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Vampire And Cannibal Request To Be Wed


First of all, I don’t understand why people behind bars (either prison or mental health facilities) are able to get married anyway; I’m a gay person who has still not been granted that freedom despite the fact that I have no criminal record. This, is unfuckingfair. Yet, this man, who murders his ex-girlfriend (mother of five children) and eats parts of her body, is able to, possibly, have the choice to marry another woman who has committed an equally heinous crime.

Sweden‘s most evil couple – a cannibal and a Satan-worshipping vampire – have applied to get married behind the bars of their secure psychiatric hospital.

Isakin Jonsson, 33, has asked human vampire Michelle Gustafsson, 23, to join him in unholy matrimony in a move that has shocked the country.

He killed mother-of-five Helle Christensen – his girlfriend at the time – by cutting her head off, eating parts of her body and then boasting about it on the Internet.

Shortly after Gustafsson stabbed the single father and drank his blood, she posted a photo on her FaceBook with blood dripping from her lips, holding a power saw and a knife.

The caption read: ‘I want to cut the throats of people on the subway.’

Both of these freaks are being held at the same institution, high-security Karsuddens psychiatric facility near Katrineholm, and they are expected to be here for the rest of their lives.

Shocking: Isakin Jonsson (left) pictured with former lover Helle Christensen (right) whose head he cut off

The couple, still believe that they may be able to one day live a life together, outside of a facilities walls. Gustafsson, who is still able to post to the internet had said,” We want to live together at some point, have dogs and pursue our hobbies: piercing and tattoos.’

Killer: Michelle Gustafsson (right) with stabbed single father Daniel Stenman (left)

Her fiancé apparently feels the same way and had added, “‘I love Michelle. Have never met anyone like her. I want to live a non-criminal life.’ to the earlier posting she had made.

Hopefully, they’re dreams will never come true.


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[VIDEO] Giorgio Fareira Loves Sonic And I Love Giorgio


This man has an amazing voice and this is by far one of the best ‘singing fast food order’ videos that I have seen. And trust me, my job is to scour the internet for clips so I have seen my fair share.


Check out his channel “321ggo” for more videos!

If you like what you hear, you might like his actual music too… You can hear more at theinterstatelife.com

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