[VIDEO] Fox News Blames Liberals For Brainwashing Youth

Are you fucking kidding me?! I highly doubt that the comedian who came up with the idea to make the Muppets Movie (Jason Segel) was attempting to brainwash the youth in America to help raise awareness for the Liberal Political agenda. I mean, that’s as ludicrous as saying that the gay community has a “gay agenda“, one that virtually no gay person I know is aware of.

Also, do you remember the inappropriate jokes from children’s shows that you watched when you were little? No. You remember how great they were and how when you watch them now, you UNDERSTAND so much more than you did when you first watched them.

Either way, explaining away Occupy Wall Street and the entire Occupy Movement on the brainwashing that has been done by Hollywood and Liberals within Hollywood, is absolutely ridiculous. This whole generation does not feel this way because of subliminal messages within the shows they watched as children. Unfortunately, Fox has to make up some sort of excuse for why so many people are involved and not on their side in regards to politics.

Pathetic. Fox News is a joke.

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