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[VIDEO] Soccer Player Wipes Booger On Innocent Child

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There’s really nothing to say about this, other than that is disgusting. But luckily, it was caught on camera, so the jokes on you :)

[VIDEO] The Real America: Terrorists in The Eyes of The World

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I don’t care about the consequences of people knowing how I feel about this video and the atrocities committed by some Americans. This video highlights how our actions are affecting those around the world and how our soldiers seem to be completely detached from any emotions. I am not in any way blaming this on all military persons, but the government’s decision to go to war with other countries only to put more money into their greedy pockets and drain the already poor countries resources is sickening. Some of those soldiers over there are good men and women, but there are also some who are not and take advantage of the situation that they’ve been put into (I’m referring to the soldier killing 17 civilians and the soldier throwing a puppy).

We don’t have freedom, what we have is the appearance of freedom. Everyday we are being stripped of our rights and being prepped for a government takeover. I’m not saying this will happen now or even in 100 years, but the way we are handling ourselves as a country is not the America I had read so much about, as a child. The price of gas is going up, foreclosures and bank owned properties are almost all that’s left in the real estate market, we could be arrested if the government has “probable cause” and never have to be tried by a jury and held for as long as they insist, and most recently, Obama signed a bill that stated his administration could take control of our food, energy, water, etc.

This video highlights many things that we may have known, may have not wanted to know, or were too unaware to know, but either way, this is the truth. People see America in a way that we cannot. Our media is controlled and we are only shown so much (freedom?) and able to form unintelligent decisions. I am heartbroken at knowing the state of our country, economy and reputation. Is this the American Dream?

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Big Fish: An Office Tale


While I’ve contemplated whether I should write this article or not, I have ultimately decided it was necessary. And not because it’s something you need to hear, but because it’s something I NEED to get off my chest. There are often those people you encounter and wonder to yourself ‘why the fuck do I have to sit here and listen to the bullshit coming out of this guy’s mouth?’ Well, unfortunately, I am often forced to listen to exaggerated stories that ultimately change with each interception in the conversation, thanks to someone I’d rather not name.

The thing is, I almost always feel bad for people and attempt to understand where they’re coming from and why people are so rude or ignore them. And that’s exactly what I did to get myself into this situation… along with working alongside him at the same company, which trust me, was not a decision I made.

This man is also one who knows everything, which I find quite odd considering how much I know, which is everything. Okay, fine, so I don’t know everything, but I’d like to feel that I’ve definitely researched some stuff and had one up on him, but apparently my facts are inaccurate. Well, not just my facts, but those coming from CNN, BBC, and other sources of unreliable media. I can’t believe how incredibly stupid I have been and was unaware of until this man happened to point out my lacking devotion to the truth.

And to be quite honest, this wouldn’t be quite as aggravating if he didn’t refuse to stop talking. I really feel he keeps dialogue streaming from his mouth to sound cool or somehow show that he has some valuable information or wealth of knowledge coming….up….next. But, no. Just noise that goes on and on and on and keeps me from working and instead, concentrating on how much I wish he were an Avox (reference to ‘The Hunger Games’: Avoxes have their tongues removed). Well, he’s telling me a story now, so let me step back into reality and try to make sense of the amazing story about something miraculous that happened to him in life that ironically brought him to know something better than me, when I stated that our economy wasn’t looking so good.


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