Father Bites Son’s Penis Off


On March 6th, 2012 in Shenzhen, China, a 6-year-old boy was attacked by his father who bit his penis off and tossed it aside into the shrubs. The 32-year-old man, with the surnamed Yu, had apparently asked the boy to either lick or bite his own penis, and when the boy refused is when he committed this traumatic act.

The man took his naked self, along with his two naked children (daughter and son), on a walk over a bridge near the Shangxing Building, Shajing Sub-district, Shenzhen City. Sadly, even though the man was acting oddly with his child, passerby’s did nothing to stop this from happening to an innocent child. C’mon China! this is the second incident in which a child is brutally hurt and no one steps in to do anything! What the f***?!

Luckily, they had enough sense to get involved AFTER the boy’s penis had been bitten off by his own father. The people who had watched, now jumped in to subdue the man and make him spit out the penis, which landed in the shrubs. Many people in the crowd then called police and an ambulance who rushed the boy to Shajing People’s Hospital.

The little girl was covered with a blanket before being picked up by her Uncle. The police took away the father who is suspected of having mental issues. Previously, many that knew Yu, had said that he was a responsible and good father. Unfortunately, this was all prior to his company going bankrupt and his ex-wife divorcing him and leaving the children behind in April 2010.

In July, 2011, Yu brought his two children to live in a rented room of a private house, in a village of Shajing, but it was known that how they made living with. It was said, currently Yu owed credit cards over 20 thousands yuan in total, and he was often seen going gambling and leaving his children alone at home. Yu did not act abnormal until the recent days.

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