Girl, 19, Disguises Herself As THREE Different Boys To Date Her TWO Girlfriends


This is by far one of the most elaborate and shocking stories I have heard about a girl trying to get a little lesbo action with her underage friends. Gemma Barker, 19, dressed herself in baggy clothes and hats to trick her two friends, aged 15 and 16, into relationships.

It was only when - in the guise of one of her alter egos Aaron Lampard  - she was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and her clothes were removed in the cells that police discovered her true identity.

Barker’s two victims were completely taken in and had sexual encounters with the person they variously believed was Lampard, Connor McCormack or Luke Jones.

The 19-year-old from Staines, Middlesex is now facing criminal charges after admitting to two counts of sexual assault and one count of fraud for her trickery. She was so invested in these personas that she created FaceBook pages for each boy and gave them different personalities and style. Each wore baggy clothes and hats to somewhat conceal their identity.

Barker’s disguise was so convincing that when one of the victims removed a sleeping ‘Connor’s’ hat following a petting session, she was shocked to discover it was her best friend’s boyfriend ‘Aaron’ she had been kissing.

Even at that point she did not realise the boy was actually a female friend.

When Barker felt her cover was about to be blown, she intentionally fractured her jaw and blamed it on her ‘Luke Jones’ alter-ego. Talk about commitment. She even tried to claim some compensation for her injuries.

Barker engaged in ‘kissing, cuddling and groping’ with the girl as Lampard before creating another boy persona and befriending a second victim.

It was through ‘Lampard’ that the 16-year-old’s younger friend met ‘Connor McCormack’.

‘Connor’ had slightly different clothing but still concealed ‘himself’ with a hoodie and baggy clothes when with the girl.

The younger victim began a relationship with ‘McCormack’, despite having met both ‘Lampard’ and the real Barker.

The girls came to their senses after they became suspicious and contacted the authorities. After he was strip searched is when they discovered the boys true identity: Gemma Barker.


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