[VIDEO] Retired Police Captain Joins Occupy Movement And Is Arrested

Former Philadelphia police captain Ray Lewis was arrested during the Occupy protests in full uniform. Lewis was fed up with the way his former co-workers were handling the protesters and felt that what they were fighting for was justified. Unfortunately, he, like the protesters, were not viewed in a great light by the police and they decided to take action against their former Captain.

The ex-cop was taking part in the demonstrations in New York when he was detained by fellow officers who put toughened plastic bands around his wrists and shoved him to the floor.

Startling footage posted on YouTube shows his uniform blending in with a dozen other officers – before they grab him and haul him away.

It’s really nice to see people from a different point of view who still agree with the issues at hand. This man didn’t approve of the way that New York was handling the Wall Street Protests and brought a sign to share his disgust with the police’s actions towards these people. He makes very obvious points about why our bickering about dirty parks and traffic due to the amount of people gathering, is utterly ridiculous.

‘They complained about the park being dirty,’ he said.

‘Here they are worrying about dirty parks when people are starving to death, where people are freezing, where people are sleeping in subways and they’re concerned about a dirty park.

‘That’s obnoxious, it’s arrogant, it’s ignorant, it’s disgusting.’

Lewis was just one of the 300 hundred people who were arrested on November 17th, the ‘Day of Action’. The reason for this particular protest was because people didn’t agree with the way New York mayor Michael Bloomberg was handling the situation.

Mr Lewis lambasted his fellow officers as being ‘workers for the 1 per cent and they don’t even realise it’, a reference to what the protesters claim are the few who run the U.S.

He also attacked the harsh tactics of the NYPD as unacceptable and said that they had to end.

Speaking after the Day of Action, he said: ‘You should, by law, only use force to protect someone’s life or to protect them from being bodily injured.

‘If you’re not protecting somebody’s life or protecting them from bodily injury, there’s no need to use force. 

‘And the number one thing that they always have in their favor that they seldom use is negotiation – continue to talk, and talk and talk to people. 

‘You have nothing to lose by that. This bullrush – what happened last night is totally uncalled for when they did not use negotiation long enough.’


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