People Have No Respect


People have no respect for anybody these days. As I’m sure all of you know, Whitney Houston, 48, has passed away after an incident that occurred at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. Apparently she mixed a deadly amount of Xanax and alcohol. After doing this, she got into the bathtub and this is where she took her last breath. Now that we’re all caught up, let’s continue.

So many people are talking about how Ms. Houston was a washed up drug addict that because of her money, was capable of getting herself better. People that have dealt with addiction and know people who have dealt with addiction, are well aware that it is not that easy. We think we know these celebrities because they and their families are harassed with paparazzi and they air some of their private lives in order to gain an income. Then, once they pass away, we feel we have a right to judge what they did right, what they did wrong, and yet have no sympathy for the real scenario that is playing out.

Whitney Houston not only had a daughter, but she had an entire family and tons of friends who supported her and were standing by her side as she attempted to make changes. Beyond that, we don’t know what led her to use drugs in the first place. Some people handle traumatic instances differently than another and can’t judge the other person for not dealing with it in the same way they would have. That is just ignorant to believe that there is one way, and one way only, to react to any given situation. That is utter bullshit.

Dealing with an addiction is a hard thing to do, and personally, I don’t feel it’s our right to judge. Yes, many people in America deal with this issue and many of those people do end up on the streets. But let me ask you one thing: What would you do if your son and/or daughter, for whatever reason, turned to drugs and had a nearly impossible time turning away? Would you disown him/her and think of him/her as a washed up drug addict? I would hope not.

Like I said, each person in this world has incidences in their life or a family history of addiction that led to their demise. Those who have a history we can’t understand (molestation, rape, abuse of any kind, and so on and so on) have trouble coping. Just because you’ve been a success in life and may have a stronger will that keeps you from going down the wrong path, doesn’t mean that you have a right to judge those you don’t understand. I have MANY friends and family members who have dealt with being addicted to something, some of which have died. They were and/or are good people, who when off of drugs, were/are kind, caring, great, talented people. They were/are NOT washed up drug addicts. She had money, yes, but she still had deep-rooted emotional issues. Money can’t buy you happiness. This story of Whitney Houston’s death is proof.

The insensitivity that many people have had after hearing the news of an icon baffles me. She had provided this generation as well as many others with entertainment for many years and what do you do? Laugh when you discover that she was unable to kick her habit and instead died after years of struggle. And again, she DID NOT die from crack like many of you have implied. Although, to me, that wouldn’t make a difference because she’s still responsible for many accomplishments in her life.

The only PERSON (celebrity or not) that I have ever said something bad about after their death was Michael Jackson. I’m saying this because I want this article to reflect my exact opinions. I spoke poorly of Mr. Jackson because I feel he was guilty of the molestation charges that were brought against him. I know he was an icon and an amazing musician who had a very troubled childhood. He also was very into drugs, just no one really cared, because these drugs weren’t illegal. And neither were the ones that Whitney took on the night she passed. Just thought that was worth pointing out.

My message to you: have some respect and imagine if she were someone you knew, not someone you THOUGHT you knew.

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3 Responses to People Have No Respect

  1. Phil says:

    Great entry… I am done with humans. We have no empathy for others. The Internet allows us to mask ourselves and Troll the Comment Sections of Yahoo, YouTube, TMZ and so on and so on… With their cowardly keyboard as a shield, these are lame people who savor the reactions that they get from humans who care or have dignity.

    Whitney Houston was a human being. With flaws and issues, like the rest of us EXCEPT… Her flaws was under a microscope and due to this, people feel like they have the right to make her more human than human – which is NOT human. This is an impossible standard for anyone to live by. One thing about Whitney Houston that many people do not realize was that she was “Down to Earth.” Real. Human. Her fame does not give anyone the right to tear her flesh apart in judgement. I can only wonder what dark secrets people hold that would be exposed in the light of Tabloids and 24/7 News.. By the way, none of the news is REALLY news and this is another problem with our culture. We have become a 24 Hour a Day “Jennifer Aniston Update!”

    There are wars, international events and REAL news but we suck on the anesthestic thumb of our mind numbingly shallow media. How stupid have we become? When is the last time our day has not been marred by someone’s predjudice, giving the finger while driving and/or gossip. People are awful to each other. What we cannot ignore is the beauty of those who are not that way. We must cling to those who care and take a stand against hate. Rage against intolerance and who show us ultimate kindness.. We MUST recognize that in those around us. Let us not be consumed by the *******’s.

    Back to Whitney Houston, what people do not understand is even the brief history that existed before they were born. Whitney Houston is unparalleled, she has won more musical awards than any other woman being nominated for 562 and winning 416.


    If I win the 25 cents grabby thing with the hook and you try to win a prize at Chuck E. Cheese I feel like I am ALL THAT! Whitney Houston won 416 Major Awards… Grammys, American Music Awards, Billboard, RIAA, Emmys and more.. Her version of the 1991 Super Bowl National Anthem sold millions of which she donated every penny to the families of 9/11.

    As we know, the stars that we see in the sky at night have all burned out, we merely see their afterglow that shines so brightly. That is what Whitney Houston is… A Star. Her light will shine for hundreds of years after we’re all gone. And just what will Internet Comment Section Troll #4,000,087 have to show for it?

    Hate. Nothing. Useless drivel and jealousy. Their critical opinions of those who shine OR rise to the top.

    I am slowly, at my old age learning to chill on my reaction to haters. Many of them are weak and they are fuled by making good people angry or seeing us waste our passion on them… Maybe their junk doesn’t work or maybe they wet the bed? Something drives them to evil? Either way, I eloquently say FUCK THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS! BE A REAL HUMAN AND SAY IT OUT LOUD TO AN ACTUAL REAL HUMAN’S FACE AND WATCH THE HAND GO “S-LAP” BITCHES!!

    I was angry when I slap those people up in the faces andwhatnot….

    I now choose to heed Whitney’s advice…

    “I hope life treats you kind
    And I hope you have all you’ve dreamed of.
    And I wish to you, joy and happiness.
    But above all this, I wish you love.”

    Whitney Houston – R.I.P.

    • Kelli says:

      This was one of the most eloquent statements I have read in response to anything I have ever written. Thank you for allowing me to share it within an article; This is something I believe should be shared with everyone.

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