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The Truth Behind This Photo


Over 40,000 people have shared this photo on different social media outlets and in turn, made this a viral image with a remarkable story. Chief Raoni of the Kayapó people, it claims, is crying because he’s helpless “before the advance of capitalist progress, modern predatory civilization,” according to the caption on the FaceBook posting.

The Belo Monte dam, on a tributary of the Amazon river, has only been under construction since last year, though it’s been proposed since the late 1970s. It will displace between than 20,000 and 40,000 people, according to various sources.

Along with the image is a link to petition the construction of the dam. Luckily, due to this image, they have nearly reached their goal of 750,000 signatures. Unfortunately, many people signed that petition as a reaction to this image, even thought he story itself has been fabricated.

Although Chief Raoini does protest the construction of the dam, he told AmazonWatch.org that this photo is actually a moment in which he was reunited with a family member.

All in all, it’s great that this photo raised awareness, but unfortunate that someone falsified information to do so.


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True Hero: College Man Saves Girlfriend And Ends Up Dead

Niu Shooting Funeral

UPDATE: February 16th, 2012 at 10:01 AM -

This incident actually occurred on Valentine’s Day in 2008. I will go ahead and post some of Lauren’s remark’s and more of the story below the photo.

Lauren Debrauwere, although not dead, was actually shot twice herself during this massacre at Northern Illinois University. She had to have stomach surgery and was still in the hospital on February 19th, 2008, with a tube down her esophagus.

Debrauwere, 19, told her family she never had a chance to run on Thursday when a stranger walked onto the stage and opened fire, killing five of her classmates — including her boyfriend sitting next to her — and injuring nearly 20 more before turning a gun on himself.

She remembers everything, her father, Mark Debrauwere, said Monday, the day families started laying the slain students to rest.

He said his daughter didn’t know Steven Kazmierczak, and when he appeared on stage minutes before class was to end, she assumed he was there to make an announcement.

Then from somewhere behind him or underneath his clothing, he pulled out a shotgun. “He tried to shoot the instructor, who ducked behind the podium,” Debrauwere said his daughter told him. Then, he said, Kazmierczak pointed the shotgun at the students sitting in front of him in the large lecture hall and pulled the trigger.

Lauren and her boyfriend Dan were sitting near the fron of the class and the gunman aimed at both of them. Unfortunately, this is when Dan was shot and killed and Lauren was shot twice: once in the hip and another time in the abdomen. Shortly after, he shot the girl sitting next to Lauren. It was literally a nightmare, right in front of her eyes.

Mark Debrauwere said his daughter was conscious when she arrived at the hospital.

“She knew what had happened. She just said her stomach hurt, ‘Please make it stop,’” Mark Debrauwere said.

Doctors found one bullet had exited her buttocks and the other had traveled up her body and lodged above her left breast, narrowly missing her heart, her father said.

She also knew something else.

“She kept asking us about Dan and we lied to her for a while but she knew (he’d been killed),” he said. “She saw it. She definitely had seen what happened.”


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[VIDEO] Woman FREAKS OUT On ‘Illegal Photographers’ A.K.A. Skaters

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