Gay Penguins Desperate For Baby Resort To Stealing

I love hearing stories about animals that are gay. Not only does it go to show that the urge to have a partner of the same-sex is not just something that comes from having a choice in the matter, but also shows how religion has nothing to do with their choice in lifetime partners.

A gay penguin couple at the Harbin Polar Land in northern China wanted a baby so bad that they resorted to stealing the eggs of other penguins—bad birds! Bad, naughty birds! So to appease their parental instincts, the zookeepers inadvertantly replicated the plot of And Tango Makes Three by giving the couple a newly hatched chickling—one from a pair of twins that the mother had trouble caring for.

See? Gay adoption works miracles, even in the animal kingdom!

Zookeepers say male penguins can care for a chick just as well as a female and that the chick will most likely grow to recognize the gay penguins as its parents. But we have another question: why is it that of all the animals in all the zoos worldwide, that we only keep hearing about gay penguin couples? It’s weird, right?

Way to go penguins! Without even knowing what you’re doing, you’re standing up and fighting for gay rights in humanity. That is fucking awesome. Now Mitt Romney and other like him can stop saying that this is a choice, because animals don’t really make many decisions as far as how they should spend their days or who should be involved in their lives. Animals follow a pretty strict guideline as far as what they do and who they do it with. And how damn adorable that they wanted a child so bad, they stole another penguins?! This is how homosexual humans feel, except very few people are as willing to give them children because there is a lack of either masculinity or femininity in a single household. Pathetic.


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