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Wow. This man is the most obnoxious douchebag ever. But I get it, if someone trespassed and fucked with my bush, I’d be pretty pissed too.

[VIDEO] Guy Breaks Ankle After Jumping Off Pier Into VERY Shallow Water

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WARNING: If you are squeamish or don’t like looking at feet pointing in the wrong direction, DO NOT WATCH. 

You would think that they would have checked the depth of the water before just gallivanting up to the pier and deciding to jump. Assuming that the water is deep enough probably would have taken too much effort and they would have had to move farther down the pier once they discovered the shallowness at their chosen jump location. Although, I do believe other ankles (on smaller bodies) may have been able to take that jump without completely dislocating…

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[VIDEO] BYU LGBT Students: ‘It Gets Better’

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“A couple of years ago, my sister told me she would never let a gay man watch her children because, she said they were deviant, and more likely to molest them; Today, she’s my strongest advocate.”

To me, religion and sexuality shouldn’t conflict with one another because choosing what to believe in and being who you were born to be, are two completely separate issues. I am an atheist and I am a lesbian; The students in this video are Mormon‘s and they, too, are homosexuals. Sexual orientation, in my mind, is something that you’re born with (for most people), and trying to deny that part of yourself could turn you into someone you don’t recognize. And how could you possibly love someone who you don’t even know or understand? In order for us, humanity, to be happy, we have to first love who we are as individuals, and then be willing to share that love with anyone and everyone.

To be honest, I was very shocked by this video and what USGA is doing, because I would have never expected so many open BYU students, who didn’t judge or condemn a fellow classmate for being a homosexual. Luckily, they made this video for people like those who are still struggling, Mormon and gay, as well as myself and the general public. Only a few years ago did BYU change their honor code, which allowed LGBT students to even enroll. This is a great step in the right direction for both the Mormon church and those who practice Mormonism.


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