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Gay Penguins Desperate For Baby Resort To Stealing

I love hearing stories about animals that are gay. Not only does it go to show that the urge to have a partner of the same-sex is not just something that comes from having a choice in the matter, but also shows how religion has nothing to do with their choice in lifetime partners.

A gay penguin couple at the Harbin Polar Land in northern China wanted a baby so bad that they resorted to stealing the eggs of other penguins—bad birds! Bad, naughty birds! So to appease their parental instincts, the zookeepers inadvertantly replicated the plot of And Tango Makes Three by giving the couple a newly hatched chickling—one from a pair of twins that the mother had trouble caring for.

See? Gay adoption works miracles, even in the animal kingdom!

Zookeepers say male penguins can care for a chick just as well as a female and that the chick will most likely grow to recognize the gay penguins as its parents. But we have another question: why is it that of all the animals in all the zoos worldwide, that we only keep hearing about gay penguin couples? It’s weird, right?

Way to go penguins! Without even knowing what you’re doing, you’re standing up and fighting for gay rights in humanity. That is fucking awesome. Now Mitt Romney and other like him can stop saying that this is a choice, because animals don’t really make many decisions as far as how they should spend their days or who should be involved in their lives. Animals follow a pretty strict guideline as far as what they do and who they do it with. And how damn adorable that they wanted a child so bad, they stole another penguins?! This is how homosexual humans feel, except very few people are as willing to give them children because there is a lack of either masculinity or femininity in a single household. Pathetic.


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[VIDEO] Most Polite Robbery Ever…With A BB Gun

I expected to laugh when watching this video, but unfortunately, it made me rather sad. The owner of this store was polite and respectful of the man who came in and demanded with a gun that he gave him money. The irony? The gun-wielding man was actually about the same age as the owner and just as polite. Sadly this is either a reflection on our economy or our moralistic values. Either way, it’s not good.

What’s the real story behind this video?

Gregory Paul Hess, 65, whose identity was confirmed to AOL News by Police Sgt. John Urquhart of the King County Sheriff’s office, allegedly decided that robbing a store at gunpoint was no reason to forget his manners. Security cameras show the man walking into a Shell convenience store in Seattle on Saturday before sheepishly explaining to John Henry, the store’s owner, that he would be robbing him.

Hess actually has an extensive criminal record that includes armed robbery (shocking) as well as forgery. Sadly, this still doesn’t convince me that he’s a hardened criminal, but it does confirm that he obviously has a lack of available funds. Poor John Henry may soon be in the same position though due to the fact that this was the 4th time he had been robbed and the reason he was trying to negotiate with Mr. Hess.

Since this video was released, King County has arrested Hess and is charging him with First Degree robbery. It has since been proven that the gun he was using during this robbery was a BB Gun that had been painted to look like a pistol.

Hess has made the papers before, earning the FBI nickname “Transaction Bandit” for a string of bank robberies in Seattle in 2003

What did he do with all the money ($200-$300) that he had gained from this situation? The man put fuel in his gas tank, bought some food, paid a cell phone bill and put the remaining $90 in his bank account. Maybe he really did just need a loan since this seems to be the first incident since he was paroled for his 2003 conviction. Either way, this is a very sad story.

YouTube -

Caught on Security Camera. The owner of a south Seattle convenience store says a man pulled a gun and asked him for a favor — to empty the till.



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[VIDEO] Who You Finna Try

For those of you that have already seen this, you deserve to watch it again. Not only is it one of the greatest videos ever, but it also never gets old. Listed below is also the urban dictionary definition of “who you finna try” as well as the original song by Cristol. Enjoy and Happy Monday!

Urban Dictionary: 

An ebonics expression used to express the more commonly known American-English expression; what are you planning to do. Literally meaning who are you fixing to try. In “what are you planning to do” the “what” can be replaced with who, the “planning” can be replaced with fixing, and the “do” can be replaced with try.
Example: Dayum nigga who you finna try? Bitch ain’t need no 12 inch in dey ass.
Shutup bitch I be finna try all up in dat ass all I want to! Pimpslap you right ‘cross da face with all dat phat black ass-lip!
Respect nigga ‘fo’ I finna try what I finna try!

YouTube -

I slapped the shit outta Bam
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And now for those of you who are wondering what song Bam was originally singing to, you can watch that video here:

YouTube -


[VIDEO] Bella The Dog Eats Standing Up…Take A Look

YouTube -

This is our cute dog Bella. She was diagnosed with congenital megaesophagus soon after we found her at 4 months old. Megaesophagus means that her esophagus is enlarged and lacks the muscle mobility to swallow food while horizontal. This is her “Baileys Chair,” which she needs sit in while eating and for 10 minutes after she eats. She eats soft dog food with a little water mixed in. She is now seven months old and doing great!

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[VIDEO] A Bear Waving. Nothing Less. Nothing More.

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