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[VIDEO] I Want To Know What It’s Like

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This is an incredibly moving video that sheds light on homophobia and how it affects the homosexual community. be aware that what you say and how you act affects others. Know, that just because you think you’re superior, doesn’t mean you are. This video is an emotional one that reminds me of the issues that not only I, but many of my friends, have had to deal with. It’s an unfair society where homosexual people are looked at as sinners, mistakes, flaws in humanity, and worthless. Although this isn’t true in many cases today (thanks to the understanding of good, moral people), it still does exist and because of that, no matter how accepted we are, we still feel like less than normal. This, is pathetic because it’s not true.


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I want to know what it’s like…
To be normal. To be accepted. To be human. To be equal. To be free.

I want to know what it’s like…
To be open. To be heard. To be loved. To be happy. To be me.

I want to know what it’s like… 
To feel like I belong. 
To feel like I am strong. 
That who I am isn’t wrong. 
I want to know what it’s like… 
To know that I am here. 
That Iʼll make it through the year. 
To know I wonʼt disappear.

I want to know what it’s like… 
To not have to fight. 
To see an end in sight. 
To make what is wrong right. 
I want to know what it’s like… 
To be able to believe. 
In a higher power that doesn’t see. 
Me as sin or sodomy.

I want to know what it’s like… 
To have liberty & justice for all 
To break down this dividing wall 
To remove homophobia from the law 
I want to know what itʼs like…
To have a feeling that isn’t sad. 
To have something that I’ve never had. 
To have a child call me dad.

I want to know what it’s like… 
To not feel like Iʼm a freak 
To not feel like I am weak 
To not be silenced when I speak 
I want to know what it’s like… 
To live beyond a closet door. 
To see my father once more. 
To show him I’m not who I was before.

I want to know what itʼs like… 
To donate the blood from my vein 
But because Iʼm gay I must refrain. 
Why does my sexuality pertain?! 
I want to know what itʼs like… 
To not BE expelled from school 
To not be made to look like a fool. 
How is homosexuality breaking a rule?!

I want to know what it’s like… 
To undo what’s been done to me. 
To give sight to those who cannot see. 
That I am no lesser of a human being
I want to know what itʼs like… 
To not be considered a disease. 
To not have a majority I have to please. 
To freely express my individualiTY.

I want to know what itʼs like… 
To live in a land truly of the free. 
Not a land that excludes me. 
This is not how itʼs supposed to be! 
I want to know what itʼs like… 
To not be the target of bigotry 
To not have you question my sanity 
To not succumb to your superiority!

I want to know what it’s like… 
To overcome all of my fears. 
To uncry these countless tears. 
That have been shed over the years. 
I want to know what it’s like… 
To learn about gay leaders of the past. 
In my high school history class. 
Can somebody please tell me what is so wrong with that?!

I want to know what it’s like… 
To have pride. 
To not have to hide. 
To not have to lie my whole life. 
To not have my sexuality be denied. 
I want to know what it’s like… 
To not have to feel this hurt inside. 
To not think these thoughts in my mind. 
To not contemplate suicide.

I want to know what it’s like… 
To have this pain in me subside. 
To heal this wound that bleeds inside. 
To get back the tears that I’ve cried. 
To take back the years that Iʼve tried. 
To bring back the life that has died. 
To unite this world’s divide. 
To make change with stride. 
To not stand below, but beside.

I want to know what it’s like… 
To have this choice you say is mine. 
To have science & religion intertwine. 
To have love be redefined. 
I want to know what it’s like… 
To have a government that won’t instate 
Unfair laws that provoke hate 
For fear society will disintegrate

I want to know what itʼs like…. 
To live in a world without hate. 
A world that does not discriminate. 
A world in which I can feel safe. 
Whether I am gay bi or straight. 
This is the world we must create!!! 
These are the decisions we must make. 
These are the actions we must take. 
The time is now we cannot, we must not, we will not wait.

I want to know what itʼs like… 
To have equal opportunity. 
To know the feeling of full equality. 
To be one collective humanity.

I want to know what it’s like… 
To be treated equally by my peers. 
To stand alongside every queer… 
On the edge of a new frontier.

A frontier that no one will dictate. 
A frontier where there will be no debate. 
A frontier in which everyone can relate. 
A frontier made up of love and not hate.

I want to know what it’s like… 
To open your eyes so you can see. 
The way this world is supposed to be. 
We arenʼt so different, you & me.

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High School Principal Tells Gay Students They’re Going To Hell


A high school principal in Tennessee had told students during an assembly that gay students would be going to hell. Haywood High School principal Dorothy Bond, is responsible for informing these students that gay students would be going to hell, based on her religious beliefs. A student has said that she singled out both pregnant and gay students:

“At first she was talking about PDA and she turned around and she directly pointed to the gay people and said: if you’re gay you’re going to hell and if you’re pregnant, your life is over.”

Sadly, this isn’t the first time that this authority figure has bashed students at her school. One parent in the district said that years ago she made horrendous remarks as well.

“A couple of years ago… at an assembly she told the young men if they’re sitting between the legs of a girl getting their hair braided for a few hours, that they must be gay.”

This all happened while the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill is gaining recognition, approval and criticism. Obviously, Tennessee needs someone to stand up for the gay people in their community, especially the youth, that all too often fall victim to bullying.

Dr. King,

I’m writing to you to express my dismay over recent remarks made by Haywood High School principal Dorothy Bond, in which she reportedly told LGBT students they were going to hell. Haywood’s non-discrimination policy does not, unfortunately, protect LGBT students which is why it’s so important that school leaders do all they can to create safe and welcoming learning environments for all their students.

Unfortunately, Ms. Bond’s remarks do the exact opposite and feed an atmosphere of hostility against students who are or who are perceived to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Regardless of her personal or religious beliefs, Ms. Bond has a responsibility to protect and nurture all of her students. By singling out LGBT students in such a horrifying way, she has failed in that responsibility.

I urge you to immediately open an investigation into this incident and other allegations of anti-LGBT behavior by Ms. Bond on school grounds in her professional capacity, and take appropriate action.


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Father Rapes And Pimps Out THREE Of His Adopted Children And Was In Process Of Adopting A FOURTH


An adoptive father, who is not being named at this time to protect the identity of the children, has been arrested for having sex and allowing other men to have sex with his adopted children. The 39-year-old “father” from Troy, Ohio, was also in the process of adopting a fourth child when all the allegations came to light.

Not only was he an adoptive father, but he was also a junior league basketball coach, who has recently been suspended due to the allegations. He has been charged with three counts of rape and one count of compelling prostitution. The part that makes this story even more disturbing is that he pimped out these children to at least two other men that the authorities are aware of at this time.

Two other men – Jason Zwick, 29 of Beavercreek and Patrick Rieder, 31 of Dayton – have been accused of having sex with one of the children, a 10-year-old-boy.

Patrick Rieder, 31.

Jason Zwick, 29.














The children were adopted in 2011 from Texas via a private adoption agency, and an investigation is ongoing into how the “father” was able to adopt these young kids.

The man was apparently talking to an undercover officer online and arranging for him to have sex with the 10-year-old boy. The same detective that was arranging that also talked to two other men who claimed to have already slept with the boy. Sadly, the young boys verified that this was in fact happening.


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[VIDEO] Kinect Grocery Cart: Shopping Made Easy


Whether you know this or not, I am a huge fan of technology. Some people may fear that technology makes us lazy, less socially available, as well as a variety of other issues. While I do agree that some technology has made it easier for us to be lazy and or avoid human interaction, I think it’s up to us to not just accept that and find ways to interact socially as well as not submit to laziness.

Another reason I like the technological advances that are being made is because it broadens our horizons and advances us as a race. If technology is the basis for most everything, then most everybody is going to have to have at least some understanding of how these devices and programs work. Someone who may not have cared before, may have to now and will have to use parts of the brain they didn’t care to use prior. Also, as the population continues to grow, making simple tasks more convenient is going to be helpful when in crowded places that would normally have lines. When you’re in a small town, lines are something that move quickly, but in a place like Los Angeles, New York, and Japan… lines are horrendous. For this reason, I think this way of shopping is genius:

(And just because things don’t work 100% of the time doesn’t mean they’ve failed, it means that they need improvements… as do most things)


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[VIDEO] Birthday Girl Knocked Out Cold

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