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With everything that has happened in the world lately, I’ve come to change my opinions on some matters and realize what’s truly important to me in life. In all honesty, these are feelings I’ve had for a while, but somehow when death arises, it blurs out all the nonsense and focuses in on the important aspects of life. For those of you who think I’m referring to Whitney Houston, she does come to mind, but more so, I’m thinking about the young sister of a great friend of mine. Although we weren’t super close, the memories I did share with her (spying on us in the living room, using her sister’s car without permission, cutting up her clothes in the room next to where we were blasting music and cutting out pages of Cristina Aguilera from magazines) weigh on my mind and influence my thoughts. She had an amazing heart and maybe sometimes we should stop being so harsh and judgmental and start focusing in on compassion and understanding.

My friend, Phil Paul Call, wrote an amazing response to my article, ‘People Have No Respect’. It is one of the most honest and eloquent writings I have read and felt it needed to be shared and not buried within the comment section of my blog. Here is what he had to say:

I am done with humans. We have no empathy for others. The Internet allows us to mask ourselves and Troll the Comment Sections of Yahoo, YouTube, TMZ and so on and so on… With their cowardly keyboard as a shield, these are lame people who savor the reactions that they get from humans who care or have dignity.

Whitney Houston was a human being. With flaws and issues, like the rest of us EXCEPT… Her flaws was under a microscope and due to this, people feel like they have the right to make her more human than human – which is NOT human. This is an impossible standard for anyone to live by. One thing about Whitney Houston that many people do not realize was that she was “Down to Earth.” Real. Human. Her fame does not give anyone the right to tear her flesh apart in judgement. I can only wonder what dark secrets people hold that would be exposed in the light of Tabloids and 24/7 News.. By the way, none of the news is REALLY news and this is another problem with our culture. We have become a 24 Hour a Day “Jennifer Aniston Update!”

There are wars, international events and REAL news but we suck on the anesthetic thumb of our mind numbingly shallow media. How stupid have we become? When is the last time our day has not been marred by someone’s predjudice, giving the finger while driving and/or gossip. People are awful to each other. What we cannot ignore is the beauty of those who are not that way. We must cling to those who care and take a stand against hate. Rage against intolerance and who show us ultimate kindness.. We MUST recognize that in those around us. Let us not be consumed by the *******’s.

Back to Whitney Houston, what people do not understand is even the brief history that existed before they were born. Whitney Houston is unparalleled, she has won more musical awards than any other woman being nominated for 562 and winning 416.


If I win the 25 cents grabby thing with the hook and you try to win a prize at Chuck E. Cheese I feel like I am ALL THAT! Whitney Houston won 416 Major Awards… Grammys, American Music Awards, Billboard, RIAA, Emmys and more.. Her version of the 1991 Super Bowl National Anthem sold millions of which she donated every penny to the families of 9/11.


As we know, the stars that we see in the sky at night have all burned out, we merely see their afterglow that shines so brightly. That is what Whitney Houston is… A Star. Her light will shine for hundreds of years after we’re all gone. And just what will Internet Comment Section Troll #4,000,087 have to show for it?

Hate. Nothing. Useless drivel and jealousy. Their critical opinions of those who shine OR rise to the top.

I am slowly, at my old age learning to chill on my reaction to haters. Many of them are weak and they are fueled by making good people angry or seeing us waste our passion on them… Maybe their junk doesn’t work or maybe they wet the bed? Something drives them to evil? Either way, I eloquently say FUCK THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS! BE A REAL HUMAN AND SAY IT OUT LOUD TO AN ACTUAL REAL HUMAN’S FACE AND WATCH THE HAND GO “S-LAP” BITCHES!!

I was angry when I slap those people up in the faces andwhatnot….

I now choose to heed Whitney’s advice…

“I hope life treats you kind
And I hope you have all you’ve dreamed of.
And I wish to you, joy and happiness.
But above all this, I wish you love.”

Whitney Houston – R.I.P.”

This isn’t about Whitney dying. This isn’t about my best friend’s little sister. This is about us…all of us. We are flawed and have lost compassion. We judge people for what they CHOOSE to do because it may not seem like the best option in our minds.

And for those of you who are religious, let God be the judge. You are here for one reason, to live your life, learn from your mistakes, and love. Have compassion and stop worrying about other people. That, is not your job.

Thank you Phil for making such a profound statement. And on this day of love, I wish for all of you: compassion, sincerity, honesty, loyalty, and everything else that we have forgotten due to a lack of social ability.


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