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[VIDEO] SIKU: Abandoned Polar Bear Cub Being Adorable


Siku is currently being hand-reared in Denmark, after the mother failed to produce enough milk for the poor cub.

Siku, whose name means ‘ice’ in the Inuit language Iñupiaq, will be looked after by his three carers at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Denmark until he is a year old.

Happy Holidays and think of others who are less fortunate.


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Ricky Gervais Is Witty And Intelligent.


Many Christian Twitter followers are highly offended by Ricky Gervais and have made their outrage apparent with tweets to and about the comedic atheist.

The Office creator, 50, has often spoken of his lack of faith, but his appearance on the cover of New Humanist magazine in a Jesus Christ-style pose has pushed a few over the edge:

In the magazine there is also an article that features an interview that was done with Mr. Gervais. Here he discusses a new movie he’s working on called ‘Afterlife’ where he will be playing the role of ‘God‘.

Ricky reveals he plays the religious leader as ‘an arrogant, wisecracking son of a b****, who thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread’ in the new show.

And he says despite the touchy subject the programme isn’t meant to be taken seriously.


‘He (God in the show) also loves welcoming atheists to heaven with a smug grin on his face. He likes atheists deep down though. Or rather he likes good atheists,’ Ricky muses. 

‘He admires the fact that they were moral people even though they didn’t believe they would ever be rewarded with everlasting life. It’s not anti-religion, it’s just fun.’

He adds: ‘I used to believe in God. The Christian one, that is. (There are a few thousand to choose from. But I was born in a country where the dominant religion was Christianity so I believed in that one. Isn’t it weird how that always happens?)

‘Luckily I was also interested in science and nature. And reason and logic. And honesty and truth. And equality and fairness.

This man is a role model in my eyes and I love that he is not backing down just because he’s pissed a few people off. Instead, he’s stood up for what he believes, which is disbelief. He’s not a cruel man and makes it that much more clear that atheists are just like Christians, with one small difference: God. Whether we believe in something does not determine our actions or our sense of morality. A good person is good regardless of their beliefs, and the same goes for bad people.

The sarcasm he enlists to make his points about religion are very compelling. His compassion for humanity is apparent. His talent (who some would say was a gift from God) is overwhelming. Don’t deny him applause for the greatness he is and has done, simply because he thinks differently than you. And if you do choose to be so small-minded, you might want to ask God to forgive you for placing judgment on others.


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