[VIDEO] Who You Finna Try

For those of you that have already seen this, you deserve to watch it again. Not only is it one of the greatest videos ever, but it also never gets old. Listed below is also the urban dictionary definition of “who you finna try” as well as the original song by Cristol. Enjoy and Happy Monday!

Urban Dictionary: 

An ebonics expression used to express the more commonly known American-English expression; what are you planning to do. Literally meaning who are you fixing to try. In “what are you planning to do” the “what” can be replaced with who, the “planning” can be replaced with fixing, and the “do” can be replaced with try.
Example: Dayum nigga who you finna try? Bitch ain’t need no 12 inch in dey ass.
Shutup bitch I be finna try all up in dat ass all I want to! Pimpslap you right ‘cross da face with all dat phat black ass-lip!
Respect nigga ‘fo’ I finna try what I finna try!

YouTube -

I slapped the shit outta Bam
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And now for those of you who are wondering what song Bam was originally singing to, you can watch that video here:

YouTube -


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