Parents Rally For Lesbian Teacher To Be Fired, And Succeed

Guess where this lovely incident occurred in which parents taught their children that hate was okay and being gay was so wrong that they shouldn’t even be allowed to retain their employment? If you said Texas, which I’m assuming most of you did, you would be right!

Nikki Williams, 26, was not only a history teacher, but also devoted a lot of her time to be one of the high school’s basketball coaches. A threat to the children or a willing adult, devoting her time to trying to be involved and make a difference in these children’s lives? I may be biased due to the fact that I am most definitely a lesbian, but I’d say she was a typical 26-year-old female who had a passion for teaching. What a filthy dyke! Getting out there and educating those children! How could she?!

After a group of parents decided to protest a “gay” teaching their children and being employed by the school, she happened to be fired for “performance issues”. There are some parents at the¬†Life School in Waxahachie, Texas, who are convinced the real reason for her being let go was because of her sexuality.

What’s more ridiculous about this story, is who was chosen to replace this evil dyke.

Nikki Williams, 26, was replaced by a football coach who resigned in September after a grievance was filed against him.

Grievances with other people who incite you to resign from your position, acceptable. Being a lesbian that shouldn’t affect or even be a subject matter of interest,¬†unacceptable. I’m beginning to understand why people assume Texas is such a conservative place that is stuck a century behind the majority of us.

Dozens of parents are now circulating a petition asking to bring Williams back to school. She was fired October 18.

“I think that her being gay has nothing to do with her coaching skills,” parent Tiniqua Smith told KDAF. “She has not tried to push this off on the kids, and I don’t feel like that should be a problem.”

Wake the fuck up Texas parents who were fighting against this teacher/coach! She was damn good at her job according to many people and her sexuality shouldn’t be an issue. Are you telling me you’d rather have your kids be taught and coached by Jerry Sandusky (before being aware of the allegations) than Ms. Williams? If sexuality is your concern, then yes, your answer would be yes. Sadly, you’ve just taken your kid away from someone who has never been accused of committing such heinous crimes and placed them into the arms of a man who has gotten away with many molestations (if the allegations are determined truthful). You’d rather them not be influenced into becoming gay than having their childhood’s taken away and a life of insecurity thrown on their backs? If so, you are the ones we should be protesting as parents. You should most certainly NOT be educating our youth.

Protect your children. Love your children. Let your children be who THEY want to be; If you don’t allow this for your children, then you’re holding them back and risking that they may have problems in the future because of what you didn’t approve of at the time. Stop being selfish.


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  2. Steve says:

    Well you seem quite angry and militant and way too biased to even have a serious audience. I personally have dealt with homosexuality in my family and amongst friends and most of their lives are dysfunctional and I do believe the pro-homosexuality agenda is destructive to family values and to America. The truth is a child needs to have both a father and a mother for proper development. I believe that by promoting homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle is a lie. If you say you are born that way then why is it an alternative. This is something we should not be teaching our children or encouraging. However I do believe that everyone has the right to be treated kindly, even homosexuals, but to have special privileges, no. You are not a race you are a lifestyle that is destructive, lesbians having a higher percentage of domestic violence then heterosexual couples. I can contest to this because I have witnessed it many times. The truth is we have made a mistake ever removing homosexuality as a mental illness. Putting religion aside the fact is that homosexuality is unnatural and destructive.

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