[AUDIO] Costa Concordia Captain Schettino Refuses To Return To His Sinking Ship!


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In a newly-released audio recording, the Italian coast guard appears to order the captain of the Costa Concordia to return to the capsized ship and help with the rescue operation.

Footage courtesy of Corrierre della Sera http://www.corriere.it

For more videos visit http://www.telegraph.co.uk/tv


Francesco Schettino, the Italian cruise ship captain who caroused with his passengers before steering his ship dangerously close to shore and then fleeing immediately when it ran aground and capsized, leaving 11 (at last count) to die and thousands to flail in terror, sounds like a real go-getter. Here is a tape of an Italian Coast Guard official ordering Schettino, who was speaking by phone from a lifeboat, to get back aboard and help evacuate the women and children who were still on his boat. He said no.

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