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Severed Head Found By Hollywood Sign Was A Local Gay Man


The story of a severed head that was found by the Hollywood sign has gained a ton of media attention these past couple of weeks. At first, little was known about the identity of the man or really much else for that matter.

Recently, some light has been shed on who the victim was: Hervey Medellin who was 66-years-old. Mr. Medellin was a retiree from Mexicana Airlines and lived here in Hollywood. Sadly, he didn’t live alone and shared his apartment with his partner and a dog. Apparently he had been reported missing by his partner on January 9th, eight days before his head was found in Bronson Canyon.

According to friends and family, Medellin’s boyfriend told them Medellin left their third-floor apartment on DeLongpre Avenue Dec. 26 but that he continued to hear from him until Jan. 4. The boyfriend told family friends that when Medellin did not return he became concerned and reported him missing Jan. 9.

Sadly, this investigation is ongoing and hasn’t made any headway, as far as the media is concerned. Medellin also has an ex-wife who police are looking into and hoping to speak with in regards to any disagreements they may have had. As the story moves along I have a feeling that more discoveries will be made about this man, his life, and the people within it.

Andrew Hill, who lives on the second floor of the DeLongpre building where Medellin lived, told The Times he heard a lot of commotion on the floor above him at about 3 a.m. three weeks ago. He said he heard furniture being moved as well as screaming and yelling. He said he spoke to detectives Thursday and they asked him when the garbage was taken out.

For the sake of homos everywhere, I hope to God that his partner was not involved. We really have a hard enough time expressing that we should be judged solely on our individuality and not a stereotype, but having a notorious case be the result of a gay love feud would not look good.


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[VIDEO] Glenn Beck’s Anonymous-Style Video…


This video was uploaded to Glenn Beck‘s YouTube on January 24th, 2012. Apparently, he assumed that ripping off other people’s ideas was a good way to promote his own opinions. My assumption is this video is trying to encourage Beck’s viewers to be aware of the liberals effects on society and stand up against this ‘war on religion’. Unfortunately, this man is a pompous, unoriginal dickwad who shouldn’t be taken seriously, but is sometimes looked to for guidance. Let’s hope most of America’s citizens don’t think too hard into this ill-attempt to promote conservatism.


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[VIDEO] Kim Richards’ Guide To Oscars


For those of you who aren’t familiar with Kim Richards and her drunken behavior from The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, it may be hard to understand how brilliant and spot on this impersonation is. In fact, I found it hard to believe myself that this wasn’t really Kim, seeing as I could understand as much of this as I could when Richards speaks on the RHOBH. It’s nice to see she found some work after being in and out of rehab as often as she has been.

This will be premiering tonight, January 25th, 2012  on The Soup.

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[VIDEO] ‘The Invisible War’ – Sundance Trailer

The fact that these rapes are occurring within the military is shocking enough, but to know that only 2% result in convictions is absolutely disgusting. People do rape people and although we can’t necessarily stop that behavior, we should at least be punishing these individuals for the horrendous acts they’ve committed. You fight for this country, yet you condemn those within it as well as strip them of their freedoms. The military is supposed to be a place where you’re only fear comes from the battlefield, not the people who fight alongside you.

According to the Department of Defense, around 19,000 military men and women were assaulted in the year 2010 alone. Of that number, about 20% are servicewomen, while another 1% are servicemen. Sadly, this totals roughly 500,000 soldiers that have been sexually assaulted while serving in the military.

From this, I could assume that raping individuals or molesting people in the armed forces is okay in their eyes, but simply being gay is not. This seems rather unjust and corrupt for an American Organization. If we wanted to protect our troops and America, for that matter, we should be prosecuting those who take from others what they want without permission and allow those who are homosexual to serve without discrimination. Luckily, thanks to President Obama as well as others, one of these problems has been addressed.

Unfortunately, the issue of molestation and rape is still one that needs some attention drawn to it.

Speaking out: Several rape victims documented, including Marine Corps 1st Lt. Ariana Klay (shown center) who was raped by her senior officer and his friend, have contemplated suicide following their attacks and speak out now for awareness

There is much more to be said on this topic, but hopefully this film will spread the word and help crack down on the unfair advantages that many higher-ups have in our military. Please share this with anyone and everyone so you can help be a part of the awareness. The only thing that keeps things from changing is not being aware. Don’t let our military be another example of how ignorance allowed people to be taken advantage of.



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[VIDEO] Cat vs. Alligator

Screen shot 2012-01-25 at 11.38.37 AM

This incident took place at Cajun Pride Swamp Tours, in LaPlace, Louisiana. Someone knew that a cat taking on an alligator would most likely get some exposure on YouTube.

Is this not one of the most unintelligent cats you have seen? Or is it incredibly brave? Personally, I just think it’s stupid. Why be brave when going against something that could demolish you in one second flat? Not worth it.


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[VIDEO] Ginger Child Really Wants A FORK



[VIDEO] Marijuana Drug Deal And Robbery, Gone Bad


Although there’s not much known about this video, it is fairly obvious that these guys in the car attempt to steal this drug dealers money and ends up crashing his car instead. What an idiot. First of all, the amount of pot that you were trying to gank from this guy was so small that it doesn’t even amount to the damage that was done to your car. Also, I’d be willing to bet that this kid got his ass beat which is why there is no conclusion to the video. Hoping to find out more soon, stay tuned.

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