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Smoking: Quitting Sucks.


So like a shit ton of other people in the world, my girlfriend and I have decided that it’s probably best to quit smoking. We don’t want to quit, but are aware of the problems it ‘might’ be causing as well as the negative effects it may have on our lives: loss of hard-earned money, being out of shape, wrinkles, yellow teeth, the smell, lung and/or mouth cancer, etc.

Sadly, these are all things that I realize, but find hard to give two shits about quite honestly. I’m irritable, bitter, grouchy, bored, anxious and so much more. I find myself eating constantly. And if you take a look above at the negative effects of smoking, many of those were vanity points, which should emphasize that getting fat is not an option for me. Another thing I have found myself doing is shopping. I am a fucking crazy ass shopping lady and without anything to look forward to (a cigarette), I am constantly wanting to fill that void with a new purchase! Cigarettes are cheap compared to what I’ve gone out and purchased.

Personally, I’d rather be a cigarette smoker than an overweight hoarder with no friends, no money, and severe depression that I was never able to fully recover from after the loss of my dear friend: cigarette. And just in case you don’t understand how agonizing this process truly is, I’m going to quote my girlfriend right now, because what she says clearly accentuates the feelings one has while quitting.

“I am on the verge of tears all day, every day. Everything goes good with a cigarette: coffee? good with a cigarette. drive? good with a cigarette. being awake? good with a fucking cigarette.”

All in all, quitting is hard, it sucks, and your brain keeps explaining why it’s no longer worth continuing. Seriously, I have convinced myself that life will be boring and miserable without cigarettes. I hope it’s not true, but according to my nicotine-addicted brain, it most definitely is.


YouTube -

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Coachella 2012 Line Up: Amazingness

I MUST go to Coachella this year, and there will be no excuses. This line up is one of the best I have seen in awhile and I am ecstatic. Now, the mission will be to try and obtain some tickets and a hotel room within a reasonable price range.

[VIDEO] Betty White’s ‘Off Their Rockers’: PUNK’d With Old People And Ten Times The Laughs


This woman is hilarious and  this show is bound to be amazing. I can’t wait to see this show, and I love the idea of appealing to our generation, but employing senior citizens who make this show something we’ve never seen before. Brilliant! Way to go Ms. White and NBC.

There will be a special preview of the show on January 16th, 2012 at 9:30PM/8:30PM central time, after ”Betty White’s 90th Birthday: A Tribute to America’s Golden Girl” at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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[VIDEO] Little Girl Slightly Flinches During Lion Attack


Well, obviously the girl has an upper hand…the lion, Malik, 6, is caged behind glass in an unnatural habitat, the zoo. This isn’t so much funny as it is sad to think what we do to these animals. This fierce king of the jungle is stuck behind glass barely able to intimidate Sophia Walker, a 3-year-old girl. Wow.

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Rick Santorum: Having A Parent In Prison Better Than Having Two Same-Sex Parents


Rick Santorum is an ignorant jack ass who has no right to speak on the issue considering he has no experience with same-sex couples, parents, or colleagues. This man bases his views about gay marriage and gay parenting on what he believes to be the truth because of his religious beliefs. Sadly, due to this small reason, he hasn’t had any experience with gay people, at least, not enough to share any viewpoints on their lifestyles and how they impact a family.

If you are going to say that having an absent parent in prison is better than having two fully devoted parents, you are a completely ignorant dumb ass. Based on this comparison, I could conclude that being raped by a man would be better for me than to find love and compassion with a woman because while one is immoral (lesbianism), the other is a sin, but morally accepted based on the opinions of staunch Republicans who find the only relationship to be acknowledged should be between a man and a woman. Correct?

Citing the work of one anti-poverty expert, Santorum said, “He found that even fathers in jail who had abandoned their kids were still better than no father at all to have in their children’s lives.”

The thing I find ironically funny is that most of these parents who go into prison will most likely have a gay experience while in there. Does this mean that they are no longer a better choice than a law-abiding gay person?

Rick Santorum: An article in the Jan. 7 Section A about the New Hampshire primary reported that GOP candidate Rick Santorum said in 2005 that gay marriage is no different from “man on child, man on dog, or whatever the case may be.” He said this in an interview with the Associated Press in 2003. A Los Angeles Times article on Oct. 2, 2011, also gave the incorrect 2005 date. —

Comparing molesting and/or raping children and bestiality to homosexuality is one of the most politically incorrect things I have heard out of someone’s mouth. We are not forcing people to have sex with us and be submissive to our needs. We are not looking for another species that cannot speak and say yes or no. We are not interested in children and corrupting youth. We want to love who we fall in love with, freely, openly, and without judgment. To compare of to perverted criminals with a lack of self-control is incredibly disrespectful and inaccurate. If someone with Santorum’s intelligence became President of The United States, I would not be able to proudly call myself American for I would be ashamed of the man who led this country and the voters who stood behind him.

Allowing gays to marry and raise children, Santorum said, amounts to “robbing children of something they need, they deserve, they have a right to. You may rationalize that that isn’t true, but in your own life and in your own heart, you know it’s true.”

If you haven’t read my article about Lesbian Mothers having no reported child abuse (sexually, emotionally or physically), then please click here.

There were three students that had grown up in gay households that were present for Mr. Santorum’s speech at the boarding school. Not surprisingly, these students made no scene and treated the speaker respectfully while he condemned their way of life and bashed their families morals. I would really love to hear what these students thought about what the GOP candidate had to say.


YouTube: Zach Wahls, a 19-year-old University of Iowa student spoke about the strength of his family during a public forum on House Joint Resolution 6 in the Iowa House of Representatives. Wahls has two mothers, and came to oppose House Joint Resolution 6 which would end civil unions in Iowa.

The fight to to keep marriage equality in Iowa continues, help us support Iowans like Zach.

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New Study Proves Lesbians To Be Better Parents


I initially wanted to post this to gloat about the fact that lesbians are better parents than, well, everyone! And to be honest, that’s still the reason I decided to post this. For all of you Conservative folks who believe that homosexuals are the people corrupting society, I’d like for you to crawl off your fucking high horse and explain this:

The U.S. National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study (NLLFS) just released its resultson its 24-year long study on families with lesbian parents, finding that not one of the 78 adolescents in the study had reported being sexually or physically abused by their parents. This compares to 26% of American adolescents overall who report parent or caregiver physical abuse. 8.3% report sexual abuse.

What?! The lesbians aren’t beating, molesting or raping their children?! Then they must be turning them all gay, right? I mean, there has to be some sort of explanation about why lesbians can’t be loving parents who raise normal children in a normal environment (minus a penis as head of household).

Additionally, only 2.8% of the adolescents in the study identified themselves as gay. Apparently the majority of them didn’t catch their parents’ gayness.

Oh shit…. a lot of them turn out straight too?! Okay, so far, it seems as though the most well-rounded children who have not been abused come from lesbian households. This must mean that whatever the lesbians in this country are doing for their children is working and providing them with a wonderful home to grow and develop within. Sadly, this is so far from what many children in this country have, yet their parents are more respect in the eyes of government. How pathetic.

If half the kids in this country had parents with such results, we may have a more prosperous and less emotionally disturbed society. Unfortunately, there are far too many people who would still fight for gays and lesbians to not be allowed to raise children because it is ‘immoral’ and ‘sacrilegious’, despite the findings of this study. People who choose to ignore the facts and fight for morality (which I feel is a matter of opinion) are the people who have been trusted to lead this country, yet don’t represent a huge group of people who bring greatness to this country. For that, I am embarrassed and unenthusiastic.



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Snoop Dogg Arrested For Possession Of Marijuana Joints


As we all know, Snoop Dogg smokes weed and enjoys getting high. It’s not very shocking to hear that drug sniffing drugs were aware of the marijuana that was being held on his tour bus when they were crossing a border patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas. What I am shocked to find out is that he was arrested this time. I mean, how often must this man smoke and the police be aware of it? I’m sure that he has been let go and multiple occasions because of who he is and the persona he has built around this ‘medication’.

The performer (real name: Calvin Broadus) was busted by Texas cops Saturday after several joints were found on his tour bus. The weed was discovered by a drug-sniffing dog during a routine inspection at a border patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, the same town whereWillie Nelson was popped in November 2010.

Like Nelson, Snoop Dogg claimed ownership of the marijuana found on his bus, which was searched by the Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office. The rapper, cited for misdemeanor pot possession, was not booked or made to pose for a mug shot like Nelson.

This town must be needing some tourism money or something to continue busting performers for such small petty crimes. Sadly, this bust came after Snoop Dogg mentioned he’d like to discuss the legalization with the President, who is opposed to legalizing marijuana. I doubt Mr. Obama would be willing to sit down and hear him out after this arrest. Not that I really believed he’d do so before the arrest either.


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[VIDEO] Australian Tourist’s Bungee Cord Snaps Above Crocodile-Infested Waters

Bungee jumper Erin Langworthy speaks during an interview in Johannesburg

Australian backpacker Erin Langworthy, 22, is very lucky to live and tell her miraculous story of survival. While bungee jumping in Zambia, Langworthy’s cord snapped and she plunged into the crocodile-infested water below. After falling, her feet were still bound, which made for the swim out of this dangerous area that much more difficult.

What’s amazing is that she could fall head first, with her feet bound, below the world’s largest waterfall leading to a body of water with quite a lot of crocodiles and still make it out alive. This truly sounds like something that would take place in a fairytale because it’s too unbelievable to be realistic.

Mis Langworthy had said:

‘It went black straight away and I felt like I’d been slapped all over.

‘I landed with my legs tied and then had to swim to the Zimbabwe side [of the river] through the rapids,’ she told Australia’s Channel Nine network.

‘It was quite scary because a couple of times the rope actually got caught on some rocks or debris.

‘I actually had to swim down and yank the bungee cord out of whatever it was caught on to make it to the surface.’ 

‘When I was first pulled out of the water they put me on my back and so all the water that I’d inhaled meant that I couldn’t breathe, so I made them roll me onto my side.

‘And that’s when I started coughing out water and blood. I think it’s definitely a miracle that I survived.’

Although this incident happened on New Year’s Eve, Langworthy has stayed in the hospital for the past week to recover from her injuries. There is an investigation into what caused this horrific accident. There have been many bungee jumps from this site and this is a rare incident. Luckily, it wasn’t fatal, given the circumstances.


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