Four Adopted Children Tortured and Sexually Abused By Adoptive Parents

Aubrey Thomas, 58, and his wife Laura, 47, have been arrested for violently beating and sexually assaulting all four of their adopted children. The crimes they committed were so heinous that authorities are referring to the abuse they endured as torture.

Some of the allegations against them are that they forced the children to throw up and eat their own vomit, beat them with a large paddle called ‘Mr Awesome’ as well as making them soak in a bath of ice to reduce the swelling inflicted from the abuse. If they wet the bed, they were also required to put the urine-soaked underwear in their mouths. Another horrific punishment was to eat horse manure if they failed to clean the horse’s pen.

There were two girls and two boys in the home who range from ages 13 through 15-years-old.

The children said they were sexually abused, claiming they were forced to eat gum off Aubrey Thomas’ penis and made to perform oral sex on their adoptive siblings in exchange for food.

Sadly, this is yet another example of individuals that should never have been allowed to adopt and care for any children. They had originally became foster parents in 2001, when they took in 6 children, while living in Rogers County. Two years later, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services removed two of the children from their custody after evidence of abuse. What the fuck?! You only remove two children out of six from an abusive home? How on earth does this make sense? They realized they must move and took all four children with them to Osage County in 2006.

In October, the Osage County Sheriff’s Office was called in to investigate after one of the girls, who had been put into a psychiatric facility, revealed the allegations to a counselor, reports the Tulsa World

The children were all home-schooled and found to be malnourished. Along with being in poor health and ousted from society, they were coached to not say anything about the abuse they endured at the hands of their adopted parents.

Kling was able to track down a biological daughter of the Thomas’ who had moved away in 2008. She echoed the stories of abuse.

This is absolutely horrifying. People with a known history of abuse and who have had children removed from their home were able to adopt four children and treat them like personal sex slaves whereas a good homosexual couple still doesn’t stand the chance at even taking in one child who is in need of someone to take care of them. This is why the system is screwed up and this is why we have children with behavioral issues later in life.



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