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Teacher Had 3rd Graders Dress In Bra And Panties During Christmas/Pizza Party And Took Photos

Elementary school teacher Kimberly Crain, 48, invited some of her 3rd grade students come over to her house for a Christmas/Pizza party and had them dress up in Christmas-themed underwear and bras before she took photos of the young girls.

Ms. Crain from Shawnee, Oklahoma, resigned shortly after the allegations came about.Police have also said that she allegedly had students Skype a man, “Uncle G”, while in her classroom, which is being investigated. Hearing of both these accusations leads me to believe she was making money for providing images and/or contact with a child molester or molesters.

The parents of one of the girls reported the party to police earlier this month, sparking an investigation of the McLoud Elementary School teacher.

The girl had told her parents that ‘they dressed up in bras and panties and decorated the tree and ate pizza.’

When the parents probed further, the girl revealed that Crain ‘took photos of her and her friends decorating the tree. 

Some of the girls ‘made up a cheer dance and did it in the bra and panties while Crain videotaped them,’ according to the affidavit posted on the smoking gun website.

According to many parents, Ms. Crain was well-liked by most of the pupils parents and they are shocked by the allegations. Sadly, the appearance of the teacher as well as her profession probably made these parents feel like there was no reason to inquire further into her character. The student who told police about the skyping also shared with them that Ms. Crain would take photos on her cell phone of different young girls while in class.


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[VIDEO] A Very Well-Spoken, Intelligent And Successful Young Man Pleads His Case As The Child In A Same-Sex Household

English: A woman makes her support of her marr...

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Mr. Wahl’s speech immediately brought tears to my eyes. This young man speaks so eloquently and makes it so very obvious that the “sexual orientation of (his) parents has had zero effect on the content of (his) character.” Instead of basing your discriminating views on the testimony of individuals who have no experience dealing with homosexuals, try listening to people like Zach Wahls, who have had the most valuable life experience with two people who happened to be gay as well as his parents, the women who raised him to be the man he is today.

It’s hard for me to understand why people listen to this bright young man speak, and still find a way to justify laws against homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and the adoption of children by people who are gay. Religion is present in this families life, so the excuse of it not being accepted in religion is completely absurd. If you truly respected your religion, you would follow the most basic guideline and treat others as you wish to be treated. Don’t judge those whose lives have no affect on yours because ultimately, their decisions and consequences (not that they deserve any for their sexual orientation) are theirs, and theirs alone.

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Zach Wahls, a 19-year-old University of Iowa student spoke about the strength of his family during a public forum on House Joint Resolution 6 in the Iowa House of Representatives. Wahls has two mothers, and came to oppose House Joint Resolution 6 which would end civil unions in Iowa.

The fight to to keep marriage equality in Iowa continues, help us support Iowans like Zach. 


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[VIDEO] Unbelievable Frisbee Catch: From Bridge To Jet Boat

“The 24-year-old can be seen calmly launching the disc more than 500ft from the edge of the Narrows Bridge in Perth, Australia.

As it travels through the sky a speedboat below carrying Brodie’s friend, Derek Herron, 23, races towards the moving missile.

Derek then leaps 6ft out of the travelling speedboat and makes an incredible one-handed, mid-air catch before landing in the water.”

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Derek from How Ridiculous takes one of the greatest frisbee catches of all time from a throw by Brodie Smith. This shot was done on the beautiful Swan River in Perth, Western Australia.

Thanks to Swanjet (www.swanjet.com) in Perth for taking us for a ride and making this happen. Definitely one of the coolest things we’ve ever done!

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For more info on How Ridiculous and our passion to see children released from poverty visit www.howridiculous.org

It is amazing that this happened, and not only that, but that it was done for children living in poverty. Instead of trying to make a viral video for the purpose of gaining income for one’s self, they have done so to spread awareness and help in any way possible that may come from this video.

Thank goodness there are still people out there that are using their talents to help others in need. Just what we need during this time of the year to show that selflessness is appreciated.

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