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Homophobia From Tosh.O Fans

Here are some screen shots of the ignorance that can spread within 20 minutes. Tosh. O recently posted Willam Belli, Detox ICunt and Vicky Vox’s video ‘Chow Down (at Chick-Fil-A)’ and has received many comments. Being a lesbian, I was very offended by some of these and thought I’d share with you some of the people who made these comments and what they had to say. Sadly, these are few of what will be posted in the next few hours I’m sure…

If you’d like to visit the post yourself and see these remarks, feel free to visit Tosh.O’s FaceBook Page (where I wrote my input) or on the actual Tosh.O Post (which I haven’t looked at myself)

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[VIDEO] William Stokkebroe, 2, Is Really Working The Crowd With His Great Dancing!


I have never seen a little white boy dance so good. Not only does he go out onto an empty dance floor, but he works the crowd throughout the entire video! He also lip-sync’s regardless of the fact that he may not even be able to speak all that well. Way to go William!

“The boys name is William Stokkebroe. After seeing his parents Kristina and Peter Stokkebroe and the dancers of studie43 practising he is showing what he has learned at the Galla opening 2. Marts 2012″

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Invisible Children: Jason Russell’s Wife, Danica Russell, Speaks Out About Husband’s Masturbation Incident


Jason Russell, the co-founder of Invisible Children, has received an enormous amount of criticism for recently being filmed naked and arrested for publicly masturbating as well. After the KONY 2012 video was released, Russell, along with the rest of the organization, has been focused on and the subject of a controversial debate. Although many are claiming that drugs and/or alcohol were the cause of this breakdown, fewer are suggesting that dehydration, exhaustion and stress are to blame (and most people are aware of publicists and what their jobs are, hence the majority not believing the latter).

Here is Danica Russell’s message to the public:

“Thank you to those who continue to support both us, and Invisible Children. The organization is an extension of our family, and we hope that Jason’s vision and work toward peace in the region remains the focus, and comes as soon as possible, as they continue to work in his absence.

We would, again, like to make it clear that Jason’s incident was in no way the result of drugs or alcohol in his body. The preliminary diagnosis he received is called brief reactive psychosis, an acute state brought on by extreme exhaustion, stress and dehydration. Though new to us, the doctors say this is a common experience given the great mental, emotional and physical shock his body has gone through in these last two weeks. Even for us, it’s hard to understand the sudden transition from relative anonymity to worldwide attention – both raves and ridicules, in a matter of days.

Jason will get better. He has a long way to go, but we are confident that he will make a full recovery. He is, and will remain, under hospital care for a number of weeks; and after that, the recovery process could take months before he is fully able to step back into his role with Invisible Children. During that time, we will focus not on a speedy recovery, but a thorough one.

On Jason’s behalf, keep your attention turned to the end of Africa’s longest running conflict, and setting a precedent for all future injustice.

With love and overflow of gratitude for your prayers, we thank you.”

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