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[VIDEO] Practikel and Friends on MTV’s ‘Pranked’

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[VIDEO] Pastor Dennis Terry Introduces Rick Santorum With An Anti-Gay, Pro-Life, Conservative Bullshit Speech

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I am sorry, but if Rick Santorum, a man who clearly believes in the message that Pastor Dennis Terry is so eloquent at expressing, becomes President, our FREEDOM as American‘s will be threatened. Pastor Dennis is a hateful man who doesn’t understand or appreciate diversity; He is also ignorant. The man explains that we’re not allowed to pray in public, which is definitely far from the truth. What they did enforce was not MAKING children pray at school, because spirituality and religion should be an independent decision for each person. Sadly, we still have parents that believe forcing religion down their children’s throats is the best thing to do, but at least we don’t have the government and our teachers telling us what we should believe.

Also, this man is fighting to keep things how they were and I understand why, but fortunately, most of us would like to advance and allow our religious beliefs to grow as well. If we never changed what we believed and how we did things, we might still have slaves, treat women like dogs and have men being arrested for sodomy. I believe that if there were a God (which I do not believe), then why would he be so egotistical to only allow those that worship and accept him into heaven? Wouldn’t you think he would prefer people who lived their lives morally as opposed to those who just accepted him in the hopes of being redeemed for their sins? I know I’d rather be around people with my same morals in the after life and not some child molesters, murderers, and rapists that have seen the light and accepted Jesus as their savior. So, if that’s the case, leave me down here to burn in hell with people who have respect for one another, not because they have to, but because it’s simply the right thing to do.


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[VIDEO] Terrified Frenchman Screams and Cries While Going 60mph on an Olympic Sobsleigh Run


This is a video of an unnamed man venturing down the famous La Plagne track in the French Alps at 60mph. I have never heard a grown man cry so hard on a “ride” that you pay to go on. You would think if he was this terrified, he might just opt out of following through, or at the very least, close his eyes and just wait for it to be over. Regardless, I’m glad he didn’t because I was able to laugh at this.

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[VIDEO] Chow Down (at Chick-fil-A)

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This is by far one of the best music videos I have seen. Although, ‘The Vagina Song’ By Willam Belli is definitely yet another great video.

YouTube -

If drag queens endorse Christian-right owned Chick-fil-A, is it still an endorsement? NOPE. 

Written by Willam Belli, Detox, Vicky Vox 
Music (original track) by: Markaholic and Arden Fisher
Directed by: Michael Serrato
Edited by: James Kid and Michael Serrato
Director of Photography: Jesse Brunt
Grip: Derek Haugen

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[VIDEO] Katy Perry: N*ggas In Paris Cover

I love her, but this was a mistake.

[VIDEO] Jason Russell of Invisible Children: Drunk and Naked In The Street Wreaking Havoc

Jason Russell decided it would be a great idea to get drunk, run around naked, curse and masturbate. Unfortunately, the police and many other people didn’t agree. Although a rep for Invisible Children is claiming that this was all due to exhaustion, dehydration and malnutrition, we all know that this is just an attempt to cover up the truth.

I’m sure all the criticism of KONY 2012 started to get to the husband, father and co-founder of Invisible Children. While he was hoping Joseph Kony would become famous from this campaign, it seems as though the tables have turned.Well done, Mr. Russell… well done.

YouTube: NEW up-close video: http://youtu.be/TjdH2LDH5LM – TMZ has footage of Kony 2012 honcho Jason Russell in the midst of his naked meltdown in San Diego … pounding his fists in anger and screaming maniacally. More info here: http://www.tmz.com/2012/03/16/kony-honcho-arrested-for-allegedly-masturbating…

As we previously reported, Russell was detained by police yesterday … after witnesses say he was running around naked and making sexual gestures. 

Russell was held on a 5150 psychiatric hold … so authorities can decide if he poses a danger to himself or others. 

A rep for Invisible Children says Russell was suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, and malnutrition as a result of a strenuous PR campaign.


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