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[VIDEO] No Time For Bronchitis: Hilarious

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Funny news reports are my weakness. Sweet Brown just made my day.

[VIDEO] Caine’s Arcade: An Inspirational Story About a Boy and His Arcade


Caine Monroy is a 9-year-old boy who wanted an arcade, and instead of waiting for it to come to him, he built it… from cardboard. His dad has a used auto parts store in East LA and has provided the space that Caine needs to run his arcade. For awhile he had few customers, but since Nirvan came into his life, everything has changed. This young man is smart, creative, eager, motivated, and very hard-working. It is so nice to see someone recognize this boy for what he’s accomplished and shared it with the world who can also appreciate all of his effort.

If you want to support Caine and donate to his scholarship fund, please do so HERE. The smart young man has already raised $28,229 and Nirvan is hoping he will reach $100,000.

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[VIDEO] No Smoking: Korean Chick Flips Out On Old Man Who Confronts Her On Subway


I am a smoker, but this dumb ass should not be smoking on the fucking Subway. Second hand smoke is real and to make people inhale it is just rude. Her reaction was ridiculous and I can’t believe that he was the only one to tell this stupid girl to stop smoking on an enclosed Subway. This old man handled his shit pretty extraordinarily. I mean, who just sits there when shits being thrown at them? This guy!

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[VIDEO] Lesbian Couple Engage in Crazy Fight With Two Other Girls in the Middle of the Street


YouTube: So, my GF and I met this lesbian couple at the club and we we’re going to go to the next one with them. Out of the parking lot we saw them get into a verbal confrontation with a group of people… we pulled over and tried to talk them down. That did not work, one of the girls stormed across the street and started pounding on the car the people got into… they ended up fighting. What you saw was the aftermath of the FIRST fight, the Silver Infiniti was trying to make its way through the intersection when the two drunk girls started pounding on their car too… I was NOT getting in the middle of this drunken fist swinging fest.


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[VIDEO] Keyshaun Jordan: 4-Year-Old Music Producer

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This is 4-year-old Keyshaun Jordan, and he knows how to make some pretty decent beats. I’m sorry, but anytime someone under the age of 5 can rap and/or produce music, I’m impressed. This little man is adorable!

[VIDEO] Golden Retriever Saves Her Puppy From Drowning

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Obviously there has been a lot of controversy surrounding this video. Many people are upset that the person filming is not trying to help save the puppy, while others are saying it’s a perfectly humane way to train your dog to rescue. I think the owner figured that the pup still had its head above water and was hanging on to the edge, and clearly the mother figured out how to get the pup from there.

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