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Three-Year-Old Put In Washing Machine As Punishment And Dies

Christophe Champenois, from Meaux, near Paris is a complete asshole who failed as a father. This 33-year-old man took the clothing off his 3-year-old son Bastien, and placed him in the washing machine because he threw a classmates drawing in the toilet. Apparently time outs were not something he was familiar with, and this seemed like a better form of punishment. I mean, if this was your solution, you might as well just beat the child; At least that way he’d still be alive and just resent you for being a piece of shit.

He is then said to have run the cold cycle wash for a few minutes at their house, in the village of Germigny-l’Eveque.

His 25-year-old mother, Charlene was the one who had to recover her blond-haired angelic baby boy in the machine. He had apparently died of head injuries on Friday night, which were a result of his father’s punishment. Sadly, the mother told her neighbor ‘Alice’ that her son had fallen down the stairs. Why the fuck would she cover for her baby’s father after finding her poor innocent child dead?!

Alice told Le Parisien: ‘I picked him up and his limbs were as loose as those of a rag doll.

‘I felt his heart beat for the last time and then he died.’ 

Bastien’s older sister Maud, 5, told police that this hadn’t been the first time his father had put him in the washing machine to punish him. It’s pathetic that a 5-year-old girl has to share how her brother was abused, yet alone, witness the abuse.

Neighbours told the newspaper that the boy had been repeatedly abused – by being locked up for hours in a cupboard and also by being left on a window sill for hours wrapped in a blanket.

Bastien was an unwanted child’, claimed Evelyne, his grandmother.

‘On the day he was born, his father was out drinking and when I told him he had a son, he said that he didn’t want him.’

This case right here is why abortion should not only be legal, but also why it should be made easily accessible for those in need. This child was unwanted and ended up having to endure pain for his short three years here on Earth. Sadly, too many people have the children because it’s easier to deal with than preventing the pregnancy or preventing the birth. And now, not only does the child have to pay, but the seven other children are also left without a parent as well as the parents losing their lives to the justice system (which I’m not too distraught about).
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Good Busted Being Bad: Man Caught Secretly Filming His Mother-In-Law In The Bathroom

Jason Good, 40, from Virginia, was caught after secretly trying to videotape his mother-in-law undress in the restroom on his cell phone. His name obviously doesn’t reflect his morality.

According to a Henrico County Division of police statement, he was charged with a misdemeanor for trying to peek at his wife’s mother getting naked in the restroom.

Cops had been contacted earlier Sunday by Good’s wife, who “was looking through her husband’s cell phone when she located a video of an adult female using the restroom.” After “further investigation,” police reported, “the reporting person was able to identify the female…it was her 57 year old mother.”

How embarrassing. Not only do you find out your husband’s a pervert, but you find out he’s victimizing your own mother?! Wow. Sadly, this was also done in her own home, where the mother does not live. Good’s wife was able to show police the hole, which she discovered, where her husband was able to take a peek into the restroom. That is a lot of work just to see your wife’s mom naked.


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Mother And Boyfriend Brutally Beat 4-Year-Old To Death, On His Birthday

Christopher Valdez, 4, was discovered in his home in Chicago, Illinois, shortly before guests were planning to arrive to celebrate his fourth birthday party. The boy’s mother, Crystal Valdez, 28, and her 34-year-old live-in boyfriend Cesar Ruiz had been arrested as well as charged by police for being involved in the child’s death.

Ruiz seems like a low life to begin with, and was already wanted for an unrelated crime. Luckily, they saw it fit to charge Ruiz with first-degree murder and concealment of a homicidal death (which pretty much goes hand in hand). The boy’s mother was also charged with concealing the death, probably due to the fact that she attempted to cover her son’s bruises with concealer. Are you kidding me?! Your son is beaten to death and you try to cover up the fact that he was tortured at the hands of your boyfriend and yourself?!

What makes the crime even more horrific is the revelation that Valdez was accused of abusing the boy in July – and dodged jail.

The boy’s uncle, Joe Valdez – who found the body as he arrived at the home for the birthday party – told the paper: ‘I want justice for my nephew.’

Joe Valdez reportedly ‘got physical with’ Ruiz before they separated and he called 911.

You really have to love our justice system. I mean, look at the death it prevented? Oh wait, it didn’t. You have people in prison for lengthy amounts of time due to marijuana possession and intent to distribute, but people capable of murder as well as child molesters get to see the light of day and continue on torturing their victims. Amazing, isn’t it?!

Sadly, this boy’s mother was a coward and cared more for her boyfriend than she did her child. Children, no matter what age, should always be a priority over a love interest. The first time she saw this man get violent with anyone (dogs included, which he had been known to beat), she should have gotten herself out of that situation for the sake of her children. She’ll have time to reflect while in prison though, without her beloved boyfriend or her other children that managed to live despite residing with Mr. Ruiz.


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