying, ‘Man up, son, get that dress off you and get outside and dig a ditch, because that is what boys do,’ you get out the camera and you start taking pictures of Johnny acting like a female and then you upload it to YouTube and everybody laughs about it and the next thing you know, this dude, this kid is acting out childhood fantasies that should have been squashed.

Dads, the second you see your son dropping the limp wrist, you walk over there and crack that wrist. Man up. Give him a good punch. Ok? You are not going to act like that. You were made by God to be a male and you are going to be a male. And when your daughter starts acting too butch, you reign her in. And you say, ‘Oh, no, sweetheart. You can play sports. Play them to the glory of God. But sometimes you are going to act like a girl and walk like a girl and talk like a girl and smell like a girl and that means you are going to be beautiful. You are going to be attractive. You are going to dress yourself up.’”


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Mistie Atkinson Had Sex With 16-Year-Old Biological Son


Mistie Atkinson, from Napa, CA, is currently facing incest charges after ‘allegedly’ having sex with her 16-year-old biological son. Police apparently found Ms. Atkinson in a hotel room with her son when they were serving a warrant.

On March 9th, Mistie Atkinson pleaded not guilty to incest and oral copulation of a minor and various other charges. Unfortunately for her, there are videos on the boy’s cell phone that show Atkinson performing oral sex, as well as having full on intercourse with the young teen from February. She has also been accused of sending her son sexually explicit photos of herself.

“Atkinson and the victim are aware they are biological mother and son,” cops said in a release.

The boy’s father, who has sole custody (for obvious reasons), has obtained a restraining order against Atkinson. He had sole custody, and yet this woman still managed to coerce her young, biological son, into being sexually active with his own mother. I’m curious as to whether the boy is the one who turned in the evidence to the police and how he feels about the situation.

Until then, Mistie Atkinson will be held on $200,000 bail until May 10th, 2012, when she’s expected to have her hearing.


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